article Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries: Owning Our Anger
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Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries: Owning Our Anger

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July 14, 2020

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On July 14 at 5:07 AM EDT, Mars meets Chiron retrograde at 9°26′ Aries. The archetype of the Warrior joins forces with the Wounded Healer, encouraging us to reflect on how our ideas of masculinity and strength have been distorted throughout thousands of years.

Chiron turned retrograde on July 11, inspiring us to internalize our focus and revisit our understanding of his energy to find its deeper meaning.

When Chiron is involved, exploring profoundly any wound coming to our awareness becomes an integral part of our healing and evolution. Chiron urges us to feel the suffering of our inner child and to become aware of how the unprocessed pain and anger that we all carry has created distortions within families and society.


Chiron, the Wounded Healer 


This celestial body is considered both a planetoid and comet, and his Astrological symbol is a key. In Greek mythology, Chiron was a Centaur, half man and half horse, who was both a teacher and a healer. As he received an incurable wound, he discovered he could not heal himself: this is why he is named the Wounded Healer.

mars conjunct chiron

Chiron is considered the father of Medicine; some Astrologers believe he is the co-ruler of Virgo alongside Mercury, as this sign is associated with both health and healing. Virgo is a transitional archetype: it represents the shift between a phase of evolution focused solely on the self (Aries to Leo) and the inclusion of others in the picture (Libra to Pisces).

Chiron can be considered a transitional archetype too. It represents the moment when we become aware that our unprocessed pain has a huge role in many of our choices and actions and we decide to do something about it.


Chiron in Aries: Pain is our Greatest Teacher


Chiron is going to transit Aries until 2027. As he travels through the sign of the Warrior, the Wounded Healer invites us to gain awareness of the origin of feelings like impotence and powerlessness. He supports those who choose to explore their pain consciously, inspiring them to take back the power they were using to repress and hide it.

The function of Chiron is reminding us that our pain is our most important teacher and that finding healthy ways to deal with it is necessary for our personal growth and well-being.

mars conjunct chiron

Every time we doubt our strength, our inherent worth, our ability to go after what we want, Chiron suggests we welcome our vulnerability and insecurity with unconditional love and acceptance towards our inner, scared child.


Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries: Exploring Healthy Masculinity 


Mars is the ruler of Aries: both archetypes correspond to Masculine energy. Their expression is directed outwards, projected forward, sharp, and decisive: their function is to take action and go after what they want.

The conjunction between Mars and Chiron in Aries triggers the wounds we all have been carrying around: our right to exist, to take action, to enjoy sexuality, and to assert ourselves and our needs.

We have not been witnessing many healthy expressions of masculinity. This concept is not related to gender: we all carry both masculine and feminine energy within us. All of us are familiar with unhealthy manifestations of masculine energy: abuse of power, misuse of sexuality, physical violence, verbal aggression, and so on.

We all have heard stuff like “men don’t cry” or “man up”. For thousands of years, men have been taught not to appear vulnerable, show emotions, or express suffering; while women learned they were not supposed to be strong, make decisions autonomously, or assert themselves.

Luckily, things are starting to shift. People of all genders are reclaiming their right to be both strong and vulnerable. To balance the masculine and feminine energy within us all, we need to feel free to express both our sensitivity and our rage.


Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries: Owning our Rage


The energy of Mars-Chiron in Aries can be extremely reactive and impulsive, especially as the Moon is going to be in Aries too just a couple of days before the exact event, and conjunct Chiron as it turns retrograde on July 11. During this period, we are encouraged to find constructive ways to deal with any anger coming up.

Rage itself is not wrong: it is a natural reaction that has a specific function and powerful creative potential. Feeling angry when we witness or experience oppression, manipulation or abuse is absolutely reasonable: we shouldn’t be ashamed of it, nor deny it. Yet, anger can quickly turn harmful and destructive.

The Mars-Chiron conjunction in Aries inspires us to explore different ways to channel rage and harness its creative potential while addressing the cause that provoked it, rather than bypassing or avoiding the issue behind it.

mars chiron

The square between Mercury in Cancer and the Mars-Chiron conjunction emphasizes the need to find ways to verbalize the anger, the fears, the pain that we have been experiencing, and maybe we have repressed.

We are going to deal with this energy for the whole year, as Mars will go retrograde in September and stay in Aries for the rest of 2020. Even if the conjunction with Chiron is not exact all year long, the two planets will be in the same sign for six months.

The Mars-Chiron conjunction represents a great chance to commit to work long-term on our unprocessed pain and experience first-hand the transformative power of rage.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and please share this energy update with others, thank you. Sending love and blessings your way!


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