leo season 2022
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On July 22, 4:07 PM ET, the Sun entered his home sign, and Leo season 2022 begins. Leo season is the time of the year to celebrate life, honor our full expression, show up with confidence and let ourselves bloom. In the sign of the Lion, the Sun rays shine the brightest and this season invites us to shine bright too.

The Sun remains in Leo until August 22 or 23, depending on our timezone. During the upcoming weeks, we are being encouraged to center in our heart space, connect with our sense of purpose, celebrate our creativity and share it with the world.


Leo Season 2022: Tending to Our Sacred Flame


 Wherever the Sun transits, the light of our conscious awareness goes. Leo, the Sun’s domicile, is a Yang, Fixed, Fire sign. This is a fierce, courageous, bold, and self-secure archetype, strongly centered in the Heart, which it rules. The Sun’s ingress into his home sign inspires us to honor our creative potential, cultivate confidence in our authentic expression, and show up in the world as we are. 

Leo corresponds to the stage of evolution where we become aware of ourselves as individual beings, we gain awareness of the separate sense of self that was born during the Aries phase of growth. Aries, another Fire sign, is the first one of the entire Zodiac: here, the separation is unconscious and instinctual. Through Leo, we become conscious of our unique essence, we become aware of our Self, of our purpose, and of the power of sharing our light with the world. 

leo season 2022

Leo season illuminates our love for life, our enthusiasm, and our passion. This time of the year puts the spotlight on our Self-development and our self-actualization, to our capacity to shine and inspire others with our light, generating ripples of positive changes. The transit of the Sun through the sign of the Lion invites us to tend to our sacred flame, to our inner spark, our inner fire, and to make sure it stays lit by inspiring us to invest time and energy in what we are passionate about, in what excites us, in what lights us up and fills us with joy.

During Leo season, we are learning to give validation and approval to ourselves without seeking it externally, we are learning to share our creative energy with the world without expecting anything in return. This time of the year invites us to bloom, shine, and allow ourselves to be seen in all our beauty.


Leo season 2022: New Moon in Leo & Full Moon in Aquarius


During Leo Season 2022, we are going to experience a New Moon in Leo and a Full Moon in Aquarius. The New Moon in Leo, taking place on July 28, marks a new beginning in our creative development journey and in our quest for authentic confidence and radiant self-expression. The Sun and the Moon in a harmonious trine aspect to Jupiter in Aries will promote an optimistic and courageous attitude, encouraging us to fully believe in ourselves and in the value of our creative potential. 

On August 12, we experience a confronting Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn and square Uranus, Mars, and the Lunar Nodes. The presence of Saturn, tightly conjunct with the Moon and opposing the Sun, is a reminder of the necessity to take responsibility to structure our creative urges in a way that allows us to build something of lasting value and make a positive impact on our community. The T-square pattern between Sun, Moon, Uranus, and Mars increases the potential of unexpected events, breakthroughs, and changes in our life’s foundations leading us out of our comfort zone at a fast speed.


Leo season 2022: The Sun in Aspect


During his transit through Leo, the Sun trines Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, squares Mars and Uranus in Taurus, squares the Moon’s Nodes, and opposes Saturn in Aquarius. The Sun-Jupiter trine, exact on July 31, increases our vitality, bravery, and willingness to take creative risks, while the Sun-Chiron trine, perfecting on August 8, brings more awareness to our healing journey and invites us to work on wounds and fears surrounding self-confidence, self-expression, and being seen.

The Sun-Mars-Uranus square, active between the end of July and throughout the first half of August, indicates an increase in dynamism and marks an acceleration of the pace of our lives. In particular, the Sun-Mars square supports our assertiveness, reflects an urgent need for action and movement, and brings a desire to move energy through the physical body. The Uranus-Sun square increases our drive to rebel against conformity and outdated rules and inspires us to gravitate towards unconventional channels of self-expression. Our need for change will be strong at this time, and change is very likely to happen.

The square between the Sun in Leo and the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio will be felt during the first half of August and will be highlighted by the Aquarius Full Moon, also squaring the Nodal Axis. This configuration could offer us possibilities to work through creative blocks, particularly if we notice a tendency to hold back from full expression due to fears linked to survival concerns.

leo season 2022

The Sun-Saturn opposition, exact on August 14, will highlight our relationship with all those external factors, people, institutions, duties, and regulations that we feel have a restricting influence on us. Perceived obstacles to our self-expression will come into the spotlight: we may have chances to see them differently, improve our persistence, and establish a new relationship with our inner critic and judge.

Invitation to Shine


The Sun is the center of our Solar System, and without his presence, there would be no life. When the Sun is in his home sign, his power is magnified. Leo season increases our vitality and energy levels, offering us an invitation to connect to our essence and let it be seen. This time of the year gives us a chance to tune into our playfulness and our passion for life, to honor our desire to express what is moving us without trying to get anything out of it. 

Leo season gives us permission to take center stage and shine, without holding anything back and without pretending to be anything else than what we are, simply allowing our life force to flow, being an open, clear channel for energy to express through us. It is a time to celebrate life, celebrate ourselves, and honor the beauty of our unique expression. It is a time to connect with our sacred flame, to align with our destiny and purpose.

During the upcoming weeks, we may have opportunities to recognize the difference between the egocentric need to be seen and validated by others as a way to increase our self-esteem and the soul-centric urge to allow the energy that moves through us to organically find its natural expression.

Happy Leo season! We invite you to download our new free 337 Affirmation E-Book to help you embody this beautiful and fiery energy of lion!

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