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337 Affirmations E-Book Gift

The most requested E-Book by Moon Omens community is now here.


It is completely free to download, but if you have an opportunity to join us and help the kids who needs our help the most, those who are less fortunate than us at this point on their journey we invite you to not overthink it and donate.


No matter how big or small each and every donation will make a massive difference.


All donations will go to the kids in São Paulo, Brazil. The money won’t go to any organization, it won’t be wasted, we will personally make sure all the money is spent on goods they need.


We are currently here in Brazil and we will deliver all the goods to the kids and document the whole journey ourselves.


It’s time to give back!

In 337 Pages Free 337 Affirmations E-Book You Will Find:

Thank You ♡

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