Jupiter Conjunct the Galactic Center
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The Galactic Center is the point around which our whole Galaxy turns and is a source of immensely powerful energy that affects every fiber of our beings. The Moon crosses the Galactic Center approximately 12-13 times per year and the Sun crosses it once a year. However, Jupiter only crosses this profound Center once every 12 years.

From November 19th to 24th, as Jupiter moves across the Galactic Center, we enter a supercharged celestial alignment that will amplify Jupiter’s energy as we begin to see things in our lives start to fall into place. 

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion. Under the right cosmic alignment, Jupiter has the power to expand our hearts, minds, and souls and bless us with divine clarity and understanding of the big picture of our individual journeys. As Jupiter enters the Galactic Center, we are showered in this incredible abundance as we enter the threshold of a new era. It becomes easier for us to tap into the power within ourselves and to feel the vibrations of the Universe deeply within our beings.

Jupiter expands our vision. During this time, we will see with heightened clarity where we stand. We will see a clear path ahead of what needs to be done and any changes that need to be made in order for us to level up to our next stage of actualization. Jupiter offers us the positivity and optimism to move ahead with purpose and without hesitation. We are being supported and protected as Jupiter aligns with the very heart of our Galaxy. 

If you are going through a difficult time, know that the Universe stands beside you, holding your hand in guidance. Jupiter opens up a window of possibilities and blessings where we previously saw a door barring us from moving forward. It helps to illuminate our lives and allows us to see the bigger picture in all that we do. With our expanded awareness and heightened understanding of ourselves during this cosmic shift, we open ourselves to receiving higher truths and new insights. 

We are reminded not to quickly judge the things and people in our lives when we only have a limited awareness of understanding of how everything works. Before making rash decisions or falling victim to our heightened emotions, we must take a step back and try to see the whole picture. Things that we may at first glance deem as negative or unfair may actually be the Universe working in our favor and may be blessings in disguise. 

Jupiter’s move through the Galactic Center serves to remind us to open our hearts and minds to all of the possibilities that abound us. By moving forward with the belief that everything always works out for our highest good, we channel abundance into our lives. The blessings, love, and positivity that often get overshadowed by the challenges that we face, get brought to the light and the feeling that radiates is electric. Jupiter’s alignment is a galactic message for us to always move forward with love in our hearts. We will never cease to be amazed at the blessings that unfold before us when we do so.

The most important lesson to take away from this cosmic shift is to stop labeling things in a certain tone, stop judging things before we see the bigger picture, and stop wishing that things beyond your control were different. Every single thing that we experience helps to shape us and adds to our individual and unique stories. By accepting ourselves as we are and trusting in the higher plan that the Universe has for us, we allow our hearts to expand with unlimited love, our minds to reach further than ever before, and our vibrations to lift us to new levels we never thought possible. Everything is working out in your favor. 

As Jupiter moves into the Galactic Center, you are reminded that energy of the Universe flows through you and you will always be supported in everything that you do. We will be engulfed in waves of support, a boost in positive energy, and incredible spiritual growth and development. This is a reminder that you are never alone. No matter how difficult things may get at times, everything will always work out the way that it is supposed to. This is a pivotal time in our cosmos as we receive all of the abundance that the Universe has to offer. 

To help you harness this extremely powerful energy & support you on your journey towards your spiritual ascension we have created powerful tools channeled specifically for this time. It will help you realize what you need to focus on within a galactic, transpersonal-spiritual perspective. To access these tools tap on the image below, we will see you on the inside. Love & Blessings, Moon Omens team.

Jupiter Conjunct the Galactic Center


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