article Gemini Season 2024: Diversity and Paradox
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Gemini Season 2024: Diversity and Paradox

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May 19, 2024

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On May 19, 01:37 PM —

On May 20, 09:00 AM EST, the Sun enters Gemini and Gemini season 2024 begins. The Sun is going to remain in the sign of the Twins until June 20, inviting us to develop adaptability, embrace diversity, and navigate the paradoxes and ambivalences of existence with an open mind.

Gemini season is especially relevant for those of us who were born with natal placements in Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces). The individuals personally impacted by the beginning of Gemini season will have opportunities to strengthen their versatility, refine their communication skills, and gain a deeper awareness of how their mindset impacts their experience of reality.

Gemini Season 2024

From Taurus to Gemini season: Developing Adaptability and Versatility


Wherever the Sun transits, our conscious awareness goes: we can see the Sun’s journey through the Zodiac wheel as an invitation to gain deeper awareness of how we relate with different aspects of ourselves and of the world around us. Each season is an invitation to align with Nature’s rhythms and gain new insights into our relationship with different energies and archetypes.

The Sun is currently traveling from the first Fixed sign of the Zodiac to the first Mutable one. Since Taurus is an Earth sign and Gemini an Air sign, we can say that they embody their modality very strongly, being the most Fixed and the most Mutable of all the twelve zodiac signs. This shift of seasons is very palpable, and the Sun’s ingress into Gemini brings a breath of fresh air and a desire for change and novelty in our lives.

While Taurus season is a time of the year centered on grounding, consolidating, and building foundations, Gemini season is focused on embracing diversity, learning, and having a variety of experiences. During the Sun’s transit through Taurus, the spotlight goes on our relationship with stability, security, abundance, and wealth. The Sun’s transit through Gemini brings the spotlight to our relationship with adaptability and challenges us to develop more versatility, which marks a decisive contrast with the Fixed Earth energy of Taurus.


Gemini season 2024: Embracing Duality


While the Sun is in Gemini, the spotlight goes toward our relationship with our minds, our inner dialogue, the way we speak to ourselves and others, how we articulate what we perceive and see, and the way we put together the data we collect from our environment. Gemini, as an archetype, has to do with the process of understanding reality through our mental faculties and organizing the information we receive through logic and rationality. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is the sign associated with the rational mind and inductive learning processes.

Gemini is symbolized by two Twins facing each other which offers us some insight into the nature of this archetype and its association with connection, communication, as well as duality

Despite knowing that, at the deepest level, duality is ultimately an illusion, the human experience is characterized by duality. Gemini season is an interesting time to reflect on our relationship with duality and paradox. During this time, it can be interesting to notice how seeing life in terms of opposites such as day versus night, light versus dark, good versus bad, or success versus failure, contributes to shaping our perception of reality and ultimately dictates our relationship with it.

Navigating duality with self-awareness involves recognizing and embracing both the paradoxical nature of existence and our own internal paradoxes. Gemini season is a time to welcome paradox, welcome duality, welcome the simultaneous presence of opposites, and try not to fall into black-and-white thinking.

gemini season 2024 mo

Gemini season 2024: Upcoming Lunations


During Gemini season 2024, we are going to experience a Full Moon in Sagittarius and a New Moon in Gemini. On May 23, a Full Moon in the early degrees of Sagittarius takes place. This lunation brings an invitation to move past our comfort zone and focus on our quest for truth and meaning. The Sagittarius Full Moon is an opportunity to let go of our attachment to beliefs and ways of seeing the world that aren’t supporting our growth and commit to getting into deeper contact with our authentic selves.

The Full Moon is going to form a sextile to Pluto in Aquarius and oppose Jupiter and Venus in the late degrees of Taurus. This configuration highlights the tension between the temptations of excess and indulgence and the need to remain committed to our authenticity and focused on creating a life full of meaning.

On June 6, we are going to experience a New Moon in Gemini, tightly conjunct with Venus and square to Saturn in Pisces. This event begins a lunar cycle focused on renovating our relationship with our mind, our perception of reality, and our communication habits, particularly within relationships. The Gemini New Moon conjunct Venus invites us to question habitual ways of thinking and connecting with others and challenges us to explore new learning avenues. The square between the Moon, the Sun, Venus, and Saturn in Pisces will offer us chances to observe how we unconsciously limit ourselves through our own mindset and highlight issues of self-worth, emotional repression, and fear of vulnerability.


Sun trine Pluto & conjunct Venus


During his journey through Gemini, the Sun is going to align with Pluto, Venus, Saturn, and Neptune. On May 22, the Sun perfects a trine with Pluto in Aquarius. We are already feeling the energy of this harmonious aspect: the Sun-Pluto trine reminds us of how exchanging ideas with others, communicating, and connecting with a variety of people support our journey of personal empowerment and evolution. This alignment invites us to explore the transformative potential of creativity, be innovative, and think outside the box.

On June 4, the Sun and Venus meet at 14º29’ of Gemini. Their conjunction marks the midpoint of the Venus cycle that started in August 2023, when Venus was retrograde and crossed the Sun in Leo. This alignment has a similar energy to a Full Moon: it brings more awareness and clarity about the process that started back then. Until July 10, Venus won’t be visible from our perspective as she is still too close to the Sun: on that date, she is going to rise as an evening star. The Sun-Venus conjunction brings our awareness toward what needs to be addressed in our relationships, communications, and finances, and invites us to recognize the value of connection, learning, and diversity.

Sun conjunct Mercury & square Neptune


On June 14, the Sun and Mercury meet at 24º of Gemini. Similarly to the Venus-Sun conjunction, this alignment too marks the midpoint of a Mercury cycle and is a time of intellectual integration and mental clarity. On this date, new insights and revelations will be available and we will have opportunities to see our reality, ourselves, or something we have been studying and trying to understand from a completely new perspective. This aspect increases the chances of experiencing intellectual breakthroughs: ideas that arise around this time can instigate unexpectedly potent processes.

On June 20, the Sun in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. This square emphasizes the tension between our rational parts who heavily rely on logic to make sense of reality and move through life, and our intuitive and emotional parts, in touch with what is felt and not seen. The Sun-Neptune square can correspond to a time when we feel fatigued, especially sensitive, insecure about who we are, and confused about the purpose of what we experience. Navigating this tension with awareness can lead to the development of a particular kind of intelligence and sensitivity and a new relationship with the feeling of not knowing.

We created a free Jupiter and Sun in Gemini e-book in which we explore the meaning of Gemini season and Jupiter in Gemini in each natal house to help you align with these energies. Tap on the image below to get your free e-book!

Gemini season 2024: Keep a Curious and Open Mind


Gemini season 2024 is a powerful time to intentionally work on our ability to connect with others, focus on widening our social circles, and practice interacting with diverse people. Both Jupiter and Venus are entering Gemini in just a few days, and Jupiter remains in Gemini for the upcoming twelve months, supporting our effort toward learning, networking, and communicating.

Gemini season brings our awareness to our communication style, our thinking patterns, and our mindsets, inviting a renewal of our perception of reality and of our inner dialogue. During this time of the year, the spotlight goes on our learning processes, and the invitation for us is to welcome change with a curious and open mind.

The Mutable Air energy of Gemini inspires us to stay open to new experiences and opportunities, see our surroundings with new eyes, and explore how changes in our mindset have the potential to impact our experiences.


Tap here to Get Your Gemini Season 2024 Workbook


To celebrate the arrival of Gemini Season we present you our new creation – the Gemini Season Workbook 2024. This is a printable PDF workbook that you can print out and work on right away!

You deserve and must experience this powerful workbook – for all zodiac signs, no matter your sun sign or configuration of your natal chart. It is life changing and we are going to be using it along side you. Below you can watch our short Gemini Season 2024 workbook preview!

Crystal Pick for Sun in Gemini: Dalmatian Jasper


This Gemini-associated stone is calming and grounding for an overstimulated or self-critical mind, bringing positive thinking, and creative ideas. In black and white, it helps bring harmony between the two sides of yourself, which is what we’ll be exploring all Gemini season long. Use dalmatian jasper to tap into the playfulness, light-heartedness, and childlike joy that Gemini energy brings!

During this very mentally stimulating season, reach for this jasper variety to help you find more clarity, increase your mental sharpness so you can keep up with all the information coming in, and better decipher and discern what to take in and what to release. When you feel anxious or your mind is running away from you and you want to find some peace, sit with this stone and breathe for a few moments, and allow its nurturing, balancing energies to support you.

Dalmatian jasper can be a very helpful stone when you’re investigating the dualities within yourself and the world around you, to help you honor and nurture both sides of yourself and look at everything from a more light-hearted and open perspective. It’s a great stone to help you feel more comfortable, honest, and uplifted, in your relationships and throughout daily life. It’s a beautiful crystal to work with all Gemini season long to connect with the center of support within yourself whenever you need it.  


Happy Gemini Season!


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