article Full Wolf Moon Eclipse in Cancer to Start 2020 – January 10th
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Full Wolf Moon Eclipse in Cancer to Start 2020 – January 10th

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Moon Omens

January 6, 2020

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On January 10th at 2:23pm EST, we will feel the Full Wolf Moon vibrating radiantly in the sign of Cancer. Since there was no Cancer Full Moon in all of 2019, this one will be extremely powerful as the Universe showers in some much-needed Cancer energy. This Moon also coincides with an incredibly potent Lunar Eclipse which further amplifies that Cancerian energy and will be felt for quite some time to come. No matter what your Sun sign is, the Cancer energy raining down during this Full Moon will be felt deeply.


Resolutions, endings and new beginnings


Lunar Eclipses help to align us with the depths of the cosmos and the higher dimensions that extend all around us. This alignment will open a portal of accelerated energy that will help to move and shift things from our lives. It will serve to bring resolutions and endings to those things that we have outgrown as our consciousness has heightened.

Lunar Eclipses can sometimes feel harsh as we are asked to let go of those things that we weren’t quite sure we were ready to let go of. However, by releasing these things from our lives and illuminating the truth, the Universe is working to clear a path forward for us and helping to accelerate our soul’s journey. We are being given access to incredibly powerful energies that will help guide us through this next year and decade as we are showered in wisdom and clarity.

This Eclipse is connected to the Eclipse that we experienced in July 2019 so any themes or anything that is still unresolved from this time may come back to the surface. We are working to reset our emotions as we clear away the emotional baggage of the previous six months. 


Time to open our hearts wide open and embrace emotional sensitivity


This Cancer Full Moon will be emotionally charged and carries with it strong release energy. We will feel our emotions tenfold and in ways we never thought possible. Many people believe that they have to turn away from overwhelming emotions, but it is by experiencing these pulses in our beings to their fullest that we are truly able to get in tune with our souls and align with our Higher selves.

This Cancer Moon will face off against the Sun and four other planets that are all in Capricorn. This group of planets, all in one sign, form what is known as a stellium. Capricorn is thoughtful, logical, and practical and this stellium will try to pull us in order to reign in Cancer’s watery and emotional sensitivity. However, even with a stellium, Capricorn stands no chance against this powerful Cancer Moon ruling over our heart chakra.

The boundaries around our hearts will crack wide open as we let our heightened sensitivity and heightened emotions rule over us. We are being given the ability to practice heart activations. If you have been working on healing your heart, this powerful Cancer energy is here to help. It will allow you to open your heart center and channel the language of the Universe – love. We are reminded that there is not a single problem that cannot be solved with this divine power.


With this Lunar Eclipse opposite Mercury, we will face an internal conflict of polarizing feelings


This cosmic alignment stirs up emotional bias as we become quick to react to things that happen around us without taking the time to fully see the big picture. This can make it more difficult to understand and process our emotions as we jump between them quickly. The normal everyday problems that we typically have no trouble solving may become a struggle for us as we face this internal emotional turmoil. We may be quick to jump into an argument over a simple misunderstanding or may just feel more sensitive than usual to the world around us.

During this emotionally heightened alignment, it’s important to take the time needed to reflect. Try to understand and communicate your feelings to avoid conflict. Try to understand the way that your prejudices may influence your words or thoughts and make you say things you may later regret. This cosmic alignment makes it easy to speak and react instinctively, especially if you get upset or frustrated. The lesson here is to listen carefully, think before you speak, and take the time that is needed to make sense of any conflicted feelings that may arise. Talking to a friend or mentor can be a powerful tool for navigating your emotions during this time.


With the Full Moon opposite Saturn and Pluto, we face some more emotional legwork that must be done to help us move forward with clarity


This alignment can make negative emotions manifest outward towards those around you. If you feel bored, lonely, or sad during this cosmic alignment, you become more prone to bad moods and to lashing out at those you love. If you have a tendency towards depression in particular, you’ll need to work hard to make sure that the amplified energy of this Full Moon alignment doesn’t also amplify those feelings of sadness.

Any emotion that you feel during this time will be heightened to its maximum and its intensity can make it difficult to control your own behaviors and reactions. It becomes easy to fall into relationship drama as we feel ourselves experience an emotional rollercoaster from the highest highs to the lowest lows. While we must be cognizant of the Moon’s influence during this time, we can’t suppress or ignore our feelings.

We must feel every emotion deeply in order to find balance within ourselves. It is easy to shy away from our complex inner emotional lives, but our emotions are a response to the experience of life. By understanding our emotions and why we feel the way we feel, we can understand our deep personal truths and connect with our Higher selves and the highest Universal consciousness. We are being taught to understand ourselves at our most fundamental level so that we can move forward stronger than ever before. 

With the Lunar Eclipse trine Neptune, the Universe is communicating clearly with us that all we are going through, all the challenges we are facing, all the obstacles we are overcoming, are all helping propel us down our divine path. We are being showered in the greatest blessing of all – hope. We are on the cusp of revolutionizing our lives. Neptune is here to provide us with the inspiration and faith to keep us going on this path.

Practices like meditation and prayer will help us see past any turmoil we may face during this alignment and will keep our soul’s open to receiving the abundance that is to come. Meditation allows us to tune out the noise and confusion and reflect deeply on what it is that we are learning, what it is that we need to know to move forward. When you tune out the noise and converse with your soul, you become one step closer to enlightenment. When your faith begins to waiver, trust that everything will turn out exactly as it should.

This cosmic alignment is a heavy one and will work to set the stage for months to come. It combines with the December 25-26th Solar Eclipse to form an Eclipse phase that will linger until the following Lunar Eclipse on June 5th. 


The main focus of this Full Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse is on open & clear communication


This Moon may try to provoke feelings of coldness or ruthlessness. It may put us in the path of the harsh realities of bigots and bullies as they try to get a rise out of us. It may increase our emotional sensitivity and nervous anxiety as we try to navigate our everchanging feelings. However, the Universe is always by our side. If we didn’t have the tools to do so before, this Moon will give us everything that we need to move forward with clarity and confidence. It will give us the courage to speak our truth, speak up for ourselves, and speak up for those around us. Even in the face of obstacles, the Universe works to illuminate our path and point us in the right direction.

We are being guided to express ourselves without apology. We are being asked to open our hearts, get in touch with our wide array of emotions, and ultimately work on feeling at home just as we are within ourselves. Every emotion that we experience serves a purpose, allowing us to learn and grow. Each feeling leaves us with profound insights, a deep understanding of self, and heightened consciousness.

After missing out on a Cancer Full Moon in 2019, we may have forgotten the depths that our emotions can reach and the rich diversity that they bring. This Moon is here to allow us to get back in touch with our emotional selves. This Cancer energy is here to remind us not to shy away from our emotions but instead to embrace and understand all that they conjure.

Emotions are not weaknesses. They are one of our most powerful resources that help to align us with our soul destiny, advance our spiritual journey, and accelerate us higher than ever before. While the wide array of emotions we may experience during this cosmic alignment may be a jarring experience, it is only by experiencing and understanding our emotions that we can connect with our true selves. Make sure to be gentle with yourself during this Full Wolf Moon. Take the time that you need for self-care and comfort and trust that the Universe is working to align everything in your favor.

We are being guided on a divine journey to understanding ourselves and understanding our soul’s path and we have never been more ready. 

To assist & guide you through this energetically powerful time as usual we have created a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Self-Care Package that contains channeled guided meditation and self-reflection journal. Tap here or on the image below to gain Access.

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Love & Blessings,

The Moon Omens Team




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