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On January 12th, we will experience a long-anticipated Saturn and Pluto conjunction in the sign of Capricorn. This moment represents the start of a new cycle for Saturn and Pluto that will carry on for the next 35-38 years before the two planets meet again.

A conjunction is the alignment of two planets at the exact same degree of the same zodiac. The last time that these two planets aligned was in 1982 in the sign of Libra. The alignment of these two planets in Capricorn is something that no one alive has ever experienced or will experience again in their lifetime. This is a day to watch as we will begin to receive insights into what we need to do in order to break free from our shackles and step into and claim our divine power.


A Ripple of Rebirth Energy


The rarity of this conjunction makes it incredibly powerful and will serve to create a ripple of energy that will be felt this entire year and for quite some time to come. This once in a lifetime alignment carries with it transformative and life-changing energy that will be felt deeply as we awaken to our own enlightenment. It may not be until the end of the year that we are truly able to make sense of the seeds that will be planted this month and the transformations that will occur.

Saturn and Pluto are two slow-moving planets that hold an enormous amount of power. They not only affect our external life force but also work directly on our subconscious to elicit long-lasting change. Their conjunction is guiding us to our own rebirth and will serve to show us the path through this new decade. 


From Darkness to Light


On the surface, these two planets appear darker in nature than the rest in terms of the influence that they possess. Previous Saturn-Pluto conjunctions have created collapses of establishment and wars. However, you must remember that this conjunction is here to help create the changes that are necessary for growth and ultimate cosmic harmony. Once you understand this, you will see that any darkness that may arise from this conjunction serves a higher purpose. It is through experiencing darkness that this conjunction allows a new light to burst forward stronger than ever before. 

Saturn is the planet of ambition, strength, and willpower. It blesses us with the gift of loyalty and persistence and is always by our side, allowing us to persevere in the face of any challenge that we encounter. It gives us the power to set the healthy boundaries that we need in order to continue to radiate positivity as we walk along our divine path.

Pluto is the planet dedicated to helping us achieve our highest transformation. It is the alchemist in our lives that helps us metamorphosize from caterpillars into butterflies, completely and utterly transforming our lives from their very core. It allows us to learn profound lessons allowing us to fly higher than we could have imagined. Pluto helps us channel the love that we came from and the love that we are. 


We Are Ascending to New Waves of Consciousness


This Saturn and Pluto conjunction will be felt and experienced slightly differently by all of us, however, certain themes will ring true for everyone. This conjunction will bring about strong awakenings that will help us ascend to new waves of consciousness and new ways of experiencing existence. This heightened vibration will allow us to shift to a place of unconditional love teaching us to remain loyal to our cause as we discover our own definition of success.

The Saturn and Pluto conjunction falling so close to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will carry some heaviness as we try to unpack our many thoughts and emotions. Our subconscious will feel this shift deeply and will help transform us in a life-changing way. Remember to stay patient as you watch your divine truths unfold before you.

This rare conjunction will serve to not only transform our experiences in 2020 but will also shape the rest of our decade. We are being called to stand in our power and reclaim it in its entirety, but we are being asked to do so from a place of unconditional love. As above, so below, and as Saturn and Pluto meet in perfect conjunction, so too will we meet our higher purpose and take the next step on our divine path. We are on the brink of an incredible breakthrough that will bless us with the insights we have been seeking and will allow us to revolutionize our lives.

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