article Ceres in Pisces: Unconditional Love
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Ceres in Pisces: Unconditional Love

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Moon Omens

April 23, 2020

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On April 23rd at 4:16pm EST the dwarf planet Ceres, enters the sign of Pisces.

Ceres was the Roman Goddess of agriculture, grain and the love a mother has for her child. The asteroid Ceres’ energy is associated with the archetype of “the mother”.


Ceres in Pisces: Unconditional Love


We may not all relate to the archetype of an unconditionally loving mother. Maybe we didn’t have that experience in our human lives and while Ceres represents the energy of a mother, it does not have to be connected to our biological mothers. Above all, the energy of Ceres is about being our own mothers. 


Ceres in Pisces: Are we There for Ourselves?


This requires us to pause for a moment and tune into our relationship with ourselves. Are we supporting ourselves? Do we have our own backs? Are we ready to fight for ourselves and be there to wipe our own tears?

Imagine a Lioness protecting her cubs, there’s a natural ferocity that comes out in times of danger. Many of us would do anything for our loved ones and children; but are we there for ourselves? 

Ceres in Pisces

During these rapidly changing times there is a call for self sufficiency and we are each facing ourselves in one way or another. Ceres wants nothing more than for us to love ourselves the way a mother loves her child, but that is way easier said than done.

We live in a world that has been set up to keep us disempowered. We’re told we need to buy something in order to feel better, or that we need to look a certain way to be attractive. We have to work hard to prove ourselves or commit to becoming better.


Ceres in Pisces: Self Acceptance Now


While there is always a time for self improvement, Ceres energy loves us exactly as we are right now. Giving ourselves permission to just be here, right now, exactly as we are, is the theme of this transit. Self acceptance is the name of the game, but it is not always easy.


All the Feels


Ceres is transiting Pisces, which is one of the most sensitive areas of the Zodiac. Pisces energy feels a sense of connection to all that is. It’s heightened emotions make anger, resentment and hatred hard feelings to harbour. We live in a world where there are heavy emotions. Where we have to face difficult situations and work through challenging experiences, but that doesn’t mean we have to carry the weight of the world. 


Forgiveness is one of the most important lessons during these times. This does not mean that we make excuses or allow certain things to go unaccountable. But, it does mean that we give ourselves the gift of grace and space. 


Wiping Our Tears


Pisces energy is like a river that’s running wild. The emotions can’t be controlled and they can’t be tamed. Ceres is like the mother who is there to hold us through our tears and tells us everything is going to be okay. 

Of course, life is unexpected and there is never a guarantee of what will or will not happen, but during this transit the Universe is giving us some sweet, loving energy to lean into. 

Maybe this shows up in the form of a really good conversation with a friend. Maybe it’s a good cry. Maybe it’s the choice to surrender to what is instead of trying to fight for what we believe to be true. 


Letting Ourselves Feel


The fight is important, we are at a time when we must become responsible for ourselves and the reality we are creating on Earth. However, every person needs some rest. Even the strongest soldier needs time off to process and talk to someone they trust. Peace of mind is possible when we can surrender to our feelings in the moment. 

ceres in pisces

Resistance to what is, only yields frustration. As we allow ourselves to feel our frustration, our fears, our excitement or even our confusion we are allowing Ceres’ energy to support us.

Have we ever had a friend that was struggling but not telling us? Perhaps we could tell something was wrong with them but every time we ask they brush it off and ensure they are fine. We can’t help that friend unless they open up to us and fill us in on their experience.


Opening Up


This is a time of opening up to ourselves. Of checking in with where we’re at and knowing we do not have to be feeling only positive emotions. There are many intense astrological transits and current events occurring on Earth right now. It’s entirely acceptable to feel exhausted or confused. 

Ceres in Pisces is an invitation to take some time to ourselves. To check in with our needs the same way a mother checks in with her children.


Ceres in Pisces: Awakening to Ourselves


There is an awakening happening on the Planet right now. The world is shifting and each of us are a part of it. We each are making a huge impact just by being ourselves. 


This means as the planet shifts and changes, so do we. As old emotions come to the surface it’s important to pause. Giving ourselves a moment of peace amidst the chaos is Ceres in Pisces wish for each of us. This could look like a deep breath, a cup of tea, hitting the snooze button or anything that helps us to feel at ease.

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