article Capricorn Season 2022: Time of Maturation
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Capricorn Season 2022: Time of Maturation

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December 21, 2022

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On December 21, 12:00 AM —

On December 21, 4:49 PM ET, Capricorn season 2022 begins as the Sun enters the sign. This is a time of maturation for us. The Sun’s ingress into Capricorn brings the spotlight on the way we have structured our lives and invites us to notice whether it is in integrity with our inner reality.

The Solstice begins a new season, a new phase of growth. In the entire globe, at this time of the year, we contemplate the interplay between day and night, light and darkness, and we are reminded of the need of being comfortable with both as a requirement to access and witness all parts of our Self. In the Northern Hemisphere, we enter the portal of Winter, a phase of deeper self-reflection, inner contemplation, and sober pondering. Winter can be seen as a time of hibernation, as an invitation to let ourselves surrender to the need for introspection and solitude that darkness inspires, which is connected to the essence of the sign of Capricorn.

From Sagittarius to Capricorn season: Commitment to Alignment


Sagittarius season offered us an invitation to expand in multiple directions, make new experiences, and explore different systems of knowledge. It has been a time of spontaneous exploration of life, of the world, and of our authentic expression. As Capricorn season begins, we are invited to commit to living in alignment with the truth we discovered while the Sun was in Sagittarius. It is time to practically apply the wisdom and the knowledge we have accumulated and harness it to build something with it that is in integrity with our beliefs and our values.

Capricorn is a Yin, Cardinal, and Earth sign. As a Cardinal archetype, it is about initiation, as it belongs to the Earth element, what we initiate needs to be tangible and solid. Because it is a Yin sign, Capricorn is connected with intuitive and receptive qualities, and to the need to act in accordance with what we are feeling and sensing. Capricorn correlates to structure, boundaries, time and space, self-responsibility, and self-regulation. Through Capricorn, we learn that introspection, maturity, and commitment to being in integrity are necessary to build structures that have significance and value. 

At the current time of the year, we learn that contraction always follows an expansion and that, after a while, energy has to organize and structure itself for life to be sustainable in the long term: we can’t perpetually expand.


Exploring Links between Past and Present


Capricorn correlates to dynamics of self-suppression, particularly the suppression of needs and emotions linked to wounds of our past and feelings of being unseen, unheard, or emotionally neglected. Together with the opposite sign of Cancer, Capricorn correlates to the journey of emotional maturation and self-regulation that allows us to grow up and show up in life as responsible adults.

Both Capricorn and Cancer have to do with how our past experiences and our childhood wounds are linked to our present experiences and challenges. In particular, Capricorn and Saturn, ruler of the sign, have to do with our relationship to the concept of authority and authority figures, something that is often connected to our relationship with our father. 


Capricorn season 2022: Transits and Lunations


During Capricorn season 2022, we experience a New Moon in Capricorn and a Full Moon in Cancer. The New Moon in Capricorn happening on December 23 at 1º32’ of the sign marks a new beginning in our maturation journey and in our relationship to structure, authority, and responsibility. It is going to be a lunation that will fuel our determination and self-motivation. Sun and Moon square Jupiter will offer us chances to reflect on whether we tend to overcommit and overwork, and maybe begin to relate with our energy and time differently.

Capricorn Season 2022

Our relationship to the Cancer-Capricorn polarity will be highlighted by the upcoming Full Moon in Cancer, a lunation that will bring to light issues linked to family dynamics and help us gain awareness of how our childhood experiences are still affecting our present. The Cancer Full Moon, coming up on January 6, will be opposed by retrograde Mercury and will highlight the challenges of verbalizing our feelings and emotions in a way that can be understood by others. 


Sun conjunct Pluto, trine Uranus, sextile Neptune


During his journey through Capricorn, the Sun is going to trine retrograde Uranus in Taurus, sextile Neptune in Pisces, and join Pluto in the sign of the Sea-Goat.

The Sun-Uranus trine is exact on January 5. This aspect supports innovation and original self-expression and inspires us to express ourselves without fear of others’ judgment. The Sun-Uranus trine will facilitate creative downloads and increase our desire to be expressed and recognized as unique individuals.

On January 13, the Sun forms a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. The Sun-Neptune sextile strengthens our intuition and indicates opportunities to channel an increased imagination into creative and artistic works, a greater sensitivity to subtle energetic undertones, as well as a capacity to gain awareness of feelings and sensations we wouldn’t normally notice.

The Sun will form a conjunction with Pluto in the late degrees of Capricorn on January 18, 2023, as Pluto begins to conclude his transit through the sign, which began in 2008. The Sun-Pluto conjunction will bring the spotlight on what still needs to be transformed in the structure of our lives, as well as in social systems and institutions. This aspect has the potential to expose what is out of alignment in our lives, what we built as a result of our conditioning, as well as conditioning-related patterns that hold us back from full expression. The Sun-Pluto conjunction will promote a deep analysis of our purpose and the true motivations behind it.


Capricorn season 2022: Time of Maturation


Capricorn season represents a time of maturation. This moment of the year offers us an invitation to commit to living with integrity, to aligning our external reality with our internal reality. Capricorn season is an opportunity to reflect on what would be an authentic way to structure our life, what we desire to manifest in the 3D reality and why, what actions are needed for us to get there, and where our efforts have been leading us so far. 

Keywords associated with Capricorn are self-mastery, commitment, and responsibility. During this time of the year, we may explore commitment as an expression of devotion and desire to serve, rather than relying on distorted concepts of discipline and responsibility linked to self-punishment and self-denial.

The current season is likely to show us more about the root of our relationship to authority, success, social prestige, public reputation, and status. We may reflect on whether our goals and ambitions are true for us or if they are mostly a result of the conditioning and programming we internalized. Capricorn season is an invitation to ponder whether the external achievements and recognition we believe we want could be a way of generating feelings of security and confidence that ultimately are not true, as they are built on external foundations rather than inner work and self-awareness.

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