article Virgo Season 2021: Discernment and Self-Improvement
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Virgo Season 2021: Discernment and Self-Improvement

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August 25, 2021

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On August 22, 5:35 PM ET, the Sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo. Virgo season 2021 begins just a few hours after a Blue Full Moon in Aquarius and will last until the Equinox of September 22. This shift brings us down to earth and shifts our focus on practicality, discernment, and self-improvement.

The Sun represents our creative energy, our sense of purpose, and the light of our awareness. Every time the Sun changes signs, the spotlight goes to different themes: we are encouraged to explore creativity and express ourselves in new ways. When the Sun shines through the lens of Virgo, the focus is on creative practicality, refinement of details, and improvement of technical skills, which allows us to achieve better performance and, consequently, offer a better service.


From Leo to Virgo: Humility and Self-Analysis


The Sun is at home in Leo: during Leo season, we are reminded to be the center of our own universe, take up space, and shine bright, without holding ourselves back. While the Sun in Leo promotes unapologetic self-expression and encourages us to have fun and be playful, the Sun in Virgo introduces an element of conscious self-analysis, which naturally restricts the spontaneity of the creative impulse.

Through Virgo, experiences of crises and the awareness of what doesn’t work optimally lead to a deep self-analysis, which, in turn, promotes self-improvement and self-understanding. Humility is a result of the process: it is rooted in the awareness of all that we don’t know or master yet and in the willingness to improve. During Virgo season, we learn that everything can be refined, and we are willing to make an effort to do so. As a result, the transit of the Sun through Virgo allows us to reach a new level of self-knowledge and a better mastery of technical and creative skills.


Virgo season 2021: Lunations and Transits


During Virgo season 2021, we will witness a New Moon in Virgo and a Full Moon in Pisces. Both lunations will be in aspect to Neptune in Pisces: they are likely to bring our focus on health matters and holistic wellbeing and invite us to find balance between passive flow and active effort.

Virgo Season 2021

The New Moon in Virgo takes place on September 6 or 7, according to our timezone. Sun and Moon will be widely opposite Neptune and exactly trine Uranus. During these days we are likely to feel more sensitive than usual, both physically and emotionally. It may be hard to see reality clearly, as the influence of Neptune blurs our perception and makes our boundaries more porous: Virgo’s call for discrimination and discernment may be hard to hear. The influence of Uranus in Taurus will inspire us to think outside the box and to implement tangible changes to improve our reality during the upcoming lunar cycle.

The Full Moon in Pisces takes place on September 20 or 21. The Moon will be in wide conjunction with Neptune and opposing Mars in the first degrees of Libra. The feeling of clarity that usually comes with Full Moons may not be experienced yet, due to the influence of Neptune. Feelings of fogginess and misunderstandings are possible. Mars’ presence highlights the possibility of impulsive reactions to triggers, while the Moon-Neptune conjunction may complicate the development of an objective and detached perspective of our feelings and emotions. Again, we will notice a stronger psychic sensitivity, empathy, and energetic openness. During this time, we need to discern carefully what we are open to.


Sun squaring the Lunar Nodes & Sun trine Uranus


On August 29, the Sun in Virgo will square the Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. When planets square the Nodes of the Moon, they point to unresolved karmic dynamics that we need to work on. Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo all have something to do with knowledge and learning. In particular, Virgo is about discriminating between the information we take in and the information we leave out and discerning between the sources we trust and those we don’t.

This alignment suggests that confusion around what is true, a sense of not knowing what to believe in, and a feeling of not having all the information we need may hold us back from full expression, possibly generating tension and stress both on a physical and on a mental level. When the Sun squares the Nodes, it is an invitation to reclaim our right to be fully expressed, to be seen, to shine, to be ourselves and honor our inner spark.

On September 7, simultaneously with the New Moon in Virgo, the Sun trines retrograde Uranus in Taurus. Their supportive aspect may help us solve the tension created during the previous days by the Nodal square. This alignment stimulates innovation, creativity, and originality. It will not only encourage us to be eccentric and weird but it will also support our efforts to create something tangible out of the ideas and inspiration we receive.


Sun opposite Neptune & Sun trine Pluto


The Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune on September 14, an aspect that may reflect a feeling of identity crisis and dissolution of an old sense of self. We may have difficulty seeing ourselves and our purpose clearly, and notice some lethargy, a lack of vitality, and less physical energy. Simultaneously, we have a chance to experience an increase of creativity and inspiration if we allow ourselves to follow the ebbs and flows of our energy levels while taking care of our wellbeing and making conscious health choices.

On September 16, the Sun trines Pluto in Capricorn, giving us a boost of motivation, vitality, and energy. The Sun-Pluto alignment promotes deep self-investigation and increased awareness of the psychology behind everything, which facilitates change and transformation as well as a thorough analysis of reality. This trine promotes the application of our insights in tangible ways and increases the chances of support coming our way from powerful others, authority figures, and institutions.


Virgo Season 2021: the Importance of Discernment


Virgo season is a call for minimalism that invites us to reduce distractions, pay more attention to the information we take in and to what we consume. The transit of the Sun through Virgo will inspire us to discern more carefully how we invest our time, energy, and attention, to achieve better health, functionality, use of resources, and efficiency. This season will encourage us to explore how we can optimize our health and wellness holistically, introduce better daily habits, and make choices that support our wellbeing.

The activation of Neptune, transiting in retrograde motion in the opposite sign of Pisces, highlights the possibility of excessive idealism, escapism, projections, wanting to be needed, saved, or to save others. At the same time, Neptune’s influence has the potential to enhance our connection with spirituality, our capacity to empathize with others, our ability to perceive and attune with subtle frequencies, and our willingness to be of service.

The journey of the Sun through Virgo highlights the importance of discernment and of the process of purification from influences and habits that aren’t healthy, supportive, or nourishing. Virgo season inspires us to introduce practical adjustments in our daily lives that enhance our experience of reality. We are now being encouraged to detach from whatever doesn’t serve the flow of our creative energy and to refine its expression. During the upcoming weeks, we have chances to become aware of what doesn’t work optimally in our lives and take responsibility to improve it. 

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