Venus enters Virgo
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On September 5, 12:05 AM ET, Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo, where she will remain until September 29. This transit reminds us of the importance of self-honoring and self-containment. It invites us to make the conscious decisions of keeping our energetic field clear, be selective about how we invest our focus and time, and choose carefully the people we share energy with and invite into our lives.

Virgo has to do with purification, not intended as striving to meet an unnatural concept of ‘purity’ created by patriarchal and religious conditioning, but rather as processes of digestion, cleansing, and discernment linked to a deepening of our awareness and our connection to our body. This transit could inspire us to value our health more than we usually do, to let go of habits that aren’t serving us, and to dedicate more time and energy to pursuits, activities, and people that support our well-being, our healing journey, and our self-improvement efforts. 


Venus in Virgo: Acts of Service & Expressions of Devotion


In Astrology, Venus has to do with how we relate to both ourselves and others, to our value systems, our relationship with money, abundance, and wealth, to our capacity to receive love and attention, and to how we create feelings of peace and harmony. Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign, ruled by Mercury and associated with, among other themes, self-improvement, health and healing, habits and routines, optimization and organization of our lives.

Venus in Virgo brings our focus to the value of practicality, organization, and discernment. This shift inspires us to adopt a pragmatic, analytical approach toward relationships and financial matters.

venus enters virgo

The Goddess of Love and Beauty is not much interested in luxury or excessive romantic displays when she is transiting through Virgo. During this transit, our love language is all about acts of service, expressions of devotion, and practical support. Venus in Virgo can reflect a tendency to prefer to plan in advance and avoid spending impulsively. This shift inspires us to invest in something valuable, tangible, and useful in the medium and long term.


Venus square Mars & Venus trine Uranus


On September 16, Venus perfects a square to Mars in Gemini. This aspect can indicate some tension in relationship matters, particularly in intimate connections. Around this time, we may feel a degree of friction between contrasting values, urges, and desires, and we could also experience a clash between our desires and will and other people’s needs and values. We may struggle to find compromises and not want to give something up. Nonetheless, the Venus-Mars alignment will inspire and motivate us to find creative solutions and agreements that enhance everyone’s experience.

On September 20, the trine between Venus in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus catalyzes a desire to integrate more excitement, stimulation, and change in our routines, daily work, and relationships. This aspect will increase our open-mindedness, facilitate our detachment from structures, connections, and ways of being that feel restrictive or obsolete. It will inspire us to explore more authentic ones, get out of our comfort zone, and experiment without fear of making mistakes.


Venus opposite Neptune, Venus trine Pluto, Venus conjunct Mercury


Venus in Virgo is going to oppose Neptune in Pisces on September 24, increasing our tendency to daydream, fantasize, and idealize other people and relationships. These days, we may fall in love with potential and lack realism and rationality, which can increase the risk of feelings of disappointment and disillusionment. Nonetheless, this aspect maximizes our creativity, our imagination, our desire to beautify our reality, and our capacity to open our hearts to others.

On September 26, Venus aligns with Pluto in Capricorn in a harmonious trine. The Venus-Pluto trine suggests a desire to deepen our connections and establish more profound and passionate bonds: these days, superficiality is not going to feel appealing. This aspect will inspire us to strive to understand our and others’ psychological patterns playing out in relationships and to reflect on how to find solutions that are aligned with both our values and other people’s values.

venus enters virgo

On the same day of the Venus-Pluto trine, Venus and retrograde Mercury are going to align in a conjunction in Virgo. The Venus-Mercury alignment is favorable for communications, diplomacy, and negotiation. It will support our capacity to express our feelings and share our values, desires, and needs.


Venus enters Virgo: Sincere Desire for Self-Improvement


Due to Virgo’s attunement to what can be improved, refined, and optimized, a tendency towards perfectionism is often present when this archetype is emphasized: criticism, both constructive and non, can emerge more frequently as a consequence.

Venus’ transit through the sign could intensify critical tendencies towards both ourselves and others and indicate an inclination to focus on what does not work rather than on what does. It could also correspond to a feeling of attracting people who we perceive as excessively perfectionists or critical towards us. This is, nonetheless, an opportunity to observe objectively disempowering self-talk and thinking patterns if they arise, without engaging in them or believing them.

Venus’ transit through Virgo is likely to fuel a sincere desire to improve ourselves, our self-awareness, how we show up in our relationships with others, and how we manage money and other resources. This transit is an opportunity to contemplate what service means to us, reflect on what we are in service to, and make the conscious choice of organizing our life in a way that reflects and honors that.

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