article Venus in Taurus: Resourcefulness and Self-Reliance
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Venus in Taurus: Resourcefulness and Self-Reliance

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April 18, 2021

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On April 14, 2:22 PM ET, Venus left fiery Aries and entered one of her home signs, Taurus. Venus will be in Taurus until May 8. During the upcoming three weeks, we have a chance to deepen our relationship with ourselves, align with our value system, and solidify the foundation of our self-esteem and self-worth, embodying more profound resourcefulness and self-reliance.

While Venus’ journey through Aries represents a time for initiation and instinctual discovery of both ourselves and others, the transit of Venus through Taurus invites us to seek stability and steadiness.


Venus in Taurus: Resourcefulness & Self-Reliance


Venus is the planet of Love, Beauty, and Grace: in Astrology, it corresponds to our taste, to our personal resources, values, and talents, and to the way we show up in relationships. Venus rules two signs, Taurus and Libra. 

While Libra correlates with the Yang or outer side of Venus and with the connections we form with others, Taurus rules the Yin side of Venus, associated with our relationship with ourselves, our self-worth, self-esteem, and our system of values. Taurus is a Fixed Earth archetype correlated to our survival instinct: this sign aims to establish conditions of stability and security that allow life to thrive and flourish.

Venus transiting Taurus is a time to internalize our focus and get in touch with our personal values, talents, gifts, and resources, in order to gain deeper self-sufficiency. During the upcoming weeks, we have a chance to become more resourceful and resilient, and to embody deeper levels of autonomy and independence.


Venus in Taurus: Abundance, Receptivity & Radical Self-Love


Both Venus and Taurus have a correlation with finances, assets, material possessions, and other personal resources: this transit represents a time to reflect upon our relationship with abundance and comfort. Do we believe we are worthy of financial abundance? Are we open to receive it? Are there any limiting beliefs and behaviors that stand in the way of us enjoying more stability, comfort, and pleasure?

The journey of Venus through Taurus is about embodying the energy of receptivity and remaining open to enjoy life and its pleasures: this is a time of increased emphasis on sexuality and sensuality. Venus in Taurus represents a fantastic transit to reconnect with our physicality, our senses, and our capacity to feel and listen to what our body is trying to tell us. This, in turn, allows us to develop a deeper self-trust.

Venus in Taurus reminds us of the importance of self-love and self-nurturance and offers us an invitation to stop waiting for someone else to fulfill our longing for love, validation, and appreciation and begin honoring ourselves, cultivating our talents, and respecting our values and needs.


Venus conjunct Uranus & square Saturn


Shortly after beginning her transit through the sign of the Bull, the Goddess of Beauty and Love will meet Uranus, the planet of revolution, eccentricity, and liberation. Venus will then square Saturn and Jupiter, sextile Neptune, and trine Pluto.

Venus conjuncts Uranus on April 22 or 23, according to timezone. This aspect indicates the potential for sudden changes in our relationships, new encounters, or separations, and reflects a strong need for freedom, novelty, and experimentation. Uranus wants to break free from whatever is perceived as limiting: Venus joining the planet of sudden awakenings in the sign of the Bull may indicate a rebellion against old values, old patterns, old relationships, and old ways of being that are stagnant and are hindering further growth. The Venus-Uranus conjunction is also an indicator of high volatility in financial markets: extreme highs and lows are both possible. There may be important changes in the world economy, in trade, in the stock market, as well in our personal financial situation.

Venus squaring Saturn in Aquarius, perfecting on April 25, may bring up an urge to reconsider and reframe something we impulsively did or experienced at the time of the Venus-Uranus conjunction. Saturn in a hard angle to Venus is often associated with feelings of self-doubt and insecurities relative to our inherent worth, but also to financial restraints or constraints. This aspect may hold back our drive to experiment and rebel, reflected by the Venus-Uranus alignment, which will be still active. Saturn desires stability, structure, and predictability: the Lord of Time may test the foundation of our relationships and reveal to us what is not solid.


Venus sextile Neptune, trine Pluto, and square Jupiter


On May 2, the exact sextile between Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces infuses our love and social life with idealism, sweetness, and a bit of magic. Venus is considered to be the lower octave of Neptune, a denser vibrational expression of the same energy. While Neptune corresponds to divine and unconditional love, Venus corresponds to romantic and earthly love. This sextile enhances our receptivity and our sensitivity, increases our appreciation for beauty and harmony, and represents a wonderful influence on our creativity and artistry.

venus in taurus moon omens

On May 6, Venus will trine Pluto in Capricorn, intensifying our desire for depth and our drive to establish and cultivate meaningful and radically honest connections. Superficial relationships do not satisfy us when Venus and Pluto are in aspect. The trine represents a harmonic alignment, which may be helpful to become aware of dysfunctional patterns and unresolved issues that are affecting the quality of our relationships, our capacity to be fully receptive, our perception of abundance, and the way we deal with financial management and all money matters.

Shortly after, on May 8, Venus squares Jupiter in Aquarius, highlighting tendencies towards overindulgence, accumulation, and excess. While Taurus is all about creating comfortable and stable conditions, Aquarius is all about challenging comfort and stability to foster innovation and progress. This alignment may highlight the dangers of an excessive orientation towards pleasure and lightheartedness and the avoidance of pain and discomfort at the expense of our evolution and growth.


Venus in Taurus: a Time for Self-Empowerment & Self-Sourcing


While Venus is in Taurus, we value stability, comfort, pleasure, and sensuality: while this has the potential to be a deeply empowering transit, there is a risk of stagnation, excessive possessiveness, and overaccumulation.

We may have trouble seeing further than our nose and have serious difficulties letting things go, if we strongly identify with what we are attached to and value. During the upcoming weeks, it may be useful to reflect on our possessions, our physical and emotional attachments, and on how tightly we are holding on to them for fear of losing ourselves by losing them.

Self-sourcing, defined as the ability to independently fulfill our own needs, to take care of ourselves autonomously, to feel safe, secure, and loved regardless of our life circumstances or the people in our lives, is probably the biggest lesson of the transit of Venus through the sign of the Bull.

Ultimately, Venus in Taurus brings us back to the awareness that we can’t give from an empty cup, and that we can’t expect someone else to meet our needs if we aren’t fully showing up for ourselves. This transit reminds us to take care of ourselves as we would take care of others and that everything we need is already inside us.

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