Venus in Pisces
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On April 5, 11:18 AM ET Venus leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces, where she will remain until May 2, increasing our longing for profound spiritual connections and leading us on a journey of deeper discovery of our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with the Divine.

While Venus is in Aquarius, we value freedom and open-mindedness and we feel inclined to explore different ideologies and ways of relating with a variety of people. During this transit, we tend to adopt an objective, rational, and detached perspective of our relationships, our feelings, and our needs.

Venus entering Pisces indicates a sentimental and emphatic style of relating. While Venus is here, we tend to connect with others through our empathy and sensitivity and we appreciate romance, tenderness, and compassion.


Longing for the Ideal Relationship & Pursuing Spiritual Wealth


In Astrology, Venus is the planet associated with our way to relate with both ourselves and others and create conditions of harmony and beauty in our lives. The ruler of Taurus and Libra informs us about our values, our relationship with wealth, receptivity, and abundance, our capacity to enjoy life and pleasure, our connection with our body, our senses, and Nature.

Venus in Pisces

Transiting Venus shows fluctuations and changes in our relationship needs, preferences, taste, values, and style, but also in our finances, in the global economy, in how we tend to invest and spend our money. With Venus in Pisces, we tend to idealize relationships and aspire to experience the perfect bond: we long for a deep spiritual connection with another. During the upcoming weeks, we will feel drawn to pursue spiritual wealth more than material wealth, maybe by investing our money in experiences that can support the expansion of our consciousness and deepen our awareness of reality and relationships.


Venus in Pisces: Being Receptive & Going with the Flow


While Venus is in Pisces, we aim to transcend the limitations of the material reality, we desire to connect more consciously with others, we seek Divine Union and experiences of bliss. We will tend to go with the flow more often than usual, and being adaptable, receptive, and versatile may take less effort.

Venus in Pisces is traditionally considered to be exalted: the energies of the two archetypes can blend particularly well. Venus is said to be the lower octave of Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, meaning it is a lower or denser expression of the same energetic principle. Venus is about romantic, earthly love, while Neptune is about divine, transcendental, unconditional love. 

The transit of Venus through Pisces creates a bridge between these two realms. It invites us to explore different ways to connect with others, with ourselves, and with Spirit. It inspires our imagination and fantasy life, and it has the potential to bring to a new level our artistic, creative, and spiritual practices.


Venus conjunct Jupiter & Neptune: Quest for Meaning


During her transit through Pisces, Venus will join Neptune and Jupiter in the sign, respectively on April 27 and April 30. These alignments inspire us to go on an inner quest for meaning, to seek the true purpose of our relationships and experiences. If we feel a desire to begin a spiritual practice, renew our devotion to an existing one, or explore new practices, this is a wonderful time to do so.

Venus in Pisces

Venus conjunct Jupiter will increase our optimism, generosity, and desire to make the most out of life. It may inspire us to spend more time enjoying what we are passionate about, what makes us happy, what fulfills us on a Soul level. This aspect may catalyze an urge to make new experiences, make new connections, and expand our cultural horizons, maybe by traveling or joining new communities.

Venus conjunct Neptune is an indicator of extreme sensitivity and artistry and indicates ease in creating evocative sceneries, atmospheres, and landscapes. Our fantasy and imagination will be so enhanced that it may be difficult to tell what is an illusion and what is true. Our tendency to daydream will increase, and we may get carried away by it. The possibility of falling for romantic illusions and victim-savior dynamics is higher than usual, as we will be inclined to see people’s potential before acknowledging their reality.


Venus in Pisces: Attuning to our Intuition & Recognizing Projections


Throughout the upcoming weeks, Venus transiting Pisces will inspire us to be kind to each other, to be more compassionate and less judgmental. It will be easier than usual to see the inherent humanity in everyone. We will find it easy to empathize with others and long for deeper spiritual closeness in our relationships. Failing to establish the depth of connection we yearn for could feel particularly disappointing. As a result, we may seek refuge in fantasy, and dream of a mystical love without limits and flaws, without necessarily dealing with what is showing up in our reality.

Yet, experiences of disenchantment may represent the starting point for a more profound liberation and embodied self-awareness. The pain of disillusionment could be what helps us break away from a cycle we have been stuck in for a while and facilitate new understandings, revelations, and breakthroughs. Difficult feelings can be channeled into artistic and creative pursuits: during this transit, it will be easier to feel inspired to express ourselves through non-linear, intuitive channels.

Venus’ journey through Pisces offers us an opportunity to better attune to our intuition and learn to distinguish wishful thinking and projections from actual insight. This transit invites us to practice discernment and set healthy boundaries, to give space to our sensitivity without getting carried away by it. 

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