article Venus in Gemini: Novelty, Fun, and Social Exploration
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Venus in Gemini: Novelty, Fun, and Social Exploration

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Moon Omens

June 22, 2022

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On June 22, 8:35 PM ET, Venus leaves Taurus and enters Gemini, where she remains until July 17. This shift will add some fun, lightheartedness, and novelty to our social and love life. 

Venus’ transit in her home sign of Taurus brought our focus on our relationship with ourselves and our values, inspiring us to focus on our senses, our feelings, and our connection to our physical body.  The Goddess of Love entering Gemini shifts the spotlight externally, emphasizing the role of interpersonal connections as learning experiences, and facilitating exchanges of ideas and opinions with others through debate and conversation.


Venus enters Gemini: Relationships as Learning Experiences


In Astrology, Venus is associated with how we relate with both ourselves and others. She gives us information about our romantic desires, our taste, our value system, our relationship with wealth and abundance, our receptivity and sensuality, and how we attract what we want. The transits of this planet indicate changes in our values, our finances, our love life, and our needs in relationships.

Gemini, a Mutable Air sign, is about learning, gathering information, and understanding reality through the left hemisphere of the brain. This sign has to do with the process of logically classifying our surroundings through the filter of the rational mind, and with the effective communication of our ideas and experiences to others. 

Venus’ transit through the sign of the Twins multiplies our interests, inspiring us to explore beyond our existing comfort zone and welcome more diversity in our connections. During the upcoming weeks, we may feel more drawn to and interested in getting to know people very different from us as a way to expand our understanding of life and of ourselves. 

Venus in Gemini

We are likely to feel more comfortable interacting with strangers and naturally do so from an authentic place of openness and curiosity. While Venus is in Gemini, we tend to seek intellectual connections that can stimulate our mind and open it to new dimensions, maybe inspiring us to question what we already know. 


Venus sextile Chiron, Trine Saturn, square Neptune


During her transit through Gemini, Venus will sextile Chiron in Aries, trine Saturn in Aquarius, and square Neptune in Pisces. The Venus-Chiron sextile, exact on July 6, will offer us opportunities to heal, through our relationships, wounds related to low self-worth, feelings of being unlovable, or of being undeserving of healthy and supportive connections. We may also reframe our relationship with money and abundance and our capacity to receive. Chances to improve our communications and our ability to assert ourselves constructively are likely to arise.

On July 13, the trine between Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius inspires grounded financial management, supporting our capacity to save and invest money wisely. Venus trine Saturn also promotes mature and conscious relating. Around this time, we may feel drawn to consolidate and strengthen some of the relationships we have been cultivating and clarify the terms of our commitments. 

The square between Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces, perfecting on July 14, indicates a high level of idealism and a yearning for a perfect love connection. These days, we may tend to see the world and other people through rose-colored glasses and consider only their positive potential and qualities. Increased creative inspiration is likely, and channeling our emotionality and sensitivity into some form of art is recommended. As the Venus-Saturn trine is going to be active during the same days, it will counterbalance the influence of the Venus-Neptune square and help us be grounded and pragmatic, while still remaining hopeful and optimistic.


Venus enters Gemini: Novelty, Fun, and Social Exploration


Venus in Gemini is communicative, clever, and curious, an eloquent speaker, and a fast learner. While Venus is in the sign of the Twins, we gravitate towards people who have something interesting to teach us or tell us, and we embrace the learning experiences that come with relationships. Our attitude is likely to be more outgoing and curious than usual. We may be more willing to be out and about, to be around people we don’t yet know, and engage in social activities that we would not consider otherwise.

Venus traveling from Taurus to Gemini will bring more novelty to our social and romantic life, supporting the changes in values and the need for exploration that the recent Venus-Uranus conjunction has catalyzed. The journey of Venus through the sign of the Twins is a particularly inspiring influence for creatives who use words as primary tools, such as writers, vloggers, speakers, and storytellers.

This transit will inspire us to ask more questions, both to ourselves and to others. During the upcoming weeks, we could alternate between phases of wanting to know more, accumulating more information and data, and actively seeking debates and conversations, with periods of reflection and integration of what we have been learning so far. 

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