Venus enters Aries
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On May 2, 12:11 PM ET, Venus leaves Pisces and enters Aries. increasing our need for autonomy, freedom, and spontaneous self-actualization, while encouraging us to rediscover ourselves and take action on our desires.

Venus will remain in the sign of the Warrior until May 28, inspiring us to explore who we are independently of our relationships and to balance our need for freedom with our need for connection.


The Transition from Pisces to Aries: Birth of Separate Self


After experiencing a few weeks with four planets in Pisces, inviting us to go with the flow and dwell in our imagination, the energy begins to shift. The transition from the last to the first sign of the Zodiac is about the birth of individual consciousness out of unity consciousness: there is a separation, a severing, the umbilical cord is cut and we are out alone into the world.

This can be as exciting as it can be scary: Aries is the pioneer, the trailblazer, the one who takes new paths and directions without having a map or a plan. When planets leave Pisces to enter Aries, we go from floating in the cosmic womb, in perfect unity with all that exists, to being on our own, on a journey to discover our individuality and our desires, while learning to follow our instinct.

venus enters aries

Venus in Pisces is soft, dreamy, and romantic. While Venus is here, we tend to idealize relationships and we yearn to establish deep, spiritual connections with others. We aspire to experience the perfect bond, and we may struggle to feel complete without a soulmate. Venus’ transit through Aries inspires us to step into the unknown and the unfamiliar, to embrace a spontaneous, bold, and daring attitude, and to trust that our instinct will lead us on the right path.


Venus enters Aries: Balancing our Need for Connection & Need for Independence


In Astrology, the ruler of Taurus and Libra has a Yang and a Yin side, as it is associated with both the relationships we form with others and the relationship we have with ourselves. Venus correlates with our self-worth and self-esteem, with our value system, with our sensuality, and with our capacity to be receptive. This planet has a connection to how we manage finances, to our relationship to wealth and abundance, and to the way we generate conditions of beauty, harmony, and peace.

Traditionally, Venus in Aries is considered to be debilitated, as in the Zodiac wheel Aries opposes Libra, one of Venus’ rulers. This simply means that, in the sign of the Ram, Venus does not express herself as society would expect. During the transit of Venus through Aries, we value freedom, excitement, and adventure. We feel drawn to explore our desires, our creativity, and our cravings, and we may notice a need to live our life on our own terms.

While Venus is here, we want to avoid boredom at all costs. We are motivated to discover more about ourselves, what excites us, and what feels good, while we learn to balance our need for relationships and our need for independence.


Venus conjunct Chiron, sextile Saturn, & square Pluto


During her journey through Aries, on May 15, Venus will join asteroid Chiron in the sign. Their conjunction will still be very prominent during the Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio taking place on May 16. The Venus-Chiron conjunction will perfect itself while in a quincunx or inconjunct aspect to the Moon in Scorpio, indicating the need to gain awareness of disempowering beliefs about love, connection, self-worth, and wealth.

This alignment has the potential to help us see where we are giving too much without receiving anything in return, where we feel unworthy of asserting our needs and our desires, and begin the process of healing wounds around feeling rejected, not valued, and not appreciated.

On May 24, Venus will form a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, offering us opportunities to consolidate those relationships that are based on balanced exchanges of energy and that allow us to enjoy the space and freedom we desire. Our income flow and finances may also become more stable around this time.

venus enters aries

A couple of days later, on May 27, Venus squares retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect signals a conflict between a desire for absolute freedom and a need to be in control. It could point to push-pull dynamics within relationships, as we crave deep connection but simultaneously fear losing our individuality in it. The Moon will be conjunct Venus when this aspect goes exact, increasing the need to feel in control to feel safe, and highlighting the necessity of transforming unconscious emotional and psychological patterns at the core of our relationships.


Venus enters Aries: Rediscovering Ourselves


Venus in Aries tends to correspond to an inherently self-centered and self-referential orientation to life. During this transit, an inclination to be unaware of the needs, feelings, and desires of others could emerge, as we may be mostly focused on our personal reality. Throughout the upcoming weeks, it is important to take care that our desire for novelty, adventure, and excitement doesn’t become an endless, unconscious search for immediate gratification, or a way to avoid commitment and responsibility.

Overall, the ingress of Venus in Aries increases our need to discover who we are as unique individuals, as opposed to being defined by our role in other people’s lives. If we have been identifying with our relationships or have tied our sense of self-worth with being in a relationship, something may shift during these days. This transit offers us an opportunity to redefine and rediscover who we are, reclaiming facets and sides of ourselves that we might have forgotten or buried while trying to live up to others’ expectations or societal standards.

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