venus enters virgo
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On July 21, 8:37 PM ET, Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo. The Goddess of Love and Beauty will be here until August 16, inviting us to be discerning and devoted to our personal growth.

Transits of Venus give us information on how we seek to generate more balance and harmony in our lives, how to manage money, what we find attractive and pleasant. These transits can correspond to shifts in our finances, values, and needs, in our orientation towards relationships and our artistic expression.

Venus in Leo is flamboyant and dramatic, she is naturally playful and enjoys receiving attention. During this transit, we are highly creative, more willing to be seen and to let our light shine through. As Venus enters Virgo, we will notice an energy shift: this transit corresponds to a more discrete and reserved attitude. 


Venus enters Virgo: the Power of Discernment


Virgo is sometimes associated with the archetype of the High Priestess: Venus transiting through this sign inspires us to be devoted to our values and deeply committed to our ongoing self-improvement journey. The journey of Venus through Virgo invites us to keep our standards high and be very discerning, to choose carefully who we allow into our life, where we invest our time, energy, and focus.

While Venus is in Virgo, we will adopt an organized and thoughtful outlook on financial matters: we will prioritize investing in material assets or in our education rather than spending money on our free time and hobbies. We will value reliability and practicality in relationships, and we will strive to be helpful and of service to others.

venus enters virgo

During this transit, we aim to refine our skills and we are willing to work on our weaknesses. We value improvement, we want to get better at what we do, we want to get better at relationships: we desire to understand the dynamics at play in all our interactions and exchanges.


Venus enters Virgo: Beyond Criticism


In the sign of the High Priestess, Venus is exceptionally aware of dysfunctions, of what doesn’t function as well as it could, of what can be fixed, and of how it can be improved. Venus in Virgo transit shows us what doesn’t work optimally in our lives, in our relationships, and our finances. It may inspire us to make different choices and use crises and challenges as an opportunity for improvement and transformation.

Venus in Virgo is often perceived as critical, picky, and demanding, too concerned with what’s lacking rather than what’s available. During this transit, it can be easy to fall into the trap of negative self-talk and excessive criticism towards ourselves and others. We will see clearly what doesn’t work in other people’s lives, and it can be tempting to give unsolicited advice or feedback.

Feelings of self-doubt may arise, and we may have the sensation that we are not good enough or competent enough to do what we want to do, that maybe we are dreaming too big. While perfectionism may hold us back from making progress and gaining experience, the awareness of what can be improved can help us grow tremendously in various areas of our lives. This transit is an invitation to embrace humility yet without making ourselves smaller or shrinking due to feeling inadequate.


Venus trine Uranus, opposite Neptune, trine Pluto


Venus in Virgo will trine Uranus in Taurus on August 3, promoting a liberal and more open-minded approach to relationships, increasing the possibility of unusual and unexpected encounters or job offers, maybe inspiring us to invest our money differently. We are likely to seek novelty and excitement in our love and social life: this is a good time to meet someone new or to introduce novelty in our current relationship.

On August 10, Venus will oppose Neptune in Pisces. With this aspect, we seek the perfect love story and we can manifest strong idealism. We may be longing and yearning for someone to save us or make our life better. We may have trouble seeing others clearly, get lost in our fantasies, and get disappointed from reality later on. Positively, this alignment promotes creativity and imagination and inspires us to be more devoted to our spiritual and artistic practices.

venus enters virgo

Almost simultaneously, on August 11, Venus will trine Pluto in Capricorn, increasing the emotional intensity and inviting us to move towards more depth in all our relationships. Our love nature will be more passionate and fated encounters catalyzing deep transformation are a possibility. The simultaneous influence of Neptune and Pluto facilitates emotional catharsis and healing through artistic expression, while hypnotic attractions may generate obsessive desires.


Venus enters Virgo: Devotion to Love


While Venus is in Virgo, we don’t waste our time on something that isn’t substantial: we are not interested in shallow interactions and prefer to cultivate a few trusted connections. We value self-understanding, we desire to analyze our relationships to know what does not work at its best, what can be better. We tend to adopt an introspective focus aimed at deepening our self-analysis and promoting self-improvement and self-knowledge.

During this transit, our love language will be practical and down-to-earth, we will express affection through acts of service. Venus in Virgo reflects an organized, practical, and thoughtful approach to relationships as well as to spending and investing our resources, such as money, energy, and focus.

The medicine of the High Priestess is humility rooted in self-knowledge, discernment, and ongoing dedication to the path of self-improvement. The highest expression of Venus in Virgo is utmost devotion to love, and a commitment to honor the beauty within ourselves and all around us.

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