article Venus enters Taurus: Slow Down and Tune in
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Venus enters Taurus: Slow Down and Tune in

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Moon Omens

March 15, 2023

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On March 15, 01:37 PM —

On March 16 at 6:34 PM ET, Venus leaves Aries and enters Taurus, her Earth domicile, inviting us to slow down, tune in, and ground into our bodies. Venus will remain in Taurus until April 11.

In the sign of the Bull, Venus’s receptive, sensual, and artistic qualities are enhanced. When she transits through her earthy home sign, the Goddess of Love encourages us to connect with our senses, pleasure, and the beauty within us and all around us.

The ingress of Venus in Taurus is most relevant for those of us with personal placements in Fixed signs. Those most impacted by this transit are more likely to experience relevant shifts in their values and in their romantic, financial, and artistic life. Venus’s journey through Taurus could inspire them to consolidate the foundations of their relationships, make decisions that improve their financial security, and work on creating art that lasts over the course of time.

Venus in Taurus: Grounding into the Body


In Astrology, Venus correlates with themes of love and romance, with how we attract and we magnetize what we desire to us, with our taste, with what we like and enjoy, what we find attractive and pleasurable. She correlates to our relationship with abundance and to our ability to receive abundance, enjoy wealth, and meet our financial needs. Additionally, Venus is associated with what we value and how we value ourselves: she is the planet connected to our self-worth and self-esteem.

An Earth, Fixed sign, Taurus is all about grounding in the body and fully inhabiting our physical vessel. It is connected with matter and flesh, with everything tangible and substantial.  Taurus, similarly to Venus, is associated with our capacity to create a foundation for our life that guarantees survival, hence to money, material possessions, and the resources that generate a stable and secure basis for us to thrive upon. Because of its link to survival, Taurus is connected to the physical need for procreation and, consequently, to sexuality.


Venus enters Taurus: Slowing Down and Tuning in


During the journey of Venus through Taurus, the spotlight goes on our relationship with our physical body, our sensuality, and our awareness of the body as an extension of Nature and the Earth. Venus in Taurus moves sensually and without any hurry. This transit represents an invitation to slow down, pause, and take in the present moment, do something for the sake of pleasure, savor every sensation, appreciate the simplicity of Nature, and recognize the beauty all around us.

When Venus is in Taurus, we may experience more appreciation for luxury and material comfort, and recognize the value of living in a beautiful and curated environment, whatever that means to us individually. Throughout the upcoming weeks, we will have opportunities to cultivate our receptivity and work on developing a more empowering relationship to wealth and abundance.

During this transit, we are likely to feel more invested in taking care of the financial aspects of our life. Venus’ journey through Taurus can be seen as an opportunity to work on our beliefs and patterns relative to making, spending, and investing money.


Venus in aspect to Pluto & Saturn


Venus is currently in a square aspect to Pluto at 29º Capricorn, which will continue to be felt for several days. The Venus-Pluto square turns up the intensity in our romantic and sexual life, increasing the potential to experience power struggles and deep passions. This aspect indicates a conflict between our desire to be transformed by our relationships and a simultaneous fear of the ego death that the transformation will imply. It is a potent time to transform outdated patterns and ways of being in relationships.

At the moment, Venus is also in an exact sextile aspect to Saturn at 0º Pisces, an alignment that supports our maturation process relative to our way of dealing with romantic and financial matters. This aspect can increase our desire to deepen our commitment to what we value and care about and our willingness to make the necessary efforts for it to work out.

venus enters taurus

Venus in aspect to Uranus, North Node, and Neptune


During her transit through Taurus, Venus is going to form a conjunction with Uranus and the North Node in the sign and a sextile with Neptune in Pisces.

Venus crosses the North Node of the Moon in Taurus on March 20, an alignment that brings the spotlight on the role of our relationships in our journey of personal and spiritual evolution. Around this time, karmic encounters and changes in existing connections are possible. The Venus-North Node conjunction represents an invitation to renew our commitment to living in alignment with our true values.

Venus joins Uranus in Taurus on March 30, and their conjunction increases the chances of unexpected changes and turning points in our relational and financial life. This aspect has a very electric and exciting vibe, and it could inspire us to get out of our comfort zone in new ways, as we will be more open to experiment and have new experiences.

The Venus-Neptune sextile is exact on April 7. Their alignment supports artistic and spiritual exploration, increasing our sensitivity and our ability to express our feelings through nonlinear channels. The sextile between Venus and Neptune inspires us to be more compassionate towards ourselves and others and more attuned to what is going on within us and around us.


Venus enters Taurus: Self-Love as our Foundation


Venus’ transit in Taurus brings the spotlight on our relationship with ourselves, on how we nurture ourselves, how we love ourselves, how we take care of ourselves. It reminds us that to love another we have to, first and foremost, be committed to loving ourselves and meeting our needs. This transit inspires us to pay attention to our attraction patterns and how they reflect what is going on within ourselves. It is an opportunity to allow our relationships with others to show us what needs to be transformed in our relationship with ourselves.

Around this time, any underlying feelings of worthlessness, of not deserving what we truly desire, scarcity patterns, and blocks that limit our receptivity can emerge into our conscious awareness.

During the upcoming weeks, we may realize what kind of work we have to do on ourselves in order to create the relationships we aspire to have, what changes need to be made in how we relate to ourselves, and in how we relate to others as a consequence. This transit is an opportunity to choose self-love as the foundation for all our decisions, particularly in terms of relationships, and commit to loving ourselves as we wish to be loved by another.

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