article Venus enters Libra: a Quest for Harmony
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Venus enters Libra: a Quest for Harmony

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August 16, 2021

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On August 16, 12:27 AM ET, Venus leaves Virgo and enters one of her home signs, Libra. The Goddess of Love and Beauty will be in her domicile until September 10, inviting us on a quest for harmony.

Venus in Virgo corresponds to a tendency to value reliability, usefulness, and practicality. In relationships, we may tend to sacrifice our needs to be of service to others: our desire to be helpful may create an imbalance. While Venus is in Libra, we want our connections to be based on equality: we strive to find a better harmony between the energy we invest in ourselves and the energy we invest in others. This transit reminds us to appreciate beauty even if it has no practical use and inspires us to make art for art’s sake.


Venus enters Libra: on a Quest for Harmony


Venus in transit corresponds to our changing orientation towards love, money, sensuality, pleasure, and artistic expression. This planet correlates to how we inwardly relate to ourselves, which reflects the way we tend to relate with others. Venus changing sign marks a shift in our values, in how we tend to manage our finances, and in our experience of relationships.

Libra is the archetype of the Other, the first one through which we enter the social sphere from a place of equality. It is associated with the concepts of justice, peace, and fairness. Libra teaches us that balance is not something that is ever fully achieved, it is not static, it is made of ongoing adjustments, and based on attunement to the present moment.

Venus enters Libra

While Venus travels through Libra, we seek the middle ground between contrasting extremes, and we do so through the journey of relationships. We discover more about ourselves, our needs, and our desires through the contrast with other people in our lives and the awareness of their needs and desires. During this transit, we learn about ourselves and others, we learn to value ourselves independently of the value other people attribute to us or the role we play in their lives.


Venus trine North Node, Venus trine Saturn, & Venus opposite Chiron


On August 22, Venus trines the North Node of the Moon in Gemini. The North Node represents our individual and collective path: planets in easy alignment with this point represent supportive players that help us move forward in our evolutionary journey. During these days, there is the possibility of karmic encounters, fated changes in our financial condition, and unexpected chances to end up in events and situations that have the potential to be turning points in our lives.

Almost simultaneously, on August 23, Venus trines Saturn in Aquarius, forming a Grand Air Trine with the North Node, an aspect of flow and ease. When Venus forms a supportive aspect with Saturn, we are reminded of our worth and encouraged to avoid settling for less than what we desire. If, for example, we seek long-lasting and reliable partnerships, romantic or otherwise, we don’t waste time with people or situations that are not aligned with our non-negotiables.

The Venus-Saturn alignment inspires us to value structure and reliability in our connections with others, in our finances, and in our commitments. Many of us are likely to feel drawn to consolidate relationships, projects, and jobs. The presence of the Gemini North Node in the Grand Air Trine suggests keeping our minds open and remaining curious to explore a variety of solutions that can help us build more functional and flexible structures.

Later, on August 26, Venus opposes retrograde Chiron in Aries, culminating dynamics that first manifested with their conjunction on March 28, 2021. This aspect highlights the possibility of feeling attracted to someone to unconsciously save or heal them, as we perceive in them a wound we can’t see in ourselves. We may become aware of our projections, of where we are trying to change others to feel better about ourselves, and feel particularly drained after getting out of our way to help others.


Venus square Pluto: Fears and Desires


On September 6, Venus squares Pluto in Capricorn and trines Jupiter in Aquarius.

The Venus-Pluto square may highlight a tendency to hold back in relationships, as we are afraid of having no energy left for ourselves, of disappearing into the other, of being annihilated by the intensity of the bond. This dynamic can also apply to money matters, as with Venus square Pluto there is often some sort of scarcity mindset around all our resources, which is rooted in a compromised sense of self-worth and lack of trust in our capacities.

All Venus-Pluto contacts correspond to a craving for depth of connection. Yet, with this particular aspect, we are afraid of our own intensity and we tend to create a push-pull dynamic that prevents us from being fully committed. Our fear of giving ourselves completely to something or someone and being seen in our totality generates an inner conflict that can be particularly frustrating due to the strength of our desire for depth and our simultaneous fear of it.


Venus trine Jupiter: the Potential for Change


Luckily, the simultaneous Venus-Jupiter trine will lighten the mood and support a more positive, optimistic, and lighthearted attitude towards relationships, money matters, art, and sensuality. This alignment promotes an open-minded and experimental approach and inspires us to explore new solutions to the repetitive patterns we may be confronting. Excessive indulgence may be an issue: within the context of the Venus-Pluto square, the Jupiterian impulse to expand may translate to a tendency to avoid the discomfort of depth and remain in a comfort zone of superficial non-attachment, which feels safe.

Allowing ourselves to be transformed by our relationships is the evolutionary purpose of all Venus-Pluto aspects. The benevolent influence of Jupiter has the potential to help us overcome fears and resistance that prevents us from allowing our connections to deeply change us.


Venus enters Libra: Reciprocity and Equality


While Venus is in Libra, we will invest more energy and attention in cultivating reciprocity in all our connections with others. We will attribute more value to fairness and harmony, gravitate towards beauty and elegance, and strive for justice and equality. We will more easily attune to the needs and desires of others, understand their viewpoint and perspective, and put ourselves in their shoes.

One of our tasks is not to get lost in other people’s perception of reality and of us, as one danger of this transit could be ending up playing a role in their fantasy and betraying ourselves in the process. Vice versa, it can also be tempting to see other people as players in our personal fantasy and forget to see them as who they are.

Venus in Libra inspires us to gravitate towards diplomacy, healthy compromises, and solutions that enhance the reality of everyone. We are encouraged to acknowledge that everyone is different and is coming from a unique place: we are reminded of the importance of validating and respecting each other’s experiences as a prerequisite of building and maintaining healthy connections.

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