article Venus in Capricorn: Relational Maturation
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Venus in Capricorn: Relational Maturation

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January 23, 2024

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On January 23, 06:26 PM —

On ​​January 23, 03:51 EST, Venus leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, where she is going to remain until February 16. We are entering a time of relational maturation. Venus in Capricorn brings our attention to our maturation process in the context of relationships, inviting us to address skipped developmental steps that prevent us from creating the kind of relationships we desire and from manifesting an abundant life. 

This transit will be more impactful for those of us born with personal placements in Cardinal signs and especially for the individuals with natal Venus in Capricorn, who will experience their Venus return. The people who are personally impacted by this transit will have opportunities to focus on their maturation process, unravel old programming about relationships, and embrace a new level of personal responsibility.

Venus square the Lunar Nodes: Addressing Skipped Developmental Steps


On February 6, Venus perfects a square to the North Node in Aries and the South Node in Libra. This configuration is especially relevant as Venus is the planetary ruler of the South Node. The South Node illustrates our karmic past, karmic patterns, and unconscious drives and needs, and the planetary ruler of the South Node gives us information about how we are unconsciously drawn to repeat the past to generate conditions of security, safety, and familiarity.

When the ruler of the South Node squares the Nodal Axis, we are at a crossroads in our evolution: we have realized that the old, familiar ways don’t work anymore and we have an opportunity to choose differently thanks to this new awareness. Squares always indicate a degree of tension and friction and an inner conflict between parts of our psyche that have contrasting needs and desires. 

Around February 6, Venus’ square to the Nodes will offer us opportunities to address skipped developmental steps that prevent us from maturing relationally, from creating the kind of relationships we deeply desire, and from manifesting and enjoying an abundant life. Karmic encounters and unexpected changes in our connections are likely to occur around this date.


Venus in Capricorn: Unraveling Past Programming


While Venus is in Capricorn, we have an opportunity to bring our attention to our maturation process within the context of relationships. This transit invites a conscious approach to connection, emphasizes self-respect and self-dignity, and promotes a clear awareness of our and others’ boundaries. 

This transit invites us to observe our attitude toward commitment and responsibility, especially in the context of relationships, and to address past wounds and fears at the root of any avoidance of responsibility and commitment, but also of any tendency to overly commit or take responsibilities that aren’t ours.

Venus’s transit through Capricorn will present us with several opportunities to observe how our past still affects our relationship choices, as well as our relationship to abundance, wealth, pleasure, and money. It is a powerful time to work on understanding and unraveling all the cultural, familial, and religious conditioning we internalized around relationships and money, as well as pleasure, sensuality, and artistic expression, and observe how this shows up in our lives today.

Venus from Sagittarius to Capricorn: Relational Maturation


The planet ruling both Taurus and Libra, Venus in Astrology has to do with matters of love and romance, with our relationships with others, with ourselves, and with money. Named after the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus correlates to our receptivity, our magnetism, and our ability to attune to abundance, elegance, and pleasure. Venus is associated with self-esteem, self-worth, and with what we value and invest in. Transits of Venus inform us of shifts in our values as well as of our changing orientation toward relationships, romance, finances, art, and sensuality.

While Venus was in Sagittarius, we received an invitation to see our partners, lovers, and all the people we relate to as our teachers. This transit reminded us of the role of relationships as catalysts for personal growth and spiritual expansion. Venus’s journey through Sagittarius inspired us to invest in learning and personal development and underlined the value of authenticity and transparency in our relationships.

As with all planets transitioning from Sagittarius to Capricorn, we experience an energetic shift: Venus’ expression takes on a much sober and composed tone. While Venus is in Capricorn, we are drawn to value consistency, stability, and maturity: we gravitate toward and aim to create connections that are based upon reliability, respect, and mutual support. This transit invites us to approach romantic, artistic, and financial matters with pragmatism, inspires us to think for the long term, and motivates us to nourish what is valuable to us. 


Venus enters Capricorn: Pleasure, Discipline, and Commitment


Capricorn is a Yin, Earth, and Cardinal sign. The Tenth archetype of the Zodiac wheel, Capricorn has to do with the maturation process, self-mastery, self-discipline, and self-regulation. At this stage of the zodiacal progression, we learn about the law of karma, action and reaction, cause and effect. We take responsibility for our choices and we recognize the value of commitment.

Venus in Capricorn reflects an inclination to value security, stability, and long-term investments rather than pursuing immediate gratification and unnecessary risk-taking. This shift in values affects our financial choices, how we behave in relationships, how we select potential partners, and how we invest our energy, time, and money. During this transit, we are drawn to make or appreciate art that lasts, the invitation for us is to recognize the value of tradition and the weight of its impact.

When Venus is transiting in an Earth sign, we always have a powerful opportunity to deepen our connection to our physical body and our sensuality. In Capricorn, Venus invites us to take responsibility for our pleasure and motivates us to develop a mature relationship with our sensuality, our physical body, and its needs.

The focus during this transit is finding an appropriate balance between pleasure and discipline: the challenge for us is to let ourselves enjoy the present moment while honoring our commitments and our long-term aspirations.

Venus enters Capricorn

Venus in aspect to Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus, and Neptune


During her journey through Capricorn, Venus is going to align with Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, Chiron in Aries, and the Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra.

On January 28, Venus harmonically aligns with both Saturn and Jupiter, forming a sextile to Saturn and a trine to Jupiter. The Venus-Saturn sextile facilitates the consolidation of relationships that are aligned with our needs and values, supports our efforts toward conscious financial management, and facilitates our commitment to integrity. The Venus Jupiter trine facilitates the expansion of our social circles and supports our attunement to abundance as well as our generosity. 

On February 5, Venus squares Chiron in Aries, bringing our attention to relational wounds that need our attention and offering us an invitation to observe how we deal with rejection and feelings of nonbelonging. Around this time, old pain could come up to be felt and alchemized: current situations may offer us new insights about our past and help us get to the root of dynamics that we keep attracting or gravitating toward.

Venus perfects a harmonic trine to Uranus in Taurus on February 7. Their alignment supports a flexible and open-minded attitude toward change, inspiring us to experiment with alternative ways of connecting, new relationship paradigms, as well as different ways of making an income and investing our savings.

On February 13, Venus in Capricorn forms a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. This aspect supports artistic and creative expression, reminds us of the value of developing a relationship with the intangible, and inspires us to relate to both ourselves and others with kindness and compassion.


Crystal Pick for Venus in Capricorn: Grossular Garnet


This green type of garnet is perfect for this transit as it marries Capricornian strength with Venusian heart-healing, opening you to receive and manifest the financial and spiritual wealth you desire.

Garnet is a strong stone of stability, strength, and commitment, and in green, it brings a nurturing and revitalizing essence with it. As you use this Venus in Capricorn energy to help you get serious and mature about your relationships, your financial situation, or in asserting your values and self-worth, grossular garnet will support you in staying grounded and committed to the long-term goals that will help you grow and thrive.

In green, this garnet brings its stabilizing energy to the realm of health and wealth, bringing vitality and abundance to these areas of your life, helping you shift your mindset out of scarcity or lack and see any challenges as opportunities and stepping stones to build a foundation of wisdom and abundance that you can always rely on. 


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