Venus enters Cancer
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On June 2, 09:19 AM ET, Venus enters the sign of Cancer, inviting us to center in the heart. Venus will be in Cancer until June 27. This transit reflects a strong drive to nurture more deeply both ourselves and our loved ones and highlights the importance of feeling safe and secure in all our relationships.

In Astrology, Venus corresponds to what we value, to our experience of balance and harmony, to our way to manage money, to our aesthetic taste, and to what we find pleasurable. The ruler of Taurus and Libra has a Yin side, directed inwards, and a Yang side, directed outwards. For this reason, Venus is associated with both the way we relate with ourselves and the way we relate with people. These patterns are interconnected and interdependent, one always reflects the other.


Venus traveling from Gemini to Cancer: from the Mind to the Heart


Venus in transit reflects our changing orientation to themes such as relationships, money, beauty, art, and pleasure.

Venus in Gemini is a socialite, all about variety and exploration: this transit inspires us to see all exchanges with others as learning opportunities. During this time of the year, we are happy to get to know new people and take part in many conversations and interactions, which tend to be quick-lived and happen mostly on an intellectual and mental level.

On the contrary, while Venus transits Cancer, our outlook on relationships changes significantly, as we desire to cultivate just a few close bonds, with people with whom we feel safe to show our inner, most vulnerable self. During this transit, we relate to others through our emotional filter: our perception of our social interactions gets more personal and subjective. We crave feelings of safety, stability, and security, as we desire to nurture others and be nurtured in return.


Venus trine Jupiter, Venus square Chiron, & Venus sextile Uranus: Breaking Cycles


Venus enters Cancer on June 2, and on June 3 she creates a 120° trine to Jupiter in Pisces. Venus trine Jupiter is a harmonic alignment promoting the flow of emotional energy: this aspect inspires us to value closeness and to believe in the healing power of love. Venus trine Jupiter supports optimism and gives us a chance to connect with a feeling of abundance and wealth independent of our financial conditions. This alignment enhances our experience of relationships and romance, while also making us prone to overindulgence and excessive spending.

On June 12, Venus squares Chiron in Aries. This square may bring us back to something that we experienced around the Full Moon in Libra of March 28, 2021, when Venus was in Aries and conjunct Chiron. During these days, our interactions with others may trigger feelings of rejection and bring up pain relative to the past, often linked to childhood events. Our emotional reactions can be disproportionate to the current stimuli. By confronting our wounds and digging deeper to find their original source, this aspect offers us chances to become aware of repetitive patterns showing up in our lives and stop the cycle.

Venus enters Cancer

Shortly after, on June 13, Venus in Cancer forms a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. This alignment reflects opportunities to break free from old relationship styles and establish new ones, rooted in emotional honesty, mutual support, freedom, and empowerment. This alignment may also reflect unexpected changes in our financial condition, and unusual chances or ideas to make an income or invest our money.


Venus trine Neptune & Venus opposite Pluto: Deeper Intuition & Self-Awareness


Venus will trine Neptune in Pisces on June 21, promoting creativity and increasing our imagination. This dreamy alignment enhances our desire for romance and harmony, while our feelings intensify and we tend to be more selfless and empathic. During these days, be mindful of not draining yourself and going out of your way to nurturing others, make sure to take care of yourself and your needs first.

Venus enters Cancer

Venus opposes Pluto in Capricorn on June 24, as the Full Moon in Capricorn is taking place. Something that first started to manifest when Venus formed a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn, on January 28, 2021, may come full circle, and the intentions we set will reach their maturation point. What comes up and the people we encounter or separate from around these days may be connected to something that first emerged back then. We will have revelations around the true nature of our relationships, discover what is behind our conscious emotional needs, and we may become aware of where we are giving our power away in exchange for feelings of love and connection.


Venus enters Cancer: Loving our Vulnerability


During this transit, we will be more empathic, compassionate, and sensitive. While Venus is in Cancer, our emotional state tends to be more delicate and volatile than usual, and this is even more the case as we are still navigating Eclipse Season. Insecurities we had suppressed long ago may come up again. Expressing our necessities clearly, setting healthy boundaries, knowing our worth, and not settling for people who cannot give us what we know we need will help us navigate this transit constructively.

Fear of abandonment and instability may emerge, revealing displaced emotions of our childhood we haven’t integrated yet. These vulnerable parts of our psyche are emerging to be seen, accepted, and loved, rather than fixed, suppressed, or judged. By giving ourselves the medicine we are trying to get from others and taking responsibility for our relationship choices, we have a chance to mature and grow both emotionally and spiritually.

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