article Venus direct in Capricorn: Time for Changes
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Venus direct in Capricorn: Time for Changes

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January 28, 2022

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On January 29, 03:46 AM ET, Venus stations direct at 11°04’ of Capricorn after being retrograde since December 19. Venus will remain in the sign until March 6.

Venus’ shift of motion is a time for us to make changes according to what took place during the retrograde. These changes are likely to involve our romantic and social life, the global economy, and our personal finances. After a process of rethinking our values, changing the way we inwardly relate with ourselves, and reevaluating the purpose of our connections, it is now the moment to act accordingly.


Venus in Capricorn: Long-Term Thinking


In Astrology, Venus rules two signs, Taurus and Libra. This planet correlates with the relationship we have with ourselves, which in turn determines the type of people we attract into our lives and the connections we tend to form. The archetypal Goddess of Love and Beauty is about wealth, abundance, and receptivity. For this reason, it is associated with our connection to money and with how we manage, spend, and invest our resources.

Capricorn is about structure, form, time, space, and boundaries. It correlates with the social structure and its rules, norms, and expectations, with external institutions and authorities, and with the journey of becoming and trusting our own authority.

In the sign of the Sea Goat, Venus tends to express herself in a rather cautious, controlled, traditional, and sober way. During this transit, we value stability and reliability more than usual. We gravitate towards long-term thinking, and we aim to invest our time, energy, and finances wisely.


Understanding Venus’ Cycle


Venus goes into retrograde motion every 18 months, and this event always marks major shifts in our relationships, values, and finances. It is an opportunity to reconsider, reassess, and redefine how we desire to relate with others, with ourselves, and with society at large.

Retrograde Venus met the Sun on January 8, and their conjunction began a new Venus cycle. This alignment offered us a chance to renew the foundation of our relationships, align with new values, and explore new ways of being in connection, a process that will keep unfolding more clearly and tangibly as Venus moves direct.

The post-shadow phase of a retrograde cycle invites readjustments and brings new understandings of what has been taking place. As the planet begins moving forward again on the same area of the sky where it was retrograding, the pace of our lives speeds up and changes begin to be implemented. The current post-shadow phase will last until March 2, when Venus will reach 26°29’ of the sign, the degree where the retrograde started. After that date, we will notice more clarity about what has been going on and what we truly desire.


Venus direct in Capricorn: New Ways of Being


While Venus is in Capricorn, we may fear other people’s judgments more than we habitually do and, as a result, we may feel more tempted to conform to social expectations. The retrograde cycle that just came to an end gave us an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with the societal systems and structures. It brought up values, relationship styles, and ways of managing finances that needed to be reviewed and redefined.

Venus direct in Capricorn

As Venus moves direct, we have an opportunity to take action on the insights and ideas we had while it was retrograde. The Goddess of Love offers us an invitation to actively gravitate towards new ways of being, give more space to our feelings, and refuse to adhere to standards or rules of conduct established by the mainstream that don’t feel true to us.


Venus square Chiron, conjunct Mars, and conjunct Pluto


Venus stations direct in a tense square to Chiron in Aries. Their alignment is likely to increase our sensitivity and vulnerability, bringing up wounds linked to feeling rejected in relationships and social situations. We have an opportunity to reflect on the foundation of our self-worth and self-love, make adjustments in our behavior and in our relationship choices.

During the rest of her journey through Capricorn, Venus will join Mars and Pluto. Venus will form two conjunctions with Mars in a short time span, due to Venus’ reduced speed of motion after the retrograde. Their first conjunction is on February 16 in Capricorn, an invitation to align our values and our desires and explore new ways of being in connection. Around this time, there is likely to be an important focus on intimate relationships and a surge in our creativity and passion.

Venus direct in Capricorn

Later, on March 3, Venus perfects her third conjunction with Pluto. The Venus retrograde cycle started while Venus was conjunct with Pluto, and this exponentially increased its intensity. The last Venus-Pluto alignment will promote deep introspection, and a consequent transformation of our relating patterns. It may destroy or radically change connections that aren’t built on a foundation of truth and honesty.


Venus stations direct in Capricorn: Time for Changes


During these days, expect relevant changes in global economic policies and financial markets. Those of us with personal placements in the central degrees of Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are going to feel the shift stronger than others, and will probably experience significant events in relationships, income, or values.

Venus in direct motion through Capricorn represents an opportunity to align with new values, set new boundaries, and explore different ways of connecting and relating. Karmic encounters or separations, unexpected beginnings and endings are possible. Many things and events are likely to make more sense in the upcoming weeks. Venus stationing direct will bring more clarity and understanding. This shift will remind us to be true to our values and feelings and make choices accordingly.

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