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article Mars enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer

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Mars enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer

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July 5, 2022 • 0 Likes • 5 mins read

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About Moon Omen Articles

Moon Omens Articles offer you an opportunity to stay in tune with the Cosmos and cultivate a closer relationship with Nature. Consistently tracking planetary transits can help us align with the energy available to us at any moment and connect with natural cycles intentionally.

Besides our detailed analysis of New and Full Moons, we cover the most relevant astrological events, shifts, and transits. We interpret the symbolic language of Astrology through an evolutionary lens and we do our best to craft transmissions that offer a growth-oriented perspective and stimulate reflection.

Being aware of the ongoing movements of celestial bodies can give us clues and hints that allow us to deal with what happens in our lives more consciously. It can be a tool that helps us make sense of feelings, sensations, and emotions we may struggle to understand or decode. Astrology can be seen as a map that gives us an objective perspective of what’s going on energetically in the collective field. It provides information that can support us in gaining awareness of what we are meant to learn from specific changes and challenges and inspires us to explore how to turn what comes up to our advantage.

Developing an ongoing relationship with Astrology and allowing the awareness of transits to be part of our daily life can be a way to refine our connection with our inner guidance system and our intuition. We sincerely hope that our reflections and musings on planetary movements will support and inspire you on your path of personal and spiritual development.

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