article Super New Moon in Virgo: On The Path Of The Divine
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Super New Moon in Virgo: On The Path Of The Divine

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September 16, 2020

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A Super New Moon in Virgo is taking place on September 17, at 7:00 AM EST. This cosmic event begins a cycle where we will be encouraged to focus on healing and self-improvement, to find opportunities in crisis and embrace challenges.

On September 17, the Sun and the Moon join forces at 25° Virgo, creating a perfect alignment with the Earth. The Moon has been gradually disappearing from our sight and, during the last few days, we have been encouraged to introspect, rest, and reflect. On New Moons, the side of the Moon facing the Earth is not receiving any light from the Sun: for this reason, from our perspective, it appears dark.

New Moons always symbolize a new beginning. They kick off the lunar cycle: they represent the moment of birth, an act of creation that inaugurates a phase of spontaneous decision making and experimental action. Every New Moon reminds us not to get stuck in the past, that life goes on, giving us the opportunity to start over and begin anew. Yet, this one is particularly relevant for the collective. For this very reason we will be hosting global live meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to come and join us, and meditate together. Please invite your friends and family. Tap here to find our scheduled global live meditation.


Super New Moon in Virgo: a Threshold of Change


The New Moon in Virgo is considered a Supermoon, as the Moon is orbiting closer to Earth: the short distance between us and her will magnify and intensify the effects of this alignment. The New Moons happening on October 16 and November 15 are also going to be Super Moons: during these dates, the Moon will be even closer to us.

The rare series of Super Moons is preparing us for the cosmic portal opening on the Total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius that is taking place on December 14. The Eclipse will bring up themes related to our personal and collective karmic past, causing substantial shifts, deep transformation, and immense breakthroughs.

The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius will be exactly conjunct Mercury, ruler of the New Moon in Virgo. This synchronicity represents a strong indicator of the crucial role of this New Moon, and emphasizes the importance of harnessing her energy wisely, to prepare for the changes that will manifest in December.

Super New Moon in Virgo

The Cosmos is offering us the chance to set precise intentions and clear our vision, to plant a seed that will grow and unfold during the rest of 2020, and blossom throughout 2021. This is the best time of the year to start new projects, introduce new habits, and commit to the journey of bringing them forward in spite of difficulties.

Don’t be afraid to ask the Universe to help you manifest something completely different, and open a new chapter in your life. Don’t put limits on your imagination: hold your vision, and trust that what you asked for will be given to you when the time is right and you are fully ready to receive it.


Virgo: Humility, Practicality, and Holistic Health


Virgo is an Earth, Mutable sign, with a Yin type of energy. Ruled by the inner side of Mercury, directed inwards and promoting critical thinking and self-analysis, the function of the Virgin is to implement the knowledge and the wisdom previously acquired in practical and useful ways. 

Virgo is constantly looking for effective and efficient solutions that have the potential to improve our personal lives and the lives of the people around us. Traditionally, this sign is associated with humility, with our daily work and routines, and with acts of service to others.

Moreover, Virgo correlates to health, healing and holistic medicine, based on the awareness that we can’t separate the health and functionality of our physical bodies from our emotional wellbeing, our psychological balance, and our spiritual health. It rules the digestive system, so it is tightly correlated to our diet, to the food we choose, to what we feed our bodies with, both literally, emotionally, and energetically speaking.

The Super New Moon in Virgo encourages us to think about how we can be of service to others by doing something that enhances our health and wellbeing and brings us personal satisfaction and fulfillment. A shadow of Virgo can be self-sacrificing to the point of compromising our needs and our health in order to make others happy: make sure that you are not falling into this trap.


Super New Moon in Virgo: Daily Work as a Path to the Divine


Through Virgo, we learn that life requires ongoing work. There are daily chores, such as taking care of our personal hygiene, cleaning our home, or doing the dishes, that we are bound to because of our humanness. We can’t neglect these chores without being out of alignment, without creating a state of dysfunction.

Virgo aspires to order and perfection. This generates immense pressure to achieve everything right, and it can create a pervasive feeling of impotence, due to the awareness that the work is never really over, that there is always something that can be improved.

A distortion of this archetype takes place when we see the world as being in a constant state of imperfection, and we don’t accept life as it is in the present moment. When Virgo energy is not expressed healthily, we fail to recognize opportunities of spiritual and personal growth in our daily experiences of human life: we fail to recognize the inherent perfection in our imperfection, the inherent order in chaos.

A balanced integration of both the Virgo archetype and its Pisces polarity involves the realization that we have the chance to approach our chores and work with devotion. The New Moon in Virgo invites us to see our daily routines as part of our connection to the Divine, rather than an obstacle or a waste of time that is blocking or delaying our spiritual growth and personal evolution.

To help and assist you to harness magical energy this powerful Super New Moon in Virgo brings we have created printable “Manifesting Abundance & Health” Journal & Guided Meditation Audio. We invite you to set up your sacred space and dive deep together with Moon Omens Soul Family into the deepest parts of your beings. We invite you to perform Super New Moon Rituals together. Tap here or on the image below to find more information and gain access to Super New Moon tools.


Sun and Moon trine Saturn and opposite Neptune: Grounding in the Present Reality


The planetary aspects taking place on the day of the New Moon, especially those involving Sun and Moon, are always very relevant: their energy will infuse the rest of the lunar cycle.

On September 17, both the Sun and the Moon trine Saturn retrograde in Capricorn. This supportive alignment inspires us to take good care of ourselves and our physical needs and to consistently make daily choices that support our health.

The opposition between Sun and Moon in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, all squaring the Lunar Nodes, may generate confusion: these aspects can make it harder to distinguish between our needs and feelings and other people’s needs and feelings. As our capacity for empathy and compassion increases, be mindful of setting and holding clear boundaries.

Luckily, the Earth trine helps us ground in the present moment, to accept and make the most out of the specific conditions available to us at any given time. The aspect between Sun, Moon, and Saturn is a great influence that helps us make the most out of any situation we find ourselves in.

These alignments encourage us to confront reality as it is without fear, and to do what we can to make it better, rather than running away from responsibilities and duties. 


Mercury square Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn: Opening our Minds


On September 17, Mercury in Libra, ruler of the New Moon, is forming an exact square to Jupiter in Capricorn. The planet of logic, communication, and critical thinking is also approaching squares to Pluto and Saturn: the exact aspects between them are taking place on September 21 and 23.

Mercury square Jupiter reminds us to speak our truth and to be authentic about our real intentions and desires: this aspect invites us to find agreement and flow between our logic and our intuition, between our right and left brain.

Mercury square Pluto emphasizes the necessity of becoming aware of the consequences of any underlying power dynamics that are affecting the way we think and communicate with others, as well as the way we perceive the world around us.

Lastly, Mercury square Saturn brings our attention to the importance of considering the social context we are in when we share our thoughts, opinions, and feelings. This transit invites us to take responsibility for what we say and think.

These alignments symbolize the need to find constructive ways to communicate with other people, according to the conditions available to us at each specific moment. Their invitation is to become conscious of the power of our words and our thoughts. Be sure about your real motivations and intentions when starting a conversation.

The squares between Mercury in Libra and the planets in Capricorn encourage us to open our minds and take into consideration different ways of perceiving the world around us. Mercury in Libra invites us to cultivate balance and fairness, to be kind and respectful with everybody, even with people we do not agree with: we can learn something from everyone.


Super New Moon in Virgo: Learning through Crisis 


The Virgo phase of evolution always involves ongoing adjustments and the awareness of our limitations and flaws. This can generate a sense of existential crisis that can easily take over if we don’t embrace and trust the inherent order and meaning in the Universal chaos.

The Super New Moon in Virgo brings our attention to the details of our everyday life: she inspires us to think about what can be improved and how, and to commit to doing what can be done, in spite of the difficulties and the struggles we are all facing at this particular moment of history.

Virgo teaches us that we can learn through crisis, embrace challenges, and find opportunities to grow in any hardship. This Super New Moon encourages us to use obstacles as motivators, the adversities we encounter as stepping stones for more profound levels of personal awareness, and the complications that may come up as ways to test the depth of our commitment to the path we chose.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you enjoyed this article. Happy Super New Moon! 🙂


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