article Super New Moon in Libra: Relationships and Karma
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Super New Moon in Libra: Relationships and Karma

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October 15, 2020

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On October 16, 3:30 PM ET, we witness a Super New Moon in Libra, the second one of a trilogy of Supermoons. The first one happened in Virgo on September 17, and the next one will be in Scorpio on November 15.

Their progression has the function to set the stage and prepare us for the Total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius that takes place on December 14, opening a portal of metamorphosis and immense change that will unravel throughout the whole 2021.

Supermoons are New or Full Moons happening closer to us: from our perspective on Earth they appear bigger. This is the closest Super New Moon we experience in 2020, and her influence is undoubtedly more intense than a regular New Moon, because the gravitational pull of the Moon is stronger.

Every New Moon inaugurates another cycle of growth: she offers us the opportunity to start anew, to begin a new chapter in our lives. New Moons represent the first stage of the lunar cycle, and this is the perfect moment for intention setting and conscious manifestation: the Cosmos encourages us to plant a seed, to define a clear vision for the future, and have faith in its unfolding.

To celebrate the arrival of this Super New Moon in Libra we are hosting Global Live Super New Moon Meditation on our channel on October 16th, 9:45 PM EST. We invite you to join your Soul Family and meditate together with us, please spread the word and invite others too!


Super New Moon in Libra: Striving for Healthy Compromise


The New Supermoon in Libra reminds us of the importance of being surrounded by peace and harmony: during the upcoming weeks, the spotlight will be on creating conditions of fairness in all areas of our lives.

The theme of self versus others and the need to find a dynamic balance between meeting our needs and meeting other people’s needs have been big themes of the entire Libra season, that were magnified when the Aries Full Moon took place.

These issues will still be relevant for the upcoming lunar cycle, during which we are encouraged to learn and grow through our interactions with others. Scorpio season will put the spotlight on our closest relationships, emphasizing issues around intimacy, trust, and emotional vulnerability.

The New Supermoon in Libra encourages us to negotiate and mediate, in order to find compromises that are truly healthy, that promote balance, and that don’t diminish our self-respect in any way.


Super New Moon in Libra trine North Node: New Paths are Opening


The Sun and the Moon at 23° Libra are creating a trine to the North Node in Gemini. Trines are angles of 120°: they represent supportive aspects that promote an easy flow of energy and exchange of information between celestial bodies that occupy signs of the same element.

The trine to the North Node in Gemini increases the karmic relevance of this Super New Moon. Any contact between a planet and the Lunar Nodes emphasizes the importance of conscious expression of the planet involved for our personal and collective evolution and highlights the role of that same planet in the shift in global consciousness that is taking place.

When a New or a Full Moon is in alignment to the Nodal Axis, the energy that their aspect brings will be available to us throughout the rest of the lunar cycle.

The transit of the North Node through Gemini, lasting until 2022, stresses the importance of ongoing learning and invites us to keep our mind open, to speak to people very different from us, to be curious, to listen to others points of view, and to challenge our perception of the world.

This cosmic event has the potential to open new paths and can bring very karmic opportunities to many of us. As the sign of Libra is involved, this is likely to happen through the people we meet.

Super New Moon in Libra

The Libra Super New Moon will bring unexpected social encounters, fated interactions, and incredible synchronicities: many of us will experience the sensation of being in the right place at the right time, many will come across inspiring people who introduce us to new worlds, perspectives, and ways of living.


Sun and Moon opposite Mars: Balancing Self and Others


Sun and Moon join forces at 23° Libra, and they oppose retrograde Mars at 20° Aries: the exact opposition between Sun and Mars took place on October 13, but its influence is still active.

Retrograde Mars in Aries opposite the Super New Moon reminds us that, to be able to show up in our relationships from a grounded and secure place, we must actively cultivate a sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-respect. To have healthy relationships, we need to feel good, fulfilled, and complete within ourselves.

We can’t give from an empty cup, and we can’t expect that other people will make us happy if we are not feeling good with ourselves. Similarly, we can’t expect to be the solution to someone’s problems, we can’t ask other people to fix our problems and fulfill our desires either: that’s too much of a burden to place on someone.

Cultivating balanced relationships with ourselves and with others is an ongoing work that is never really over: the current planetary transits may bring up issues from the past that we think we solved long ago. What happens has the function to remind us that we must be aware of our inner state and honor our needs at any time in order to find a good balance between the energy invested in ourselves and the energy invested in relationships.


Sun and Moon square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto: Exploring the Friction


The Sun and the Moon in Libra are in a square aspect to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. The current planetary configuration, that includes the Sun and Moon in opposition to Mars, all squaring the planets in Capricorn, is commonly referred to as T-square: the tension created by this alignment has the purpose to make us uncomfortable to inspire us to initiate change.

During these days, we may feel that our creativity, our spontaneous urges, and our emotional expression are blocked by external influences. These aspects can reflect a fair amount of social unrest around the concept of justice, disagreements around what is fair, what is right, and what is acceptable.

Capricorn is the archetype related to structure, discipline, rules, laws, responsibility, and authority. We may experience a strong tension because of our social obligations, the expectations of others, the rules established by authorities, the restrictions that threaten our natural need for space, independence, and freedom.

Unresolved emotional patterns can emerge throughout the upcoming lunar cycle: if we respond wisely to what happens, we have the opportunity to break free from all those limitations that we unconsciously place on ourselves because of the childhood and societal conditioning we received.

The friction generated by these squares can make us feel lost, that we are being pushed off course. Yet, it has the essential function of developing our character, willpower, and strength. These aspects have the potential to inspire us to implement positive change, to improve our reality, to find new ways of being in relationships, new ways of being in society, and, ultimately, to establish a new paradigm and a New Earth.


Venus opposite Neptune: Discrimination and Purification


Venus in Virgo is the planetary ruler of the Super New Moon in Libra: looking at how Venus is aspected and at the sign she is transiting gives us additional information that allows us to understand better how the energy of the New Moon is expressed.

Venus in Virgo is opposing Neptune: their aspect, exact on October 18, emphasizes the importance of discrimination. This alignment is reminding us that we become the people we allow into our lives, we become who we share our energy with, and we need to pay attention to who we trust.

Super New Moon in Libra

Challenging aspects between Venus and Neptune may bring up some disillusionment, as under their influence we tend to see only the good side of people, situations, and deals. Yet, disillusionment has the function of freeing ourselves: it purifies us from what is not authentic and honest and allows us to make space for connections that are real and genuine.


Super New Moon in Libra: Relationships and Karma


The Super New Moon in Libra inaugurates a lunar cycle during which we will experience many karmic lessons through our interactions with other people.

We find ourselves in an extremely delicate moment of history, many friendships, partnerships, connections are ending, and new ones are beginning.

It’s becoming easier and easier to understand who is on a similar frequency, who is in the same evolutionary stage, who has similar priorities, needs, desires, and values. On the contrary, interacting with those who are not aligned with us is becoming increasingly harder, more and more challenging and frustrating.

If you have been feeling lonely, isolated, and alienated from the people around you, you are not alone! A huge shift is taking place, this is a natural part of it, but it won’t last forever. For the very same reason, an increasing number of people are finding their Soul family, their soulmates, their sacred partners; many are forming conscious unions during this particular time.

Ultimately, the Super New Moon in Libra is here to remind us that relationships are the most powerful catalyst for personal and collective growth. If we navigate all our interactions with others with self-awareness, we have the potential to exponentially accelerate the speed of our healing process and evolutionary journey.

To help you fully harness the energy this Super Full Moon in Libra brings we have created channeled printable “Alignment and Symmetry” spiritual astrology journal with more information, personalized guidance and profound questions together with channeled guided Super New Moon meditation audio. We invite you to join Moon Omens Soul Family and perform these ritual tools together with us.

To find more information and gain access to Super New Moon Ritual Tools simply tap here or on the image below.

super new moon in libra Moon Omens October 2020

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you loved this article! Happy Super New Moon!


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