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Shadow Work Book

Making the Darkness Conscious

Welcome to our freshly created product we call “Shadow Work Book”!


After countless requests received by the Moon Omens community to create Shadow Work tools we’re finally bringing to light something truly special. The timing for this Shadow Work Book is just perfect, because like everyone of us, you are too looking for better ways to cope with all of these emotions and feelings boiling within. Like all of us you want better and more pleasant life for yourself, more joy and less suffering, better relationships with others, yourself, better understanding of your life path and true calling – your purpose, where is your place in the society, balance in life, more self-love, better self-awareness and connection with your true highest self.


We created this Shadow Work Book to bring you Moon Omens Team’s years of wisdom, knowledge and deepest insights on what real shadow work truly is and guidance that you won’t find anywhere else.


In life we go through so many things that consume our energy and attention. All of these things shape us in one way or another. Shadow work is the key to higher self-awareness, which helps us to understand ourselves better, finding our true calling, unique path and purpose. The process of shadow work is simply the process of deconditioning and unlearning everything we were taught, conditioned to believe, see, feel, understand in one way or another.


Shadow work is actually something that is always happening. We are not being asked whether we want to do it or not, all our life is shadow work, but when we’re unaware of the shadow, the shadow grows and takes control over our personality and our life. Whatever we reject, resist, suppress, deny, ignore, neglect and keep hidden, feeds the shadow.



Everything we’re ashamed of, all our secrets, all our unfulfilled desires, everything that frightens us, everything that we can’t stand, everything that makes us angry, jealous, envious, obsessed, everything that we find disgusting, unacceptable, uncomfortable, everything that we don’t want to talk about, everything we avoid, everything we want to keep away from ourselves, feeds our shadow. Shadow work is a full-time job and it is one that pays off. 

What is Shadow Work Book? How is it going to change your life & what are you going to find inside this powerful book?


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