article September 2022 Astrology Update: Reorientation and Integration
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September 2022 Astrology Update: Reorientation and Integration

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September 1, 2022

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September 2022 is a time of reorientation and integration, as seven planets are soon going to be in retrograde motion and we keep navigating the tension of the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square. During the first half of the month, there is a great emphasis on the Virgo archetype: while we are still journeying through Virgo season, Venus enters the sign, and Mercury, ruler of Virgo, stations retrograde in Libra.

The Pisces Full Moon conjunct Neptune brings our awareness of how we balance the Virgo-Pisces polarity, while the series of oppositions between Sun, Venus, and Neptune invite us to reassess our boundaries and take care of dynamics of idealization in relationships. On September 23rd, retrograde Mercury meets the Sun and shortly later comes back to Virgo, to join Venus in the sign on the 26th, shortly after the Libra New Moon. Throughout the second half of the month, the prominence of Libra energy gradually increases as the Sun travels through the sign and Venus enters her Air domicile, bringing our relationship life to the forefront.

Here are the main astrological transits for the month of September.


Venus enters Virgo

Sep 5, 2022, 12:05 AM ET

Venus entering Virgo promotes a service-oriented focus and inspires us to dedicate more time to our well-being, self-improvement, and work that is meaningful to us. During this transit, our outlook towards financial and relationship matters becomes more sober, careful, and pragmatic. Venus in Virgo invites us to be discerning relative to how and with whom we invest our time and energy. Venus will oppose Neptune in Pisces on September 24, possibly bringing up issues of idealization and projection that play out in our romantic relationships.


Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune, Mercury stations Retrograde

Sep 10, 2022, 05:58 AM ET

The Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune happens while Mercury is stationary retrograde in Libra. This lunation magnifies our emotionality, our creativity, our empathy, and our sensitivity to what is going on in the collective. These days, we may feel confused about our purpose or direction and have difficulties discerning between our feelings and others’ feelings. The activation of the Virgo-Pisces polarity invites us to find harmony between surrender and acceptance, flow and effort: it invites us to bridge the sacred and the mundane and find more harmony between body and soul.

Just a few hours before the Full Moon, Mercury stations retrograde in Libra. This shift invites us to reflect, reassess, redefine, and renew our habitual thinking and communication patterns and how they affect our relationships. Mercury is coming back to Virgo on September 23, an invitation to reorganize our daily routines, question our criteria of discernment, and purify our minds from ideas and thoughts that aren’t serving our highest good.


Libra season begins

Sep 22, 2022, 9:04 PM ET

The Equinox and the ingress of the Sun in Libra mark the start of a new season and a new chapter of our evolutionary journey. As a Cardinal sign, Libra is about new beginnings: this is the first sign through which we learn to establish and cultivate equal relationships. The purpose of Libra season is to explore a dynamic balance between self and others, learn about ourselves through the mirror of relationships, and explore how to find a deeper sense of peace and harmony in our lives. The Sun’s transit through Libra brings up where we are out of balance, particularly bringing our attention to imbalances in relationship dynamics.


New Moon in Libra

Sep 25, 2022, 5:54 PM ET

The New Moon in the early degrees of Libra brings the spotlight on our relationships and invites us to discover new ways of relating, both with others and with ourselves. This cosmic event may mark changes in our partnerships and connections, and it could increase our desire to be out and about and explore different social settings. The Sun and the Moon oppose Jupiter in Aries, increasing our enthusiasm and our desire to expand while inviting us to attune to our personal truth and be careful with overgiving and overextending ourselves. The Mercury-Venus conjunction in Virgo brings our attention to how our thinking and communication patterns are affecting our relationships.


Venus enters Libra

Sep 29, 2022, 03:49 AM ET

At the very end of the month, Venus enters her domicile of Air. While Venus is in Libra, we value being in relationships and we desire to add more beauty, peace, and harmony to our surroundings. This transit offers us chances for self-exploration through the mirror of the Other and of our relationships and encourages us to explore different social contexts as a way to learn more about ourselves. Venus’s journey through Libra invites us to reflect on whether we attach our self-esteem and self-worth to others’ opinions of us, and tend to abandon ourselves to maintain relationships.


September 2022 Astrology Update: our Invitation


The elements of Air and Earth are the most prominent during the month of September 2022. This supports our pragmatism, increases our intellectual curiosity, and reflects a grounded and objective approach to reality. The abundance of retrograde planets indicates that we are undergoing a phase of revision, reorientation, renewal, and reassessment: we may feel that everything is proceeding slowly, and it may not be time to take action or make important decisions just yet.

Throughout September 2022, the Saturn-Uranus square continues to be very active for the entire month, as the two planets are only one degree away from an exact alignment. This aspect emphasizes the urge for social changes and restructuring of the existing systems and invites us to explore how to navigate the tension between our need to preserve the known as a way to feel safe and in control, and our desire to move toward the new and explore what the unknown can offer us.

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