Retrograde Mars square Pluto - Moon Omens 2020
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On October 9, 09:09 AM ET, Mars retrograde in Aries creates a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. It is the second time that the two planets form this alignment this year. The first square between them took place on August 13, when Pluto was retrograde and Mars was direct. Now, we experience the opposite dynamic: Pluto is direct while Mars is retrograde.

The square between Mars and Pluto represents a key evolutionary progression, a necessary  stepping stone to deeper levels of awareness. Nonetheless, it can also reflect an increase in global stress, and in the tension and the frustration we are already experiencing on a personal level.

Any challenging aspect between Mars and Pluto encourages us to reassess the way we express our instincts, our desires, our will, and to ask ourselves whether what we are trying to achieve is what we really want. Mars and Pluto want us to make sure that the direction we are trying to take is aligned with our Soul’s evolutionary intentions.


Mars Retrograde in Aries: Inner Conflict 


Every time a planet is retrograde, it represents an invitation to renew, revamp, reassess, and review the ways we express that planetary energy in our life.

Mars, the God of War, is related to our drive, our motivation, our impulses, our conscious desires, and the way we instinctively try to get what we want. Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, symbolizes the moment of birth: it is pure instinct, passion, action without forethought.

With Mars now retrograde in Aries, the sign he rules, we may experience an inner conflict related to not being able to move forward as we would like to. This inner conflict can easily trigger a “two steps forward one step back” dynamic, which in turn generates insecurity, feelings of stagnation, frustration, and a lack of motivation to continue the struggle.

Nonetheless, Mars retrograde in his home sign clears from our lives things that are false, that do not serve our growth, that keep us in a state of disempowerment. Through patience, compassion, and acceptance of our vulnerability, this transit can lead us back to our spontaneous way of being.


Pluto in Capricorn: Breaking the Mold


Pluto stationed direct in Capricorn on October 4. Every time a planet turns direct after a retrograde, it offers us the invitation to concretely implement the lessons that we learned during the retrograde phase and to introduce real changes and adjustments in our lives.

The long-term transit of Pluto through Capricorn has the purpose of catalyzing a complete restructuring of our inner and outer reality, the breakdown of structures and systems that are obsolete, the destruction of hierarchies and traditions that are oppressive and outdated.

Retrograde Mars square Pluto - Moon Omens 2020

When Pluto is involved, things tend to get worse before they get better. The planet of death, rebirth, and transformation exposes all the darkness, the evil, and the distortions that were previously hidden: he destroys the old to make space for the new. Pluto always reminds us that we have the power to change our reality, to rise from our ashes, to create better conditions for ourselves, and inspire others to do the same.

Pluto stationing direct allows us to understand clearly what concrete actions we need to take, how to move forward, and how to outwardly align with the psychological inner work that took place during the retrograde phase.


Retrograde Mars square Pluto: a Powerful Transition


This planetary transit is bringing us back in time and inviting us to reflect on the themes that emerged in August, when the first square between Mars and Pluto took place. How were you feeling back then? Do you remember a significant event, conversation, or issue that manifested during that time?

During this time of powerful transition, we may encounter obstacles and blockages that have the function to test our commitment to what we chose. Fear of failure, doubts, and insecurities can easily arise. Yet, we need to keep moving towards the new rather than sliding back into old patterns because of the illusion of security they gave us.

Retrograde Mars square Pluto - Moon Omens 2020

We also want to make sure that what we are trying to achieve and create is aligned with our karmic journey: we need to ask ourselves if the path we are on still feels authentic and attuned to our purpose.


Retrograde Mars square Pluto: Establishing a New Reality


The year 2020 is all about letting go of what is blocking us from stepping into our fullest potential. The cycle of three squares between Mars and each of the planets currently transiting Capricorn (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) has the function to wake us up to our real desires, to our true mission. 

The third and last square between Mars and Pluto is taking place on December 20, just one day before the potent conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn at 0° Aquarius. December is going to be a month of huge transformations, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. As 2020 comes to an end, we will have the final exam. We may be finally able to see and comprehend the purpose and the deeper meaning of what we have been going through for the entire year.

Issues and themes that emerge during the first half of October may surface again in a couple of months, when we will have the chance to find complete resolution and a clearer understanding, as both Mars and Pluto will be moving direct. Meanwhile, we have the opportunity to work on ourselves and on our way to approach challenges, and we can increase our capacity for healthy anger management and emotional regulation. 

Creative potential previously unexpressed has the potential to be unblocked at this time, as we let go of what is not us anymore, and become aware of all the conditioning and the programming we have been bombarded with since we were born.

Retrograde Mars square Pluto offers us the invitation to dive deeper into our motivations, intentions, desires, and visions for the future. Harnessing the energy of this aspect allows us to develop the amount of strength and resilience we need to establish a brand new reality.

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