article Retrograde Jupiter enters Aquarius: Visionary Mindset
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Retrograde Jupiter enters Aquarius: Visionary Mindset

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August 12, 2021

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On July 28, 08:43 AM ET, retrograde Jupiter went back to Aquarius after transiting Pisces since May 13. Jupiter is going to be in retrograde motion until October 18: the Greater Benefic direct at 22 degrees of Aquarius and will enter Pisces again only in December.

When a planet goes back to a sign after entering the following one, it represents an invitation to take care of what is unfinished and fully wrap up a cycle before moving forward. Jupiter entering Aquarius for the second time invites us to review our beliefs and reconsider our vision for the future according to what has been taking place since December 2020, when Jupiter first entered Aquarius and joined Saturn in the ‘Great Conjunction’.


Jupiter: Honesty, Faith, and the Endless Search for Meaning


Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System: for the ancients, before the discovery of Neptune, it ruled both Sagittarius and Pisces. This planet, often referred to as the Greater Benefic or Lord of Abundance, is connected with our right brain, with our intuition, with the process of learning from direct experience, with our capacity to show up in the world as we are and be spontaneous, authentic, and honest. Jupiter correlates with humor and optimism, with the capacity to see the positive aspect of our experiences and find something beneficial in every situation.

Jupiter expands everything it touches, for good or bad: its transits give us information about how we tend to search for the meaning of life and connect with the purpose of the experiences we go through. They correspond to shifts in our belief system and to the way we connect with a sense of faith. Transits of Jupiter suggest how we try to expand beyond our comfort zone and engage with experiences that can promote growth.


Jupiter Retrograde: Reconsidering our Beliefs 


Jupiter coming back to Aquarius represents an invitation to reassess, review, and restructure the vision we had back in December.

Retrogrades are always a time to find our own way to express the planetary energy involved and detach from the social, cultural, and familial conditioning we received about it. When planets are in retrograde motion, they invite us to slow down, reconsider our approach and strategy, and ask more questions before moving forward.

Jupiter retrograde is a moment to rethink, review, and reassess our beliefs, our sense of meaning, how we connect with faith, and make sense of what we experience. This transit invites us to ask ourselves how we can show up more authentically and honestly in the world.


Understanding Jupiter in Aquarius


Jupiter is at home in Pisces, where it inspires us to embrace a spiritual perspective of life. Jupiter in Pisces reminds us that the expansion of consciousness happens through the integration of our sensitivity and by developing more trust in our intuition.

Aquarius rules everything eccentric and unusual: this sign represents both the genius and the rebel of the Zodiac and urges us to try different solutions and explore something that hasn’t been done before. Jupiter in the sign of the Water Bearer promotes an expansion of our mental horizons and an intellectual approach to our search for meaning. This transit aims to generate social progress and collective evolution through the power of the visionary mind.

Retrograde Jupiter enters Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius will enhance our need to be part of a community of like-minded people, our desire to learn from each other and grow together. Connecting with people with similar goals and visions and exchanging ideas will exponentially increase our creativity and our capacity to bring forth innovation in our field of expertise.


Retrograde Jupiter enters Aquarius: Tracking Cycles


This current transit of Jupiter in Aquarius can bring up collective and individual issues that first emerged or were in the spotlight between December 2020 and May 2021. It could also bring up dynamics that took place during the previous cycle of Jupiter in Aquarius, between 2008 and 2009: Jupiter needs 12-13 years to travel through the whole Zodiac and stays approximately one year in each sign.

Reflect on what was taking place in your life during these two timeframes. Think upon what you were going through, what it taught you, what areas of life you were focusing the most upon. Revisit the journals you wrote if you have them, pay attention to repeating patterns, notice any similar dynamics coming up throughout the upcoming months, and how you tend to deal with them.

Moreover, Jupiter is now the planetary ruler of the South Node of the Moon, which will be in Sagittarius until the end of the year. Jupiter’s transits offer us keys to understanding our habitual ways of operating in the world, getting our needs met, integrating, and making sense of our experiences.


Retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius: Group Consciousness, Technology, and Deconditioning


As Jupiter retrogrades back to Aquarius, we are encouraged to reconsider our ideologies, our belief system, our hopes and visions for the future, according to the experiences we have had. In particular, this is a time to adjust and refine our approach to individuation and deconditioning, as well as our relationship with technology and group consciousness.

On a collective level, there will be a significant emphasis on the role of the internet and social media, notable scientific and technological development, and an increased exchange of data and information. On an individual level, we are likely to experience feelings of alienation from groups we have outgrown, and a desire to belong to new communities which share a similar vision. We will notice a desire to go further in our deconditioning process and possibly an urge to break the rules and rebel against the mainstream to find our own path.

During the upcoming months, expect more emphasis on the mind: retrograde Jupiter coming back to Aquarius promotes innovative thoughts, visionary insights, and out-of-the-box ideas. Before Jupiter comes back to Pisces in December, we have a chance to expand our mental horizons and to explore more deeply the connection between us and the whole.

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