article Pisces Season 2021: Closure and Culmination
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Pisces Season 2021: Closure and Culmination

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February 19, 2021

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On February 18, 05:44 AM ET, the Sun enters Pisces, and Pisces season 2021 begins. The transit of the Sun through the last archetype of the Zodiac is a period of closure and culmination. Before the Equinox takes place, we are invited to gracefully release what we don’t want to bring with us in the New Astrological Year and to cultivate gratitude for what we have been given.

The journey of the Sun through Pisces, lasting until March 20, shines a light on our connection with the collective emotional body and with the Universe itself. Pisces season is about surrender and acceptance: we are now encouraged to trust Divine Intelligence and to consciously apply spiritual principles in our daily lives.


The Aquarius-Pisces shift: from the Mind to the Heart


The Sun shifting from Yang, Fixed, Air sign Aquarius to Yin, Mutable, Water sign Pisces supports our flexibility and adaptability, increases our receptivity, and facilitates change. With the transition from Aquarius to Pisces season, a significant amount of energy moves from our minds to our hearts. As we enter a world of unexplainable feelings and sensations, we are invited to connect to the collective emotional state and needs.

While Aquarius correlates to the circulation of fluids and the electrical charges in our body, Pisces rules the realms of dreams and sleeps. Pisces has been associated with the pineal gland, considered the seat of intuition and psychic abilities in several spiritual and esoteric traditions. The pineal gland produces melatonin, the substance that regulates our sleep and wake cycles: as the Sun travels through the sign of the Fish, the most sensitive people amongst us may notice differences in their circadian rhythms.


The two planetary rulers of Pisces


Before the discovery of Neptune in 1846, the planetary ruler of Pisces was Jupiter, which is also the ruler of Sagittarius.

There is undoubtedly a connection between Pisces and Jupiter: Jupiter correlates to our need to embrace wider cosmologies and belief systems that offer us a wider perspective on the mysteries of life, and reflect an ongoing quest for truth, meaning, and purpose. However, while Jupiter and Sagittarius are connected to the search of our personal truth and beliefs, Pisces and Neptune can be correlated to the timeless and absolute truth, forever out of reach.

Pisces and Neptune ultimately long to return to a complete state of innocence and union with everything in existence. These archetypes symbolize our connection with Spirit and our capacity for transcendence of this time-space reality, something that we have been conditioned to discard in the Western world and that, for this reason, has been distorted and misunderstood for centuries.


Pisces: Elusive and Ethereal


The last archetype of the Zodiac is the most elusive and otherworldly of all signs. It is often said that Pisces contains the totality of existence and includes all its possible manifestations: this is why it can be confusing to grasp its meaning in the time-space reality we are bound to.

Pisces teaches us how to conclude cycles and accept the impermanence of life on this plane while inspiring us to become aware of our connection to the timeless and eternal realms, where nothing ever really ends or begins as every ending contains a rebirth. Pisces is associated with qualities such as forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love. Neptune is considered to be the higher octave, or higher vibrational expression, of Venus, the planet related to romantic love.

pisces season 2021

When Piscean energy is prominent, we have hard times understanding what is real and what is not: if everything is true, at the same time nothing really is. Distorted expressions and unhealthy tendencies related to the Pisces archetype include ambiguity, dishonesty, deception, escapism, addictions, illusions, and delusions.


Pisces Season 2021: Transits and Lunations


During Pisces season we will experience a Full Moon in Virgo and a New Moon in Pisces conjunct both Neptune and Venus. The Full Moon in Virgo, coming up on February 27, will highlight the inherent sacredness in the human experience, and invite us to cultivate mindfulness and be present as we are immersed in our everyday chores and duties.

The strong Neptunian quality of the Pisces New Moon, happening on March 13, will exponentially increase our empathy and emotional sensitivity. The conjunction between Sun, Moon, Venus, and Neptune increases the potential of dissolution of boundaries between self and others and highlights the need to explore ways to remain grounded during intense emotional and sensorial experiences.

Venus enters the sign of the Fish on February 25, relieving some of the pressure on the Aquarius archetype, while Mercury will station direct on February 20, and enter Pisces on March 13. Moreover, between March 1 and March 8, the Sun in Pisces will square the Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. This configuration may reflect a sense of identity crisis, and an instinctual need to shy away from exposure to reassess and redefine how we desire to express ourselves and be seen, according to the inner changes that have been taking place.


Pisces Season: Making the Most of our Sensitivity


Individuals with planets in Pisces, a strong Neptune, or the 12th House emphasized in their natal chart are often so sensitive to other people’s realities and feelings that they have trouble deciphering what is theirs and what is not. They tend to feel collective shifts more deeply than the rest of us, are often more susceptible than most to being taken advantage of, and may have trouble adapting to the demands and the rules of the outer world.

Pisces season tends to be a time of the year in which everyone’s sensitivity to subtle energies and invisible realities increases: many of us are likely to feel more emotional than usual, and more easily able to empathize with others. The part of the body ruled by Pisces are the feet: grounding and honoring our connection with our physical bodies and the Earth is crucial to make the most of our sensitivity and remain aligned during periods when Piscean energy is prominent.

As the Sun travels through the last archetype of the Zodiac, its light may illuminate the places where we have been too naive, ambiguous, or even dishonest. Truth can come to light, while lies, illusions, and delusions can be uncovered. Pisces season may bring up experiences of disenchantment for some of us, and reveal if we got too caught up in personal fantasies.

However, disillusionment is part of our learning process and its function is to help us grow by developing discernment, critical thinking, and stronger boundaries. Pisces season is about embracing what we meet on our path, accepting challenges with an open heart, applying spiritual values in everyday situations, and trusting that each of the obstacles we come across has a higher purpose.

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