article Pink Super Full Moon in Scorpio: Embracing Evolution
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Pink Super Full Moon in Scorpio: Embracing Evolution

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April 25, 2021

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On April 26, 11:31 PM ET, we experience the second Super Full Moon in a row, this time in the mysterious sign of Scorpio. When Full Moons take place in Water signs, the emotional intensity is heightened. Since Super Moons are happening closer to Earth than a regular Full Moon, we tend to feel them more strongly. The presence of Uranus, now conjunct the Sun in Taurus, adds an unpredictable element to the planetary configuration, highlighting the possibility of unexpected events, surprises, and changes of plans.

The Full Moon taking place during the month of April is also referred to as the Pink Moon. In the Northern hemisphere, nature is now in full bloom and, in the Northern and Eastern parts of the United States, pink wildflowers are coloring the landscape. While in the Southern hemisphere we enter harvest season and begin to notice the colors of Fall, in the Northern part of the globe, nature has woken up after a long sleep. With the Full Moon of April, we all celebrate the new season.

To celebrate the arrival of this Pink Super Full Moon in Scorpio, on April 26at 9:45 PM ET, we are hosting Global Live Pink Super Full Moon in Scorpio Meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us, and invite others to meditate together with us. Tap here to find our scheduled live meditation.


Super Full Moon in Scorpio: Evolution, Transmutation, and Regeneration


When the Moon is fully illuminated by the light of the Sun, we can catch a glimpse of our inner world, and we have a chance to gain more emotional self-awareness. Full Moons occur when the Sun and the Moon form an opposition, a 180° degrees alignment from our perspective on Earth. The Full Super Moon at 7°05’ Scorpio is now opposing the Sun in Taurus, culminating a cycle that started with the intense New Moon in Aries.

Full Moons bring clarity and revelations, they show us what we need to know, what we need to address at a certain time. We are encouraged to reap the rewards of our work, enjoy the fruits of our labor, and share them with others before beginning the second half of the lunar cycle, a time to release control and let go of our efforts.

Super full moon in scorpio

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac, a Yin Fixed Water archetype. Scorpio and its modern ruler Pluto symbolize the journey of evolution, the process of metamorphosis, a psychological death and rebirth. Scorpio rules transformation and regeneration and represents the part of our consciousness that is constantly seeking to overcome our limitations and transmute our pain. Power and powerlessness, creation and destruction, trust and mistrust will be highlighted themes around the time of this Full Super Moon.


The Scorpio-Taurus Axis: Sexuality, Sensuality, Creation, and Destruction


Taurus and Scorpio are polar opposites in the Zodiac wheel: this is the axis of sexuality and sensuality, of creation and destruction. While Taurus is stability-oriented, Scorpio is growth-oriented. While Taurus is about accumulation, Scorpio is about elimination. While Taurus is about the creation of tangible form, Scorpio is about its destruction. Scorpio teaches us that when the purpose of a certain structure has been fulfilled, we need to liberate the energy that was contained there to make it available for something else.

pink super full moon in scorpio

Taurus correlates to the drive to procreate and to the physical aspect of sexuality, linked to the survival instinct and the desire to satisfy the senses. Scorpio corresponds instead to the spiritual and emotional aspects of sexuality, to our drive to merge with another on all levels to be profoundly transformed by the experience. Scorpio rules the process of osmosis, of uniting with another and exchanging energetic, emotional, and karmic information. Osmosis ultimately allows us to evolve and grow much faster than we would on our own.

The Full Super Moon in Scorpio opposing the Sun in Taurus is inviting us to find a balance between the expression of these polarities. We are encouraged to seek harmony between compulsive accumulation and extreme attachment to our comfort zone and our independence, and the compulsive need for enmeshment, intensity, and crisis which often drives us to destroy or sabotage what we have created.


Full Moon opposite Uranus: Breaking Free from Stagnation


The Sun in Taurus is currently conjunct Uranus, and in loose conjunction with Venus and Mercury, all opposing the Moon. Uranus conjunct the Sun and opposing the Full Moon has the purpose of helping us break free from stagnation, of liberating us from all those attachments that are hindering or delaying our growth. During these days we are likely to experience a strong need to rebel from whatever we perceive as restrictive.

The Uranian influence can be experienced as disruptive. When the Great Awakener makes a challenging aspect to the Moon, it affects not only our emotional state but also the way we tend to process and experience emotions. Some amount of restlessness and nervous tension is likely to be felt, as Uranus is connected with the nervous system. Mood swings can be dramatic: it’s important to take care of our inner state during these days by consciously winding down and taking extra time to relax. The best outlet for this electric energy is something that we perceive as intellectually stimulating and exciting, such as an artistic or creative practice through which we can get out of our comfort zone safely.

Uranus is always unpredictable: we may receive surprising news, secrets may be uncovered, and there might be important changes in the world economy. Our personal and shared resources, a theme relative to the Taurus-Scorpio axis, may be another area of attention. We may need to make choices in this sense, face dilemmas relative to investments and shared finances, or decide whom we desire to trust and share our energy with on an intimate level.

To help you harness this energy Pink Super Full Moon in Scorpio brings we have created Full Moon printable channeled “Releasing Attachments” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these Full Moon Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

pink super full moon in scorpio mock up tools


Full Moon trine Mars & square Saturn: a Need to Safely Process Emotion


The Sun in Taurus and the Full Moon in Scorpio are in a square aspect to Saturn in Aquarius which may increase our resistance to change and our fear to let go of the known. Squares are 90° angles symbolizing tension between celestial bodies occupying signs of the same modality, in this case, the Fixed modality. When the Moon is in a hard aspect to Saturn, we are encouraged to take responsibility for our emotional reactions, to set healthy boundaries without building walls, and to explore mature ways to deal with our feelings without repressing or judging them.

The T-square configuration between Sun, Moon, and Saturn in Aquarius may reflect challenges with emotional processing. On the one hand, we may feel tempted to get carried away by our emotions and our subjective perceptions as we attach intense meaning to our feelings. On the other, we may tend to completely disown our emotional, vulnerable self and cover it up with a stoic attitude, either due to the conditioning we have received around emotions or due to an intense fear of actually feeling what could come up.

The Moon in Scorpio is also forming a harmonic trine to Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, now transiting the sign of Cancer. Trines are 120° angles, and they represent an easy flow of energy between celestial bodies that occupy signs of the same element, in this case, water. This supportive aspect is beneficial for our energy levels and helps us channel our emotions through the body. The Moon-Mars trine increases our courage, our capacity to be assertive, and our ability to take initiative relative to something we care about using our emotional energy as fuel. The Full Super Moon trine Mars in Cancer and square Saturn in Aquarius invites us to create a safe space where we feel free to explore our feelings without any judgment, and to discover how we can regulate our emotional reactions more maturely and consciously.

Super Full Moon in Scorpio

Meanwhile, Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, will station retrograde in just a few hours. When a planet is about to station retrograde, its symbolism is magnified and its influence is stronger. While Mars represents our conscious desires, Pluto represents our unconscious desires, our evolutionary intentions, and all our shadow material. During the upcoming months, the retrograde cycle of Pluto will encourage us to process the unconscious psychological information that is emerging and that we are now finally ready to confront.


Super Full Moon in Scorpio: Surrendering to Change


The Full Super Moon in Scorpio is inviting us to surrender to the evolutionary pressure we are experiencing and to embrace change and impermanence, both individually and collectively. The least resistance we have, the smoother the process will be. Only by remaining available to an ongoing process of releasing attachments, both emotional and material, we will be able to overcome those limitations that are keeping us from growing and evolving.

However, excessive isolation and detachment from our feelings are not the answer either. The Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio squaring Saturn in Aquarius highlight the need to participate in life and be emotionally involved in what we are doing. The planetary alignments of the moment offer us an invitation to find a balance between extreme self-reliance and excessive reliance on others, between using our personal resources and power and allowing others to help us with their resources and power.

Learning to stay centered and calm when challenged by life circumstances is an invaluable tool that has the potential to allow us to manage unexpected situations and intense emotions in a better way. The lesson of the Taurus-Scorpio polarity, highlighted by the Full Super Moon we are experiencing, is that by grounding in our self-worth and inherent value, we build a solid foundation that will remain unshakeable even amid drastic changes and crises.

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