article New Moon in Pisces: Beyond Time and Space
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New Moon in Pisces: Beyond Time and Space

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Moon Omens

March 12, 2021

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On March 13, 05:21 AM ET, we experience a New Moon, happening at 23°03’ of Pisces. The Moon joins the Sun, Venus, and Neptune in the sign of the Fish, inspiring us to dive into the intangible, beyond time and space, and trust our intuition.

New Moons represent the beginning of the lunar cycle: they invite renewal, marking a fresh start and a rebirth. After the Full Moon, the energy slowly decreases, while the Moon, from our perspective, appears smaller and smaller. Throughout the second half of the lunar cycle, and especially during the last three days before the New Moon, we are encouraged to let go of what has fulfilled its original purpose.

As the Moon and the Sun meet, inaugurating the new lunar cycle, the energy is once again of action and forward movement. We enter an experimental two weeks phase of trial, error, and adjustments, the results of which will blossom at the time of the Full Moon.

However, since this New Moon happens in Pisces, the last archetype of the Zodiac, it feels quite different. The New Moon in Pisces brings closure and dissolution, inviting us to surrender to forces much greater than us.

To celebrate the arrival of New Moon in Pisces we are hosting global live guided meditation, and we invite you to join us and Moon Omens Soul Family on our YouTube channel and meditate together. The energy and experience is going to be amazing!


New Moon in Pisces: Sensitivity, Longing, and Surrender


The New Moon in Pisces starts a lunar cycle infused with magic, exquisite sensitivity, and a strong longing to connect with more than what meets the eyes. We may have the sensation that our dreams and fantasies merge with reality, and have a hard time distinguish between them.

Pisces is the alpha and the omega, the place where it all started and the place where everything will end. It is often said that Pisces contains the totality of life and the expression of all the eleventh previous archetypes. Pisces symbolizes the Cosmic Womb, it corresponds to the collective emotional body and the collective unconscious.

Within Pisces, there are no limits, no boundaries, no discrimination: all borders dissolve and we are one with the whole, in a timeless dimension. Pisces represents all those forces much greater than us and completely beyond our control and understanding. This New Moon invites us to surrender to life, to accept and embrace what we meet on our path.

new moon in pisces

We are simultaneously experiencing the end of Mercury’s post-shadow period. Mercury will enter Pisces on March 15, and has finally completed all stages of its retrograde cycle. Mercury will keep moving forward, inviting us to expand our perception of reality and move beyond linear thinking and rationality.


New Moon conjunct Venus and Neptune: an Ocean of Emotions


Our relationships are likely to be a big theme of the lunar cycle that is starting. Venus, the planet of romantic love, is currently conjunct the New Moon and Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces. Neptune, named after the God of the Oceans, is the planet associated with unconditional love, illusions, delusions, chaos, spirituality, transcendence, and mysticism.

The upcoming Full Moon will happen in two weeks in the sign of Libra, and it is likely to bring clarity and revelations around the connections that we establish or deepen throughout these days: Full Moons always show us exactly what we need to become aware of.

The current planetary configuration may reflect a sense of fogginess and disorientation, as our empathy is now maximized and expanded. We are drowning in an ocean of sweet and unexplainable emotions, our boundaries may get more porous, and we may have a hard time distinguishing our feelings from the feelings of those we are surrounded by.

A common risk associated with Venus-Neptune contacts is a tendency towards an excessive idealization of the people we meet. We may fail to see them as they are and forget to love them in their humanness, as we tend to project our own fantasies, desires, and hopes onto them.


New Moon conjunct Venus and Neptune: Letting Magic in while Staying Grounded


Venus not only symbolizes how we interact with others, but also how we relate to ourselves, our values, our self-worth, our self-esteem, our relationship with money, receptivity, and abundance. On the Pisces New Moon, we have the possibility to see ourselves through a different lens and experience deeper compassion towards both ourselves and others. We are encouraged to honor our true nature, reclaim our sensitivity, and remember our innocence.

new moon in pisces

The presence of Venus and Neptune adds more elusiveness to the otherworldly Piscean vibes. As we dream about the perfect love, we may lose our connection to the ground, while our fantasies merge with the actual reality. The Venus-Neptune conjunction invites us to let the magic in while making sure we stay grounded. This is a wonderful influence for all those artistic, creative, and spiritual practices that allow us to become a channel for something greater than us, and lead us back to the timeless dimension.


New Moon squaring the Nodal Axis: Resolving Past Dysfunctions


The Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces are in a square aspect to the North and South Nodes of the Moon in Gemini and Sagittarius. Squares are angles of 90° that generate friction between the expression of the celestial bodies involved and tend to be perceived as uncomfortable: their function is to force us to implement changes.

Squares to the Nodal Axis highlight the need to go back in time, to relieve and reexamine dysfunctional patterns rooted in our past, in order to gain a deeper understanding of how to integrate them. Contacts between planets and the Lunar Nodes, especially squares and conjunctions, are highly karmic in nature and increase the urge to solve issues from the past that are still influencing our present. At this time, there might be a need to cut off an excessive intake of information and data and become aware of any tendency to hold on to habitual patterns of behavior, beliefs, and assumptions. Pisces brings us again and again back to the present moment, to our intuition, to the acceptance of the fact that we do not know anything for sure.

Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces and the ruler of the South Node of the Moon, is now in Aquarius and forming a trine aspect to the North Node in Gemini. Their alignment inspires us to explore ways to find order in chaos and gain knowledge through direct experience, observation and correlation: this process can allow us to reach a deeper understanding of our ever-changing reality.


New Moon sextile Pluto: Inner Exploration


The New Moon, the Sun, Venus, and Neptune are forming a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Sextiles are angles of 60°: these harmonic aspects promote a supportive dialogue between the planets involved, which trigger each other’s expression and promote action in a non-invasive way.

The sextile between the planets in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn facilitates the emotional and psychological integration of the unconscious material that has been emerging both on a personal and on a collective level. The Moon sextile Pluto enhances our intuition, increasing our capacity to tune into subtle feelings and sensations, and easily connect with the subtext of all our experiences. The Sun sextile Pluto shines a light on unconscious psychological dynamics, supporting the transformation of our sense of purpose, of the way we express ourselves, and of how we integrate different aspects of our personality. 

Venus sextile Pluto deepens our experience of all our relationships, and inspires us to get to know others on a more profound level, while at the same time may bring up fears around the implications of being seen for who we are. Neptune sextile Pluto is a long-term ongoing alignment that has been going on since the 1950s. It reflects the growing interest in the understanding of human psychology, the unconscious, and different forms of spirituality and mysticism.


New Moon in Pisces: Beyond Time and Space


The New Moon in Pisces may bring up some confusion and disorientation relative to the cycle that is starting and the direction we are taking, due to the awareness of not knowing what life truly wants from us. Pisces is an archetype of culmination and conclusion, and this New Moon may reflect the dissolution of something we have projected meaning and purpose upon.

Many of us may have the impression that we aren’t really getting anywhere, that we aren’t making consistent progress. Experiences of disillusionment, feelings of meaninglessness and emptiness may arise. Escapism, denial, and falling back into addictions can be more tempting than usual, as we face the necessity to confront the fact that we are not in control of circumstances.

To help you harness this powerful energy we have created a Channeled Guided New Moon in Pisces Meditation Audio & Printable The Universe WithinJournal. We invite you to perform these New Moon in Pisces Ritual Tools together with Moon Omens Soul Family. To find more information and gain access tap here or on the image below.

Pisces symbolizes the human need and desire to spiritualize life, to connect to something bigger than just ourselves, and align with a sense of faith that is rooted in a timeless reality, beyond the conditions dictated by space and time.

The need to surrender to forces much greater than us and accept that we can’t control everything is highlighted on this New Moon. We are invited to cultivate faith in the present moment, to allow the dissolution of what has fulfilled its purpose, and to practice non-attachment to old identities, beliefs, and narratives.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you loved this article too!


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