article New Moon in Leo: Creative Fire
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New Moon in Leo: Creative Fire

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July 28, 2022

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On July 28, 1:54 PM ET, a New Moon in Leo takes place, as the Sun and the Moon join at 5º38’ of the sign, an invitation to tend to our creative fire and keep it burning. Just a few hours later, at 4:38 PM ET, Jupiter stations retrograde in Aries, in a trine aspect to the Sun and the Moon. 

This New Moon in Leo starts a month full of radical changes and unexpected turning points, marked by a substantial acceleration of the pace of events: these days, we are also experiencing a rare triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the North Node in Taurus. The influence of this configuration will color the upcoming lunar cycle, which has the potential to be extremely transformative and revolutionary.


New Moon in Leo: Trusting our Creative Flow


New Moons happen when the Moon and the Sun align on the same degree of the same Zodiac sign. These events bring renewals and new beginnings and invite us to explore new ways of being. From our perspective, the Moon is still invisible, offering us an opportunity to turn inwards and reflect in order to decide what seeds we desire to plant and what intentions we desire to set for the upcoming lunar cycle.

new moon in leo

When the Moon is in Leo, creatively expressing ourselves and being in the spotlight represent ways for us to generate a sense of safety and security. The Sun, the ruler of the New Moon, is at home in this sign, where he shines bright, reminding us of the importance of trusting our creative flow. Through the Sun and the Leo archetype, we become aware of our Self and of the power of our full authentic expression. We learn about true generosity, we give without expecting anything in return, we remember the importance of joy and play, and we develop true confidence in ourSelves.


Tending to our Inner Fire


A Fixed Fire sign, Leo has to do with keeping our inner Fire burning, cultivating our creativity and our connection with our Self. Through this archetype, we learn to recognize ourselves, witness ourselves, and give approval and validation to ourselves. We learn to believe in ourselves and our purpose and rise above mediocrity by making bold, daring choices. When we consciously relate to Leo’s energy, we don’t consider ourselves to be the source of creativity. We are a clear channel for creative energy to flow through us, yet we don’t identify with what we create and we don’t have an attachment to being recognized, liked, or validated externally.

This New Moon may inspire us to connect with our creative energy in new ways and express ourselves in ways that are more aligned with who we are becoming, growing into, and discovering to be. This cosmic event begins a new cycle in our relationship with our creativity, in the way we express ourselves, and in how we share our voice with the world. It could bring changes in our channels of self-expression, in our self-confidence, and in our sense of purpose.


Jupiter is stationary retrograde and trines the New Moon


The Sun and the Moon in Leo are in a favorable trine aspect to Jupiter in Aries. This alignment gives us a boost of energy and enthusiasm, supporting our optimism, buoyancy, generosity, and self-trust. The New Moon trine Jupiter increases the prominence of the Fire element in the heavens, which increases our courage, our desire to take creative risks as well as our willingness to fail and learn from our mistakes. 

Jupiter is now closer to the Earth as it is beginning its retrograde journey, lasting until November 23, 2022. In Astrology, Jupiter has to do with our quest for meaning and Truth. Its retrograde cycle marks the start of a period of profound reevaluation of our beliefs: this shift invites us to question our worldview and the way we attribute meaning to our lives. In the sign of Aries, Jupiter’s retrograde period will inspire us to reflect on our relationship with authenticity, uncensored expression, and on our connection to our instinct and our impulses, inviting us to notice where we hold ourselves back from expressing ourselves authentically because it may not fit into the behavior models we were conditioned to adopt.

new moon in leo

Jupiter will come back to Pisces on October 28, to enter Aries again on December 20. The brief transit of Jupiter through its traditional domicile will offer us opportunities to gain new awareness around matters that emerged while Jupiter was in Pisces earlier during the year, and to realign with our spiritual practice in a way that feels True.


The triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the North Node in Taurus


As the New Moon in Leo takes place, Mars is perfecting his alignment to both Uranus and the North Node, activating a powerful, explosive triple conjunction. This aspect indicates a strong, impulsive urge to break free from restriction and generate substantial changes in our lives. It could bring personal and collective breakthroughs, new understandings, and revelations. Both Uranus and Mars are huge event accelerators and catalyzers, not afraid to fight for freedom, and the contact with the North Node adds a karmic, fated quality to this alignment, which is likely to mark a time of huge shifts and awakenings for many of us.

This configuration invites us to become more independent, break free from enmeshed attachments, create systems that are self-sustaining and self-sufficient, and minimize dependency on others, both on an individual and a collective level. The Mars-Uranus-Node conjunction indicates the potential for enormous changes in our reality, in the structure of society, and in the global economy, potentially affecting the way we meet our basic survival needs and the foundations on which we have built our lives. 

Their alignment goes exact on July 31 and August 1 but we are already feeling it, and its energy will color the upcoming lunar cycle. The Uranus-North Node conjunction will continue to be active for several weeks and months.


Mars, Uranus, Lunar Nodes square Saturn & Mercury


Mars, Uranus, and the Nodes are squaring Saturn in Aquarius and Mercury in Leo. The squares between Mars, Uranus, and Mercury indicate a high degree of mental tension, restlessness, and reactivity. This configuration increases the potential for intellectual breakthroughs and new realizations, as well as our attunement to the future and our willingness to act on our visions and ideas. Unexpected disclosures, news, and revelations are likely. Meanwhile, Mercury squaring the Nodes and opposing Saturn could point to difficulties in communicating and verbalizing how we are feeling: issues surrounding censorship and freedom of speech could come into the spotlight.

The squares between Mars, Uranus, and Saturn reflect significant feelings of frustration and restriction that could lead to a build-up of resentment and a tendency to be very hard on ourselves if we don’t find stimulating and meaningful ways to channel this energy. Our desire for change, independence, and freedom is clashing with our conditioning and established ways of doing things, as well as with existing regulations, institutions, systems. More polarization in society between those who want change and those who want to preserve the existing structures is likely to arise, as the long-term square between Saturn and Uranus, the theme of the entire 2021, is activated again until the end of the year. Extreme changes in the economy, financial markets, trade, and management of natural resources are likely.

The Mars-Uranus-South Node opposition simultaneously taking place indicates the need to separate from existing emotional attachments that are holding us back from further individuation. This alignment may shake up our foundations, our stability, and the global economy, pushing us to move away from the past and accelerating the shifts that are already taking place. 

To help you harness this energy New Moon in Leo rings we have created New Moon in Leo printable channeled “Creative Fire” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these New Moon in Leo Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.

New Moon in Leo: Centering in the Heart


On this New Moon, Mars and Uranus conjunct the North Node are inviting us to choose the road that leads us to develop more independence, autonomy, inventiveness, and self-reliance. The disruptions that could shake up our lives and take us out of comfort and security are meant to speed up our growth. Changes in our values, our security, and our finances could lead us to discover ways to generate income through something that lights us up and stimulates us creatively or to structure our lives in a way that is more supportive of our authentic expression. 

The upcoming weeks are likely to be a time of accelerated development and unpredictability, full of quantum leaps and opportunities to deepen our creative and personal growth. The lunar cycle starting now culminates in a Full Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn and square Uranus that will bring to the spotlight, once again, the themes emerging now, with the Mars Uranus North Node conjunction. . This Leo New Moon reminds us to stay centered in our hearts, to make sure we are creating from there, and to keep our hearts open despite discomfort and fear. 

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you enjoyed this article!


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