mercury enters sagittarius
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On November 24, 10:37 AM ET, Mercury leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius: the planet of thought and communication will remain in the sign of the Centaur until December 13. Mercury in Sagittarius is a natural teacher with a strong thirst for knowledge, able to engage enthusiastically with a variety of topics and to find meaningful connections between seemingly disparate fields.

While Mercury in Scorpio is laser-focused and obsessive in its investigations and analysis, Mercury in Sagittarius is more concerned with the big picture than with details and aims to gain a global vision of any issue. During this transit, our perception of reality will be more optimistic, expansive, and buoyant, while our levels of suspicion, secrecy, and distrust will decrease.


Mercury and Sagittarius: Contrasting Tendencies


Mercury rules the rational mind, logical processes, and the way we tend to learn. It corresponds to how we deal with daily life tasks, solve problems, communicate, and make decisions that require discernment. Mercury’s transits inform us of shifts in our perception of reality, our way of thinking, communicating, and putting together the information we gather from our environment.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Mercury is traditionally considered “debilitated” in Sagittarius, as it is the sign opposite one of Mercury’s domiciles, Gemini. Mercury is about details, while Sagittarius is about the big picture, Mercury is about inductive reasoning and the left brain hemisphere, and Sagittarius is about deductive reasoning and the right brain hemisphere. These archetypes have contrasting tendencies, but the tension generated by this contrast can indeed ignite our creativity and inspire us to expand our mental horizons. Missing out on some detail may end up stimulating our capacity for unconventional problem solving and generating new learning opportunities.


Mercury enters Sagittarius: Enthusiastic Communication & Thinking


During the journey of Mercury through Sagittarius, our communication and thinking are likely to be more expansive and enthusiastic. We will feel an increased mental restlessness, we may tend to get distracted easier than we normally do, and we could dwell more than usual on big future plans, ideals, and aspirations. A tendency to be dogmatic, arrogant, and impose our beliefs and worldview on others represents something to be mindful of.

Both Mercury and Sagittarius are associated with travel, respectively with short term and short distance travel and long term and long-distance travel. This transit may inspire us to move around in whatever way is available to us at the moment to explore different settings, cultures, worldviews, and environments and enrich our knowledge and understanding of life through direct experience.


Mercury conjunct South Node, trine Chiron, and sextile Saturn


Shortly after entering Sagittarius, Mercury will join the South Node of the Moon at 1 degree of the sign. Mercury is currently the ruler of the North Node of the Moon, now in the opposite sign of Gemini. When the North Node ruler joins the South Node, it also opposes the North Node and points to the need to relive the past to be able to move forward. Mercury conjunct the South Node could bring up some unfinished and unresolved issues, particularly involving communication, travels, and learning, giving us a chance to complete karmic cycles and gain new wisdom.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

On November 30, Mercury forms a trine to Chiron in Aries and a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius. Mercury trine Chiron may help us make sense of the purpose of experiences of rejection: coming across new information may help us gain a better psychological understanding of old wounds that are still affecting us. Mercury sextile Saturn helps us thrive in the mundane reality, supporting our capacity to focus, organize our time wisely, deal with daily tasks and obligations, and structure our learning efforts.


Mercury square Neptune & sextile Jupiter


Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces on December 7, an aspect indicating a sense of confusion and brain fog: difficulties concentrating on the task at hand and a tendency to get lost in the realms of endless possibilities could generate some frustration. This aspect magnifies our intuitive faculties and our creativity: nonetheless, at first, we may have difficulties expressing what we are perceiving and feeling linearly and logically. 

Lastly, on December 11, Mercury forms a sextile with Jupiter: this alignment can promote a new understanding of the process we have just been going through, helping us bridge rationality and intuition. Mercury sextile Jupiter reflects an optimistic and generous attitude, inspires us to think big, supports our curiosity and our desire to invest more energy in all learning processes.


Mercury in Sagittarius: Thirst for Knowledge


Throughout the upcoming weeks, a desire to get familiar with different cultures, traditions, beliefs, and ways of perceiving the world may inspire us to get out of our comfort zone and try to study something we normally would not dare to approach. In particular, we may feel inspired to dive deeper into anthropology, sociology, cosmology, philosophy, religion, spirituality, and metaphysics to make better sense of our reality and our experiences.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

This transit has the potential to infuse our minds with positive energy, and it can help us embrace a positive and enthusiastic outlook on life. Mercury’s journey through Sagittarius will increase our thirst for knowledge, experience, and understanding: during this time, we are likely to have opportunities to expand our consciousness through higher studies, travel, and cultural exchanges. 

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