article Mercury in Sagittarius: Broaden Your Mind
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Mercury in Sagittarius: Broaden Your Mind

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November 10, 2023

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On November 10, 01:35 PM —

On November 10, 01:25 AM ET, Mercury leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, offering us an invitation to broaden our minds and embrace new perspectives of reality. Mercury is going to remain in the sign of the Centaur until December 1 and briefly come back to Sagittarius from December 23 to January 14, as part of its upcoming retrograde cycle.

The Messenger’s ingress into Sagittarius will be especially relevant for those of us born with Mutable placements. Those personally impacted by this transit are more likely to experience significant changes in their mindset, beliefs, and perspectives. They will have opportunities to redefine their worldviews and life philosophy and will be invited to stretch their minds to new dimensions.

Mercury from Scorpio to Sagittarius: Exploring New Intellectual Horizons


In Astrology, Mercury is the planet associated with our thinking habits, communication style, and way of perceiving and making sense of our reality. Correlated with the left hemisphere of the brain, logical processing, and inductive reasoning, Mercury has also to do with our style of problem solving, learning, and discerning what is useful and relevant and what is not.

Transits of Mercury inform us of changes in our perception and orientation relative to logically making sense of our reality and communicating to others and reflect shifts in mindset and perspective.

While Mercury was in the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio, we had opportunities to deepen our self-exploration and access a more profound understanding of ourselves, others, and our reality. This transit inspired us to unveil mystery, reveal taboos, name the unspoken, and read into the undercurrents of every situation.

As Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire sign, Mercury’s transit here supports our willingness to adapt to change and stay open to new perspectives and experiences. Mercury in Sagittarius reflects an increase in our desire to learn and explore new intellectual horizons. This transit invites us to embrace an expansive and optimistic outlook on life and stimulates our curiosity and our desire to learn more about the world around us, the Universe, and the higher meaning of existence.


Mercury in Sagittarius: On a Quest for Meaning


Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet in the Solar System, and is well known for its buoyancy, positivity, and desire to expand. Mercury’s ingress in the sign colors our thought processes with more upbeat and optimistic energy and inspires us to spend more time exploring the meaning of life and the higher purpose of our experiences. 

During the upcoming days and weeks, we are likely to feel a desire to invest more energy and effort into studying, teaching, or sharing knowledge we are passionate about, explore unfamiliar cultures and traditions, and dive into topics of philosophical, cosmological, religious, or metaphysical nature. Mercury in Sagittarius inspires us to see our daily experiences as opportunities to learn and grow in self-awareness, and offers us an invitation to stay open to receive knowledge from unexpected sources.


Mercury square Saturn & Neptune in Pisces, Mercury conjunct Mars


During its journey through Sagittarius, Mercury is going to square Saturn and Neptune in Pisces. The Mercury-Saturn square goes exact as soon as Mercury enters Sagittarius, November 10. This alignment is an opportunity for us to observe in what instances we are drawn to self-censor or silence ourselves or feel we have no authority to express our opinions and explore what could be at the root of that. Simultaneously, it could be also useful to notice if we feel an urge to police others’ language or silence them, and ask ourselves what is behind it.

The Mercury-Neptune square is going to be exact on November 27 and again on December 27 and January 9, when Mercury goes back to Sagittarius due to its retrograde period. The Mercury-Neptune square tends to correspond to a period of confusion, brain fog, and uncertainty during which we are drawn to doubt our own perceptions. Some of us could also, on the contrary, get really invested into defending ideas and ideals, almost in a fanatic way, as Neptune can also correspond to a state of being extremely ungrounded and blinded by fantasy.

This Mercury-Neptune alignment ultimately invites us to acknowledge the difference between belief and Truth, between what is subjectively true for us and what we believe to be true, and what is True in an absolute, higher sense.

Mercury is going to cross Mars in the late degrees of Sagittarius on December 28, while in retrograde motion. This conjunction is an opportunity for us to observe how we are used to asserting ourselves, our beliefs, and our ideas, notice if we are drawn to arrogance or dogmatism, and establish adjustments in our communication and style of self-assertion.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius: Broaden your Mind


Traditionally, Mercury is considered to be debilitated in Sagittarius, as it is at home in the opposite sign of Gemini. Planets that travel through signs that are uncomfortable for them offer unique learning experiences, and Mercury being in detriment in Sagittarius reminds us to not lose sight of the details and the facts as we search for the higher meaning and attune to the big picture, to the great scheme of things.

The upcoming weeks represents an opportunity to build bridges between the left and the right brain hemispheres, between logic and intuition, to practice learning from direct experiences, trial and error, and processes of observation and correlation. 

Mercury in Sagittarius offers us an invitation to observe how our beliefs impact our experience of reality and challenges us to question what we believe to be true. Ultimately, this transit  invites us to keep an open mind and an open heart as we move through life and search for its true meaning.


Crystal Pick for Mercury enters Sagittarius: Iolite


This Sagittarian stone is perfect for activating that Mercurial brain power during this transit, as it’s associated with the third-eye chakra and all things to do with the mental realm. It helps in problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking, creating a laser-like focus that helps deter all the mental chatter Mercury brings along.

Iolite’s expansive energy heightens your psychic senses and intuitive wisdom, opening you to new opportunities and perspectives to broaden your mind. Working with it opens you to the deeper mysteries and answers contained in the cosmos, and helps bridge the gap between logic and intuition, bringing clarity to your inner visions and helping you break free from old ways of being and believing. 

It’s an amazing tool when you’re learning something new to help you concentrate on and retain the information. You can also work with iolite to develop your psychic senses and a stronger connection to your guides and cosmic messengers so you can communicate with the divine.


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