Mercury in Aries
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On March 27, 03:45 AM ET, Mercury leaves Pisces and enters Aries. This shift is an opportunity to practice assertive communication and work on blocks that prevent us from being fully comfortable expressing our thoughts and opinions. 

The Messenger will remain in Aries until April 11. Together with the beginning of Aries season, Mercury’s ingress into the sign of the Ram increases the presence of Fire element in the skies, after a few months of strong prominence of Air and Water. 


Mercury in Aries: Individualistic Thinking


Mercury, the planet of communication, is associated with the rational mind, inductive reasoning, and language. It has to do with how we logically make sense of our surroundings, perceive our reality, interface with our environment, and share with others what is taking place in our minds. The planetary ruler of Gemini and Virgo correlates with our style of learning and problem solving, and with how we organize and manage our daily tasks. 

The yearly transit of Mercury through Pisces brings a surge of poetic inspiration and deepens our intuitive perceptions, yet, it can correspond to a sense of ongoing confusion. While the Messenger travels through the last sign of the Zodiac, we may struggle to organize our days effectively. We often get lost in fantasy and imagination and may have hard times getting practical things done. 

Mercury enters Aries

The ingress of Mercury into Aries brings a surge of mental energy and a desire for life to speed up. During the upcoming weeks, we are likely to express more directly and boldly what we want, feel, and think. We will say it as it is and there will be a general tendency to put ourselves and our desires first. Mercury in Aries is about independent thinking: this transit increases our need for freedom of speech and thought, inspires us to assert our opinions confidently, and reminds us of our right to say what we have to say. 


Mercury conjunct Chiron & square Pluto


During its journey through Aries, Mercury joins Chiron in the sign and then squares Pluto in Capricorn. The conjunction with Chiron takes place on April 2, just a few hours after the Aries New Moon has taken place. Sun, Moon, and Mercury will all align with Chiron almost simultaneously to begin a new chapter of our healing journey, bringing up unresolved emotions, inner conflicts, and unprocessed psychological material. 

Around this time, we will have chances to work on fear of speaking up and being attacked for expressing our thoughts honestly. We may feel silenced by others or end up self-censoring, due to fear of someone else’s reactions. The Mercury-Chiron conjunction is a good opportunity to heal wounds related to self-assertion and self-expression.

Towards the end of its transit through Aries, on April 10, Mercury squares Pluto. This aspect signals an obsessive need to find out the truth and the root cause of what is bothering us. We may notice some mental stress, verbal and intellectual power struggles, tense confrontations, and combative conversations. During these days, It is advised to take care of not being too blunt or direct: an effort to be more patient and tolerant is likely to be beneficial. Making sure to breathe and take a moment to reflect on our intentions before we speak will help avoid unnecessary trouble. 

While the square between Mercury and Pluto signals a tendency to end up in destructive and compulsive thinking loops and be intensely self-critical, it also gives us possibilities to deepen our psychological understanding of ourselves and others. Transformative ideas may come through at this time.


Mercury enters Aries: Assertive Communication


Mercury’s transit through Aries will inspire us to explore what happens if we follow our instinct without much second-guessing and find the courage to take action on our ideas. Compared to the previous weeks, we will notice more mental clarity and self-confidence. We may feel easily bored and need to put things in motion rapidly.

Arguments and heated conversations may happen, as Mercury in Aries can reflect a tendency to communicate more aggressively than usual. We may forget to think before we speak and express our thoughts in a way that isn’t very diplomatic. This transit reflects an individualistic way of thinking and, possibly, an unconscious self-centeredness. While our mental energy is likely to increase, we may notice some restlessness and a tendency to jump from one thing to another. This could make it hard for us to fully concentrate on one task. 

Mercury enters Aries

Mercury’s journey through Aries is a good opportunity to practice physical activities that require strategic thinking and a fair amount of competitiveness. This transit will support our originality and creativity. During the upcoming weeks, our thought processes will be faster than usual, our communication more direct and passionate, and adopting a decisive and outspoken attitude will be easier

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