article Mercury enters Taurus: Pragmatic Thinking
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Mercury enters Taurus: Pragmatic Thinking

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April 10, 2022

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On April 10, 10:10 PM ET, Mercury leaves Aries and enters Taurus. The planet of language, thinking, and communication will remain in the sign of the Bull until April 29. In Taurus, Mercury is methodical, calm, and practical: this transit promotes pragmatic thinking and inspires us to be realistic.

During Mercury’s journey through Aries, our thinking gets faster, our communications more direct and less diplomatic, our need for movement, stimulation, and action increases. This transit reflects some amount of restlessness, a desire to do more, and a surge of mental activity. Mercury entering Taurus brings a significant energetic shift as this archetypal combination invites us to slow down our thinking and relax the general pace of our lives.


Mercury in Taurus: Grounding our Perceptions


In Astrology, Mercury correlates to our way to perceive and logically make sense of our reality. It is the planet connected to the left brain hemisphere, to how we gather information and data from our environment, to how we think, speak, and learn. It is associated with our style of problem-solving and our capacity to discern what is relevant for us in any given moment, and what is not.

The Messenger’s transit through this Fixed Earth sign adds some pragmatism to our perceptions. During this transit, we will feel inclined to trust facts more than words, and we tend to speak only when necessary. Some stubbornness may manifest, as with Mercury in Taurus we feel drawn to hold on to existing perceptions, familiar opinions, and known ideas.

Our ability to remember, structure, and retain data we believe is valuable will increase. When Mercury is in Taurus, we are not inclined to change our minds drastically, and we rather consolidate existing ways of thinking, speaking, and perceiving life. However, the Mercury-Uranus conjunction coming up could indeed bring some quick, radical changes in how we see and interface with reality.


Mercury conjunct Uranus & the North Node in Taurus


During its journey through Taurus, Mercury will join Uranus and the North Node in the sign. Mercury aligns with Uranus on April 18, an aspect signaling a high potential for innovative ideas, visionary downloads, and creative breakthroughs, which may generate tangible progress in the 3D reality. 

Mercury enters taurus

The increased mental activity could lead to a surge of nervous tension, difficulties falling or staying asleep, some amount of anxiety, and a general sense of restlessness. Around this time, there’s a high probability of suddenly changing our minds, our plans, and our perception of something.

On April 20, Mercury joins the North Node of the Moon, encouraging us to open up to learn more, embrace different opinions, share our thoughts and ideas, and communicate with others clearly. This conjunction highlights the value of our resourcefulness, our wit, our capacity to find practical solutions to the challenges we may encounter. It reminds us to harness our intellect wisely, to learn to control our mind rather than let it control us.


Mercury square Saturn & Mercury trine Pluto


Later, on April 24, Mercury squares Saturn in Aquarius, indicating the possibility of feeling silenced by our inner critic and judge, or by other people, authorities, and institutions. Issues with censorship and free speech are possible around this time. 

This aspect could reflect a tendency to dwell in negative thoughts and pessimism, yet it could also help us get to the root of limiting beliefs and disempowering perceptions that have been holding us back. Mercury square Saturn supports rational and practical pursuits that require precise planning and organization and the ability to structure our ideas wisely.

The Mercury-Saturn square reflects some amount of mental resistance to change. Nonetheless, shortly after that we experience a Mercury-Pluto trine, exact on April 28, which facilitates the evolution and transformation of outdated ways of thinking, ways of perceiving reality, and ways of communicating with others. This aspect helps us keep our minds open and embrace the changes that happen when Eclipse season begins, just a couple of days later.


Mercury enters Taurus: Confronting Disempowering Perceptions


This transit of Mercury through Taurus and the aspects that Mercury forms may invite us to confront thinking patterns and perceptions that keep us in a state of stagnation and disempowerment, preventing us from growing further. 

The second half of April could be a bit stressful on the mental level. On the one hand, Mercury in Taurus is not inclined to change, aims to create conditions of stability and interface with known, familiar realities. On the other hand, the activation of Uranus could generate unpredictability and unexpected changes of plans. Due to the high mental stimulation, especially likely around the time of the Mercury-Uranus conjunction, make sure to take time to wind down and relax, take good care of the needs of our bodies, and explore tools and techniques that help regulate our nervous system.

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