article Mercury enters Cancer: the Answers Within
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Mercury enters Cancer: the Answers Within

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June 26, 2023

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On June 26, 09:47 PM —

On June 26, 8:24 PM ET, Mercury leaves Gemini and enters Cancer, inviting us to search for answers within, speak from our hearts, and observe the relationship between our thoughts and the changes in our emotional state. Mercury is going to enter Leo on July 11.

Mercury’s ingress into Cancer will be particularly relevant for those of us born with Cardinal placements. Those personally impacted by Mercury’s shift of sign will have chances to learn the language of emotions, practice clearly articulating their feelings, and refine their ability to communicate their emotional needs to others.

Mercury travels from Gemini to Cancer: Turning Inwards


Named after the mythological Messenger, Mercury, the astrological ruler of both Gemini and Virgo, is the planet associated with logical reasoning and with our style of thinking, learning, and communication. Mercury is connected with transportation, commerce, and short-distance travel: this planet has to do with our way of relating to our environment, solving problems, and dealing with everyday tasks.

Transits of Mercury inform us of changes in our perception of reality, communication style, and thinking habits. While Mercury is in its Air home sign of Gemini, the thinking and communication functions are emphasized and accelerated. The pace of our minds speeds up, our curiosity is magnified, and our desire to share everything we think, sense, and learn increases.

Mercury’s ingress in Cancer slows down our thought processes and invites us to take some time to digest and integrate what we have been learning, discovering, and experiencing while Mercury was in Gemini. This transit, happening while the Sun is also traveling through Cancer, offers us an opportunity to turn within, connect with our emotions, and search for the answers we are seeking within ourselves rather than externally. 


Mercury enters Cancer: Emotions and Perceptions


While Mercury is in Cancer, we may notice an inclination to interpret data and information more subjectively than objectively and we could tend to take things more personally than we are used to. Mercury’s journey through Cancer corresponds to a time marked by a tendency to interpret our reality through the lens of our emotions and feelings, as well as our past experiences. During this time, we will have chances to notice the link between our emotions and our perceptions, recognize how our emotions and our thinking both influence each other, and observe how we still tend to project our past into the present.

Mercury in Cancer invites us to allow our intuition to guide our choices and actions rather than only relying on the logical, analytical mind, and explore how the two can work together, informing and enriching each other.

Mercury enters Cancer

Mercury in Aspect to Saturn, Jupiter, and Chiron


The Mercury-Saturn trine, exact on June 30, supports our capacity to organize and structure our days productively and effectively, yet without overbooking or overextending ourselves. This alignment offers us an invitation to focus on our priorities and responsibilities, and maybe, since Saturn is retrograde and in Pisces, redefine what is truly important to us as well as our boundaries surrounding our use of time and energy.

On July 1, Mercury forms a sextile to Jupiter in Taurus, inviting a growth-oriented mindset and facilitating engaging and open-hearted conversations. This aspect encourages us to broaden our mental horizons, fuels our learning pursuits, and supports our ability to express ourselves and our feelings effectively.

Moving on to July 6, Mercury in Cancer squares Chiron in Aries, offering us opportunities to address wounds connected to feeling misunderstood, silenced, and dismissed. The Mercury-Chiron square invites us to embrace deeper self-compassion as we gain new insights about how painful past experiences are still impacting our thinking patterns, perceptions, and communication habits.


Mercury in Aspect to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto


On July 7, Mercury in Cancer forms a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. This aspect inspires unconventional problem-solving and invites us to think outside the box, explore new possibilities and perspectives, and dare to think differently from the majority.

Mercury trines Neptune in Pisces on July 9: the Mercury-Neptune trine facilitates empathic and compassionate communication, stimulates our imagination, and inspires poetic and artistic expression. This alignment invites us to connect with a spiritual perspective of our experiences and encourages us to explore creatively expressing our feelings, emotions, and sensations.

On July 10, Mercury opposes Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect invites intense psychological exploration and could offer us opportunities to access deeper truths about ourselves, our psyche, and our emotional makeup. The Mercury-Pluto opposition indicates chances to experience power struggles, some form of censorship, or intellectual confrontations that could force us to reevaluate our beliefs, perceptions, and perspectives.

Mercury enters Cancer

Mercury enters Cancer: Be Kind to Yourself


The Moon rules Cancer, and every planet transiting through the sign of the Crab gets colored by the shift in the Moon’s signs and phases. While Mercury is in Cancer, the fluctuations of our emotional states could impact our speech, our thinking patterns, our learning processes, and our way of dealing with everyday tasks more than they usually do.

Mercury in Cancer inspires us to learn the language of emotions and practice speaking with more kindness and care to both ourselves and others. This transit is an opportunity to observe our inner dialogue and ask ourselves whether we would talk in the way we tend to speak to ourselves to someone close and dear to us. 

Mercury in Cancer reminds us that we can nurture ourselves and others through a considerate choice of the words we use and the thoughts we entertain. This transit inspires us to take a break from constant information intake, turn our attention inwards, and pay more attention to what our bodies and hearts are communicating to us.


Our Crystal Pick for Mercury in Cancer: Blue Lace Agate


Mercury in Cancer brings more emotionality and sentimentality to our thought process and language, and blue lace agate is the perfect crystal for creating harmony with your communication and speaking with gentleness, kindness, and understanding.

Cancer energy can also cause our Mercurial minds to worry and dwell in thoughts of the past, and blue lace agate gently grounds and calms the mind, pulling your awareness into the present, helping you move through old mental blockages and patterns with more ease and flow.

Wear or carry blue lace agate when you need to find gentle words for a hard conversation, open up to more empathy and tolerance, or boost your confidence to speak up and speak the truth.

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