article Mercury Direct: Balancing the Mind – November 2020
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Mercury Direct: Balancing the Mind – November 2020

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November 5, 2020

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On November 3, 12:50 PM ET, Mercury stations direct in Libra after being in apparent retrograde motion since October 13.

Mercury was already in Scorpio, it came back to Libra on October 27, and will be in the sign of the Scales until November 10. Before Mercury enters Scorpio again, we have the opportunity to make meaningful changes in our relationships and in the way we use language. 

Mercury retrograde is always about going within: it is an invitation to reflect on our journey, review our commitments, reassess our plans, and resolve past issues. This transit allowed us to conclude something we already started, and to realize that some deals, projects, and connections were not meant to continue. At some points, we may have felt a lack of certainty, clarity, and direction that affected all our thought patterns.

Every time Mercury stations direct, it gives us the chance to process what happened during the retrograde, to implement changes and adjustments, and to gain a deeper, clearer understanding of the real meaning and the lessons behind what took place. Mercury stationing direct in Libra can help us find balance in our minds: we now have the chance to come up with innovative solutions and comprehend why we have been feeling a certain way.


Mercury, the Eternal Student


Mercury represents the way we organize reality in our mind: it correlates to our understanding of what is happening and our expectations on what could happen, based on our perception of how reality works. Mercury is linear, it rules our left brain, and it’s related to logical, rational, and tangible concepts.

Mercury is the eternal student, constantly asking why, questioning everything, looking at the same thing from many vantage points. Mercury stationing direct can allow us to understand the human experience more deeply if we are open to embarking on an ongoing learning process. 

Mercury enables us to understand contrasting perspectives and to recognize the validity of different opinions and viewpoints. This planet allows us to look at all sides of an issue and to think critically, to analyze ourselves and the world.


Mercury stations Direct: Duality and Openness


There is an inherent duality in Mercury: it rules two archetypes, Gemini and Virgo, and for this reason it has a Yin and a Yang side. The Yang side of Mercury is directed outwards, towards communication and the gathering of data and information, while the Yin side is directed inwards, towards self-analysis and critical thinking, which support discrimination. The concept of duality has been emphasized during this Mercury retrograde cycle, as it happened in two different signs.

This could represent an invitation to consider different perspectives and possibilities, to avoid being stubborn, to avoid getting stuck on our ideas of how life should look like, or on our original plan for this year. Mercury stationing direct invites openness and versatility, it reminds us that there isn’t one solution that is absolutely right for everyone and that eventually many different paths lead to the same destination.


Mercury Stations Direct in Libra: Learning from Others


During this Mercury retrograde cycle, we had the chance to release stagnant energies and to speak words left unsaid for too long. As Mercury stations direct, we are likely to feel clear and more focused, ready to implement the changes we envisioned throughout the previous weeks.

Mercury retrograde through Scorpio had a cleansing and purging effect: this cycle offered us the opportunity to purify ourselves from all those thoughts, behavior patterns, ideas, relationships, agreements, and obligations that didn’t add value to our lives. The retrograde cycle of Mercury through Libra invited us to reflect on the right balance between our needs and other people’s needs, and on the way we show up in relationships.

By supporting the creation of equality, based on the discovery of our true needs and our true values, Mercury stationing direct in Libra encourages us to learn from others, to understand how they function and how they think. The invitation of this transit is to create balance and harmony in all our interactions by making sure of what we need to receive and what we are willing to give, before deepening our relationships as Mercury enters Scorpio again.


Mercury square Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter: Releasing Old Ways of Thinking


Mercury stations direct in a square to Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn: these alignments are giving us important information about the themes coming up for us during the next few weeks. This cycle of squares started at the end of September, and it opened a window of opportunity for us all.

The friction generated by this configuration has the potential to bring to creative openness where previously there was just tension. These are Three Quarter squares, which means they are about breaking free from our old ways of perceiving, thinking, and interfacing with the world.

mercury direct

The process requires consciously letting go of our old ways of learning, speaking, analyzing, and perceiving both reality and relationships: this allows us to create space for a profound transformation of our mental structure, our thinking patterns, and our perception of the world.


Mercury stationing Direct: Restructuring our Language


As the planetary ruler of the Gemini North Node, until 2022 Mercury has a crucial role in our evolutionary journey: all its transits will emphasize themes and issues that are particularly relevant for our movement towards the future, both on a personal and a collective level.

Gemini and Mercury have a strong correlation to communication, language, to the ways we express what we think and perceive. Mercury stationing direct in a square to Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn represents an invitation to restructure our language: this includes both the way we communicate with others and the way we communicate with ourselves. 

Transforming our communication style, how we think, speak, and interpret things, in a way that feels authentic and that reflects the transformation we have been going through is the main purpose of this transit. Mercury stationing direct reminds us that consciously changing our language and the words we use daily has the potential to reshape not only our perspective of reality but reality itself.

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