article Mars in Taurus: Consolidation and Alignment
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Mars in Taurus: Consolidation and Alignment

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Moon Omens

January 7, 2021

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On January 6, 05:27 PM ET, we witness a significant energetic shift: Mars ends its long transit through fiery Aries, the sign it naturally rules, and enters earthy and practical Taurus.

Mars has been in Aries since June 28, stationed retrograde in September, and stationed direct again in November. The last six months represented an intense season of change, new beginnings, trial and error, adjustments, and experimentation. We had the opportunity to attain deeper self-knowledge and a more profound understanding of our desires, our drives, and our relationship with instinct.

After experiencing a long season of fast, direct, and forward-moving Mars in Aries, during the transit of Mars through Taurus, a Yin archetype, the energy comes back to our center: we now have the chance to consolidate what we started while Mars was in its home sign. Mars will be in the sign of the Bull for the next six weeks and enter Gemini on March 3. Harnessing the influence of this transit can be highly beneficial for all those activities that require continuous dedication and sustained effort.


Mars: Desire and Instinct


Mars is hot and dry, sharp and direct: it correlates with the principle of separation, the moment of cutting the umbilical cord that links us to our biological mother. In Astrology, Mars is about individuality, about the act of existing as an individual being, separate from the surroundings, with a personal will, personal impulses, and personal desires. The traditional ruler of both Aries and Scorpio, Mars is linked to our sex drive and the way we instinctively experience sexuality.

The Red Planet represents how we act on our impulses, how we go after what we want, how we assert ourselves, how we attack, and how we defend ourselves. Mars correlates with our inner warrior archetype, fighting for what we believe is worth fighting for. There is no forethought in Mars, no pre-plan: it is completely instinctual and explosive, pure Cardinal Fire, burning fast and bright. Mars is in a constant state of becoming, seeing life as a series of new beginnings, moved by the sudden urge to do something, to embark on an endeavor that feels right in this very moment.


Taurus: Self-reliance & Inner Alignment


Taurus is a Yin, Fixed, Earth archetype whose function is to consolidate and stabilize what was started thanks to the impulses of Aries: if we consider the Zodiac in its natural order as a progression of stages of awareness, we are entering the following phase of evolution.

Taurus relates to survival instinct, to the need to preserve what has been created, to the impulse to procreate and perpetuate the species: for this reason, this sign has a connection with the physical aspect of sexuality. The second sign of the Zodiac correlates with our physicality, our body, the five senses, our capacity to receive and feel pleasure.

Taurus is associated with the relationship we have with ourselves and our physical body, with our needs, our desires, our values, our sense of self-worth, as well as our capacity to be autonomous and self-sufficient. For this reason, material abundance and financial prosperity are concepts linked to the archetype of Taurus, also connected to our economic resources, our form of income, our skills and our personal talents.


Mars in Taurus: Consolidation and Stabilization


The shift from Cardinal Fire to Fixed Earth is inviting us to invest our energy wisely and to deepen what we already started. Mars in Taurus will encourage us to keep working toward specific goals without dissipating our life force in a thousand different pursuits. 

What do I want to consolidate? What is worth my time and energy? What am I willing to commit to and invest in? Do I feel grounded, and how can I improve if I don’t? Do I feel a clear sense of direction? Do I know what my desires and my values are? How has my strategy worked out so far? These questions will be relevant to all of us throughout the upcoming six weeks.

mars in taurus

Mars in Taurus is slow and steady: harnessing its energy will support all those endeavors that require constant commitment and dedication. This transit reflects the need to build a firm foundation, a solid ground on which what we have initiated during the last six months can grow and blossom. 


Mars in Taurus: Reconnecting with our Needs, Desires, and Values


Mars in Aries is pure instinct, action without forethought or contemplation, while Mars in Taurus has a practical and pragmatic quality. Mars in Taurus is about taking time before making decisions, it is about reflecting well upon the true needs, desires, and values behind a specific urge prior to taking action. 

While, on the one hand, this tends to slow down Mars’ spontaneous drive, on the other, we have the chance to take action from a more grounded, conscious, and aligned place. Once something has been set in motion, Mars in Taurus follows through easily with the patience, commitment, and dedication needed. 

During the journey of Mars through the sign of the Bull, we internalize part of our energy and focus and redirect it towards ourselves. Until March 3, Mars in Taurus will promote a deeper understanding of our needs and values and encourage us to become more self-reliant and self-sufficient.

Taurus teaches us to take it easy and to reconnect with the natural rhythms of life. This transit represents an opportunity to align our inner and outer realities in a way that feels right for us. Mars in Taurus invites us to embrace a way of living that respects our timing and our necessities, and to honor the cyclical flow between activity and rest.

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