article Mars enters Virgo: a Practical Focus
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Mars enters Virgo: a Practical Focus

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August 5, 2021

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On July 29, 4:33 PM ET, Mars leaves Leo and enters Virgo, where Venus is already transiting. Mars will be in Virgo until September 14: during the upcoming weeks, we will feel inspired to optimize our health, improve our daily life, create better habits, hone our organization skills, and invest more time in self-analysis and self-understanding.


Mars enters Virgo: Adopting a Practical Focus


Mars is the principle of pure action, impulse, desire, assertiveness, and aggression. Mars is how we attack, conquer, and defend. This planet gives us information on how we assert ourselves and go after what we want.

Virgo is a humble and reserved archetype: its energy is directed inwards, and it aims for purification, optimization, practical service, and self-improvement. Through this sign, our awareness of what can be more functional and efficient leads us on a quest to perfection.

While Mars in Leo is mostly concerned with self-expression, individual freedom, independence, and creativity, Mars in Virgo is focused on usefulness, organization, and efficiency. During this transit, we have a chance to adopt a practical focus and introduce adjustments that help us improve our current conditions as well as our habitual way of dealing with what comes up in our life.


Mars enters Virgo: Moving Towards Better Habits


Especially while Venus is also transiting through Virgo, we are likely to witness an increased focus on health and wellness, a desire to adopt more functional habits and routines that allow us to improve ourselves and our daily experience of life.

During the upcoming weeks, we are likely to invest more attention and energy in our work, daily obligations, routines, and tasks. Any crises we may encounter can be used as an opportunity to grow and solve problems in new ways. This transit invites us to practically apply the knowledge we have gathered so far: Mars entering Virgo represents a wonderful time to introduce new rituals and practices that holistically support our wellbeing and health.


Mars square the Nodes & Mars trine Uranus


On August 10, Mars in Virgo squares the Lunar Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. When planets square the Nodes, they point to a karmic dynamic that needs to be solved for our evolution to take place. In this case, we will be encouraged to elaborate and express repressed anger, or work on limiting beliefs and conditioning that affect our experience of sexuality. 

Around this time, we may have to process unconscious guilt and shame to be able to implement a substantial change in how we express all functions related to Mars. Finding healthy and constructive outlets for physical energy is advised, as it greatly helps elaborate anger and increases self-confidence, self-trust, and assertiveness.

mars enters virgo

On August 22, Mars trines retrograde Uranus in Taurus. Their supportive alignment will inspire us to channel more physical and mental energy towards our visions and goals. Mars trine Uranus will help us overcome any fear of looking weird or different from the majority and inspire us to follow our passion without worrying about the opinion of others. During these days, there are possibilities of new job offers or unusual opportunities of financial income coming from unexpected sources.


Mars opposite Neptune & Mars trine Pluto


On September 2, Mars opposes Neptune in Pisces. The Mars-Neptune opposition brings to culmination a cycle that started with the Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces last year on June 13: what first began unfolding at that time is now ready to mature and blossom. When Mars’ desires clash with the infinite nature of Neptunian waters, the risk is that they dissolve.

Around this time, we may feel lost and insecure about how to act and what our next step should be. This aspect suggests the possibility of being easily seduced: deception and disappointment can result, as we may not be able to see others clearly. We may realize there is a discrepancy between our actions and our ideals and that we need to implement some changes.

Finally, Mars trines Pluto in Capricorn on September 6: this is a very beneficial alignment that gives us a wonderful opportunity to focus our energy and life force on pursuits that matter to us. The Mars-Pluto trine in Earth sign is a fantastic fuel for the materialization of our goals. Their aspect gives us the courage to act on our desires and to implement practical steps that have the potential to transform our current reality and bring us closer to our dreams.


Mars enters Virgo: a Thoughtful Approach & High Standards


Assertiveness, confidence, and taking up space may be more challenging compared to when Mars was in Leo. Mars in Virgo works hard, but without seeking the spotlight or expecting recognition: satisfaction comes from witnessing a task well done. During this transit, our standards may be too high and it can be hard to feel fully satisfied with what we have accomplished.

Mars in Virgo is a practical warrior, who enjoys having a precise plan and a focused strategy before taking action. This tendency can slow down the martian impulse, possibly generating frustration as the energy of Mars is meant to take risks and act on impulse, without forethought. Nervousness and anxiety may manifest as restlessness: a regular physical outlet that helps us release the pent-up energy is advised.

During this transit, we need to be mindful of not getting lost in procrastination and not allowing insecurities linked to not feeling good or ready enough to do what we desire to hold us back from trying. Nonetheless, when Mars in Virgo feels ready to act and does make the step, success is likely, as we have gained the skills and competencies we need and the best possible approach has been carefully considered and analyzed.

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