article Mars in Scorpio: Deep Soul Searching
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Mars in Scorpio: Deep Soul Searching

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November 10, 2021

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On October 30, 10:21 AM ET, Mars left Libra and entered Scorpio, one of the signs he rules. Mars will be in Scorpio until December 13, supporting our physical stamina and our willpower while inspiring us to be single-minded, tenacious, and determined in going after what we want.

Mars travels through Scorpio once every two years: during this time, the intensity skyrockets and we enter a phase of deep soul searching. The upcoming weeks represent a time to understand the right use of our power, will, and sexual energy. We have an opportunity to explore our hidden intentions and motivations, what forces are driving us, what is really behind our cravings.


Mars in Scorpio: Chances for Increased Self-Awareness


In Astrology, Mars represents our way to act on our desires, how we generate forward movement, carve our path through existence, how we attack, how we defend ourselves. Mars is our impulse to start things, to take initiative, to set life in motion.

Mars is a Cardinal archetype, associated with the start of a new process, while Scorpio is a Fixed sign, driven towards preservation and consolidation. This combination of energies gives endurance and consistency to the martian impulse and allows us to develop more persistence and focus.

mars enters scorpio

During this transit, we have an opportunity to move stagnant emotional energy, explore our rage, and work on patterns of jealousy, possessiveness, and obsessive behaviors. We may experience fear of betrayal, loss, and abandonment, and jealousy could emerge, maybe as a projection of our own fear of being unable to control our sexual impulses. Through intense introspection and psychological self-analysis, we may gain awareness of any shame and guilt we still carry, linked to repressed needs and desires perceived as unacceptable.


Exploring Sexuality Consciously


While Mars is in Scorpio, we have a chance to detach from power games, manipulation tactics, and domination attempts through sex and seduction, and dare to be fully honest and vulnerable with both ourselves and others.

Are we using sex as a vehicle to channel our repressed anger, to get validation, or to gain power and control over another? Are we more focused on achieving pleasure than on building emotional intimacy? Are we convincing ourselves that compulsively following every attraction is what we desire and need?

By gaining awareness of how karma is exchanged through sexuality, we naturally recognize the importance of discernment regarding our sexual partners, those we allow more intimately into our energetic field. Mars’ journey through Scorpio invites us to establish a sacred connection with our body and with another’s. This transit gives us an opportunity to explore different ways to channel our sexual energy, whether we are single or we have a partner.


Mars in Scorpio activates the Saturn-Uranus square


On November 10, Mars will be conjunct Mercury in Scorpio and they will both square Saturn in Aquarius, while on November 17, Mars opposes Uranus in Taurus. Wherever Mars is, we see action. During these days, the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square will be activated by Mars, a potent event catalyzer. The resulting pattern of tension is known as T-square.

In 2021, Mars has already activated the Saturn-Uranus configuration. Particularly, on January 20, Mars joined Uranus in Taurus and squared Saturn, and between July 1 and 4, while Mars was transiting through Leo, he opposed Saturn and squared Uranus.

Mars square Saturn corresponds to a strong sense of frustration, a feeling of being blocked and defeated as we try to move forward or take action. This aspect is part of a cycle that started with the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn on March 31, 2020: we could now experience a turning point in events that first manifested back then. The Mars-Saturn square reflects the need to clearly choose a course of action when confronted with a crisis that generates insecurity and doubt around how to proceed.


Possible Upheavals and Disruptions


Mars opposite Uranus instead can reflect a tendency to go to extremes: erratic behaviors and impulsive actions are possible, and there is the potential for external events disrupting our existing plans. In particular, this Mars-Uranus opposition represents the culmination point of a cycle that started in January with their conjunction in Taurus. Something that first came up around this time could emerge again, there could be new developments, and facts previously unclear may be revealed.

During these days, upheavals in financial markets, global politics, and the world economy are possible. The Mars-Saturn-Uranus configuration highlights the need to combine our need to fight for our freedom with a capacity to be disciplined and patient and act in a way that allows change to happen without generating unnecessary destruction.


Mars trine Neptune, sextile Pluto, square Jupiter


Mars trines Neptune in Pisces on November 29 suggesting a harmonic flow of energy between our actions and our ideals, an ease with making decisions aligned with our spiritual path, and a capacity to generate a fluid and effortless motion towards our goals.

On December 6, Mars sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. The sextile is an aspect of cooperation and opportunities and it will support our physical strength, motivation, and determination. An increased capacity to focus will support our ability to act consistently towards our goals, transform our lives, and manifest something tangible and lasting through our life force and our emotional energy.

Shortly after, on December 8, Mars squares Jupiter in Aquarius on December 8, increasing our restlessness, our need to move, and our tendency to act on impulse. However, Aquarius’ objectivity is likely to tone down Mars impulsiveness, as Jupiter’s drive to expansion may play out mostly on an intellectual level, possibly generating an obsessive and passionate search for knowledge.


Mars enters Scorpio: Deep Soul Searching


Especially throughout the central part of November, it is advised to be mindful of impulsive reactions, as they could turn out particularly destructive. Disruptive world events, social upheavals, and sudden changes may give us opportunities to explore how we deal with anger and raw emotions. We may have a chance to deepen our self-mastery and discover different ways to channel and manage these energies – that get particularly intense while Mars is in Scorpio.

On a personal level, during this time of deep soul searching, we may reconnect with both our natural eroticism and our inherent vulnerability, becoming more conscious of our relationship with sexual energy and of the link between sexuality and emotionality.

mars enters scorpio

This transit offers us an invitation to have an honest look at any manipulation tendencies linked to the misuse of our power, and seductive tactics that aim to get others to meet our needs in shady ways. Mars’ journey through Scorpio will give us chances to become conscious of the value of emotional commitment and compromise, and to gain awareness of the difference between forming a connection with something or someone and simply trying to extract power and energy from it.

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