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On December 13, 04:53 AM ET, Mars enters Sagittarius. Shortly after, at 12:52 PM ET Mercury leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. Two planets changing signs just a few hours apart always represent an interesting and energetic shift that could feel a bit paradoxical due to the nature of the archetypes involved. 

Mars will be in Sagittarius until January 24, while Mercury will be in Capricorn until January 2, to re-enter the sign again on January 25 and remain there until February 14, due to its upcoming retrograde in Aquarius. 


Mars enters Sagittarius: Urge to Be Free, Expand, and Experience


In Astrology, Mars corresponds to how we get things done, how we go after what we want, how we follow our impulsive urges and desires. As Mars leaves Scorpio, its ancient domicile, we widen our focus and direct our energy in a variety of directions. While Mars in Scorpio is obsessive, single-minded, and extremely determined in its pursuits, Mars in Sagittarius is more cheerful and lighthearted, nonetheless, it is driven to live its passions and find the meaning of life. 

Mars enters Sagittarius & Mercury enters Capricorn

The upcoming transit supports our desire for expansion, exploration, and discovery of everything the Universe can offer: we will feel inspired to gravitate towards adventure, travel, and new encounters.  We are likely to notice an urge to better understand our reality, to keep searching for our truth, to share our knowledge and our experiences with others. A strong need for freedom of movement, expression, and choice is also likely to emerge. This is a time to reconnect with our intuition and open up to different perspectives of the truth.


Mars conjunct the South Node & square Neptune


Shortly after entering Sagittarius, Mars joins the South Node of the Moon on the first degree of the sign. Mars conjunct the South Node could bring up something from the past that we need to let go of, in particular feelings of anger and frustration tied to ideological conflicts. Confrontations and disputes could be a common experience during these days. We may be encouraged to learn to coexist with people who have a completely different perception of what’s true, what’s right, and what’s ethical.

Mars will square Neptune in Pisces on January 11, 2022. This aspect can reflect some struggle with taking consistent action, low vitality and motivation, and a tendency to disperse our energy in many different directions. During these days, we may experience a temptation to get lost in fantasy, illusion, or activities that offer immediate gratification as we feel conflicted about aligning our actions and our ideals. On the positive side, the tension generated by this aspect can represent a wonderful source of creativity and inspiration, and greatly expand our intuitive capacities.


Mercury enters Capricorn: Pragmatic Thinking


Mercury rules our left hemisphere of the brain, our communications, and our learning style. This planet wants to collect data, understand reality logically, and explain it through factual theories and systems. Mercury in Sagittarius is optimistic, open-minded, and highly intuitive, yet more focused on the big picture than on details. Mercury in Capricorn is more organized and structured: during this transit, we appreciate silence, we tend to speak less and think more. 

Mars enters Sagittarius & Mercury enters Capricorn

As Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign, we are entering a favorable time to commit to building something with our knowledge or to start new learning processes, projects, and courses. This energy supports our discipline and our capacity to focus on intellectual tasks and matters of administration and management. Mercury in Capricorn indicates a practical, responsible, and grounded way of thinking: during the upcoming weeks, some skepticism may emerge, as we tend to rely on proven facts more than opinions and speculations. 


Mercury conjunct Venus & Pluto: Deeper Understanding of Reality


On December 29 and 30, Mercury will form a conjunction with retrograde Venus and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. Their alignment will deepen and sharpen our perception of reality, promoting a new understanding of relationship dynamics, socio-political dynamics, and financial dynamics. A new awareness of economics, wealth management, and wealth preservation is likely to emerge. We may also gain a new understanding of patterns of behaviors, manipulation attempts, and other undercurrents that play out in the background of our connections with others.

Mercury coming back to Capricorn from January 25 until February 14 gives us a chance to solve unfinished business and clear out misunderstandings and miscommunications that happen during the first part of the transit. Mercury will then form two more conjunctions with Pluto: the second one on January 28-29, while in retrograde motion, and the third one on February 11. These aspects will help us gain a new psychological comprehension of issues that still remain unclear, uncertain, or unresolved. Mercury, which rules the conscious mind, will facilitate a deeper awareness of subconscious dynamics and patterns, ruled by Pluto. These aspects will sharpen our intuition and our capacity to understand the true intentions and motivations behind the behaviors of both ourselves and others.


Mars enters Sagittarius & Mercury enters Capricorn


This shift involves an interaction of contrasting energies that can interestingly complement and balance each other. While Mars in Sagittarius inspires us to widen our horizons, Mercury in Capricorn keeps our feet on the ground and helps us be realistic about our current possibilities. Mars in Sagittarius indicates an ability to laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously. However, it can be a bit over the top. Mercury in Capricorn, on the contrary, inspires us to express ourselves in a sober, balanced, and calm way. Yet, this transit may reflect a tendency to take things too seriously and too literally.

Mars enters Sagittarius & Mercury enters Capricorn

The combination of Mercury in Capricorn and Mars in Sagittarius has the potential to help us grow in multiple directions and multiple areas of our lives. These transits may give us the keys we need to interpret, make sense of, and deal with events and situations that require a completely different approach.

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