article Mars enters Libra: Defending Harmony
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Mars enters Libra: Defending Harmony

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September 15, 2021

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On September 14, 8:14 PM ET, Mars leaves Virgo and enters Libra. The God of War will remain in the sign of the Scales until October 30.

Wherever Mars is, we see action. The transit of Mars through Virgo has inspired us to invest more energy in the optimization of our routines, work, health, and daily rituals: during the previous weeks, we had chances to implement practical adjustments that, with time and consistency, will generate improvements in our lives.

The journey of Mars through Libra will motivate us to channel more energy in establishing and cultivating a variety of relationships. We will feel drawn to fight for justice, defend our rights to peace and fairness, and actively work to preserve equality and harmony.


Mars in Libra: More Strategic than Impulsive


In Astrology, Mars represents our drive, our willpower, our stamina. It is the energy that wakes us up in the morning and inspires us to get things done, to go after what we want. Mars is associated with our conscious desires, with our active expression of sexuality, with how we attack and how we defend, with how we protect what is valuable and precious to us.

Archetypally, Mars is about impulsive action and spontaneous expression of our instinct. The mythological God of War traditionally rules both Aries and Scorpio: transits of the Red Planet give us information on our tendencies in terms of action and assertion and on our changing conscious desires.

Libra is an intellectual Air sign that tends to be more strategic than impulsive: here, the God of War reflects and ponders before making a move. Traditionally, Mars is considered to be in detriment here, since he is at home in the opposite sign of Aries. However, every transit has its purpose and teaches us some invaluable lessons. In Libra, Mars may not express his energy as we would expect, and this isn’t necessarily bad.


Mars trine North Node, Mars trine Saturn, & Mars trine Jupiter


On September 21, Mars aligns with the North Node of the Moon in Gemini, a point in space symbolizing our individual and collective evolutionary path. Mars and the North Node will be in a trine, a 120 degrees angle indicating flow and ease: this aspect highlights the importance of trusting our instinct to move forward in our personal and spiritual development.

On September 25, Mars trines Saturn in Aquarius, an alignment supporting our capacity to take action on our long-term goals and plans. This aspect represents a positive influence on our willpower and our motivation, and it facilitates the introduction of more discipline and structure in our lives.

On October 19, Mars trines Jupiter, also in Aquarius: our vitality, energy, and motivation will expand significantly. While Saturn is cautious and traditional, Jupiter is expansive and isn’t afraid to dream big. The Mars-Jupiter trine inspires us to be optimistic, believe in ourselves, and take action accordingly: many of us will feel inspired to take risks and get out of our comfort zone.


Mars opposite Chiron: Trusting our Instinct


On October 1, Mars opposes retrograde Chiron in Aries: this alignment brings to maturation a cycle that started with the Mars-Chiron conjunction of July 14, 2020. Oppositions bring revelations and breakthroughs, they bring to the surface what we need to become aware of. Issues around how we assert ourselves, how we deal with rage, how we relate with masculine energy, present within all of us, will emerge and inspire us to reflect on our relationship with desire, action, and instinct.

Mars enters Libra

Chiron is often linked with feelings of rejection, and planets aspecting it highlight the necessity to integrate and love aspects of ourselves that we have hidden and suppressed due to shame and fear of others’ judgment. Mars opposing Chiron may reflect a situation in which our actions and our instinctual expression trigger wounds relative to self-assertion in other people. This aspect may inspire us to reflect on how to remain true to our desires when we are confronted with others’ suffering.


Mars square Pluto: Owning our Desires


On October 22, Mars squares Pluto in Capricorn. This is the third quarter square of a cycle that began with the Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn of March 2020. This phase is also known as a ‘crisis in consciousness’ phase, as it highlights the need to begin letting go of the intention we set at the time of the conjunction. There is tension between our past desires and how our future is unfolding: to move forward, we need to let go of old attachments.

Mars square Pluto marks a turning point in our evolutionary journey and highlights the need to own desires we may be ashamed of. This aspect generates significant inner tension which can be used as a motivating factor. Frustration may also lead to excessive reactions and self-destructive tendencies: the possibility of power struggles and confrontations during these days is higher. Mars-Pluto aspects reflect a surge in our vitality and physical energy, which has to be channeled constructively, and an increase in our willingness to do what it takes to get what we want.


Mars enters Libra: Defending Harmony


Mars in Libra is a peaceful warrior, fighting for justice and defending harmony. During this transit, we desire to achieve more balance, equality, and reciprocity in all our relationships, and we are not afraid to stand up for what we believe is right.

During the transit of the Red Planet through the sign of the Scales, we discover our desires by learning about other people’s desires. For this reason, we are instinctively drawn to expand our network of contacts and engage in intellectual exchanges and debates. Witnessing the contrast between different ways of thinking, living, and perceiving reality, is likely to inspire us to challenge our existing goals, consider different possibilities, and explore new desires, needs, and ambitions.

Indecisiveness may hold us back from taking immediate action, and waiting excessively may turn out to be detrimental to our interests. Mars in Libra will inspire us to learn to assert ourselves more harmoniously and clearly, to express our needs more directly, and to find a better balance between honoring our desires and honoring those of others’.

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