article Mars enters Gemini: Intellectual Restlessness
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Mars enters Gemini: Intellectual Restlessness

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March 6, 2021

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On March 3, 10:30 PM ET, Mars leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. The God of War will be in the sign of the Twins until April 23, inspiring us to think independently, question everything, and learn more about what sparks our passion.

Mars shifting from earthly Taurus to airy Gemini will increase our mental energy, the speed of our thought processes, our desire to make progress and make things happen quickly. We are likely to feel more naturally inclined to explore a variety of interests and hobbies, to follow without second-guessing our instinctual urges, and pursue whatever stimulates our curiosity.


Mars in Gemini: Curiosity, Mental Sharpness, and Direct Communication 


Mars is how we get things done, how we assert ourselves and our needs, our relationship with instinct and desire. Wherever Mars is, we find action: Mars indicates the direction towards which we are invited to channel our life force, and opens the path ahead of us. The ruler of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, this planet represents the element of Cardinal Fire, the principle of separation and initiation, the moment in which we cut the umbilical cord and we find ourselves out in the world alone, as separate individuals.

Gemini symbolizes the phase of evolution in which we begin perceiving and giving names to the reality surrounding us, we get familiar with the environment, we classify what we see through logic, and try to find order in chaos. Gemini rules the left-brain learning process, it is the sign related to how we collect information and data from different sources and increase our understanding of the way life works. 

We are dealing with a Yang, Mutable Air archetype: this energy tends to be flighty. While Mars transits Gemini, we are likely to desire to learn more about everything: our minds will be more active, our thought processes faster, our style of communication sharper and more direct. 


Mars in Gemini: Questioning Everything


The supportive influence of Mars in Gemini inspires us to question what is established and presented to us as the truth, to think independently, and to refuse to blindly believe what we are told to believe. Mars in Gemini encourages us to have an opinion, to share it fearlessly, to think independently, and explore different learning modalities and experiences that promote intellectual curiosity, mental openness, and inner growth. 

During the journey of Mars through the sign of the Twins, there might be a tendency to disperse energy in too many directions at once: it is important to stay focused, concentrate on what we really desire, and invest our time wisely by discriminating and selecting what is more relevant at any given moment.

mars in gemini

Taking care of establishing clear priorities and focusing on one thing at a time will help us avoid overextending, overthinking, and naively dissipating our energy and attention, which can be one of the downsides of this transit.


Mars in Aspect: Following our Path and our Desires


During its journey through Gemini, Mars will form a sextile to Chiron in Aries, a trine to Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, a conjunction to the North Node of the Moon, and a square to Neptune in Pisces.

Mars sextile Chiron, exact on March 17, inspires us to take action to elaborate our past wounds and represents a supportive influence for the constructive integration of our sensitivity. This aspect reminds us that we have the right to exist, to have desires, and take up space: Mars sextile Chiron has the potential to promote the strengthening of our self-worth.

Mars will trine Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius on March 21 and April 17. The trine is an aspect of ease and flow: if we are willing to make the efforts needed, we have the chance to consolidate, structure, and expand the projects we have been working on. These alignments are inspiring us to take action to create something tangible out of our ideas: the potential for long-lasting innovation is significant.

The conjunction between Mars and the North Node takes place simultaneously with the Full Moon in Libra, on March 28. Mars conjunct the Lunar North Node in Gemini supports our physical energy, stamina, endurance, and our overall drive to move forward and make progress. This aspect invites us to become aware of our attachment to disempowering beliefs that are holding us back from further growth and narrowing our intellectual horizons.

Mars will square Neptune on April 9, bringing to light the need to harmonize our tendency to identify with our opinions and desires, and the need to surrender to a higher truth and forces completely beyond our control. Mars square Neptune will invite us to confront personal delusions and illusions regarding our capacity to make things happen how and when we want and to accept that we are both incredibly powerful and incredibly powerless.


Mars in Gemini: Intellectual Restlessness


Mars in Gemini will intellectually energize us, speeding up our thoughts and increasing our desire to learn about ourselves, others, and life as a whole. Mars in Gemini invites us to be curious and willing to receive information from a variety of sources: its influence inspires us to research, to listen to many points of view, and to be open-minded and experimental.

During this time, we need to take extra care to avoid impulsive reactions and count to ten before we speak or respond if we are in a challenging emotional state. Being blunt and tactless tends to be easier than usual when Mars is in Gemini.

We are likely to notice a sense of intellectual restlessness, a natural tendency to channel our increased mental energy into several pursuits and interests, as well as a stronger desire to find our voice, share our opinion, and stand out from the majority.

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