article March Astrology Update: Trusting Life
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March Astrology Update: Trusting Life

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March 5, 2021

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March begins with all planets once again in direct motion: the celestial bodies will keep moving forward throughout the upcoming two months, increasing the momentum and our drive to make consistent progress. During the first half of the month, we will feel the Piscean energy of culmination, surrender, and release. This is a time of closure: we are encouraged to trust life and accept what’s on our path. The New Moon in Pisces happens together with a Venus Neptune conjunction in the sign of the Fish. Their influence will infuse our experience of love and relationships with a strong dose of fantasy and romance, and will stimulate our inner life.

After the Equinox takes place and Aries season starts, Venus enters Aries too: the energy shifts significantly, and fresh motivation becomes available, as we experience a brand new beginning and a rebirth. The Full Moon in Libra concluding the month happens simultaneously with a series of potent celestial alignments that have the potential to be intense and transformative for many of us.

Here is an overview of the main astrological transits taking place during the upcoming weeks.


Mars enters Gemini

Mar 3, 2021, 10:30 PM ET

As the new month starts, Mars leaves patient Taurus and enters chatty Gemini. This shift will speed up our thought processes, increase our drive to think independently, learn more, be curious, question what other people say, and do our research to find out more about what we are interested in.

During the journey of Mars through the sign of the Twins, it may be useful to count to ten before we speak or react, as it tends to be easier than usual to impulsively say something we will later regret or unwillingly be too blunt and tactless. Nonetheless, Mars in Gemini remains a supportive influence for us: this transit increases the forward momentum and our desire to individuate, to think for ourselves, and reclaim our voice.


New Moon in Pisces, New Moon conjunct Venus and Neptune

Mar 13, 2021, 05:21 AM ET

On this New Moon, we experience a stellium in the sign of Pisces, as the Sun and the Moon are also conjunct both Venus and Neptune. When the planet of illusion and spirituality meets the planet of love and beauty, the risk is getting lost in impossible fantasies, or idealizing our romantic partners to extremes, to the point of losing touch with the actual reality.

While we have the chance to experience exquisite feelings and sensations, we need to maintain a firm grip on reality and to keep in mind that seeking salvation and redemption through romantic love can be dangerous. The New Moon in Pisces invites us to honor our connection with the intangible, with a Higher Power, subtle energies, and the entire Universe. This day also marks the end of Mercury’s post-shadow period: Mercury has finally completed all stages of its retrograde cycle and from now on will keep moving forward.


Mercury enters Pisces

Mar 15, 2021, 06:27 PM ET

Just a couple of days after the New Moon, Mercury joins the Sun, Venus, and Neptune in the sign of the Fish, infusing our minds and our thought processes with a nebulous, elusive quality. Mercury in Pisces is highly artistic, a creative and poetic influence. However, it doesn’t do very well with linear reasoning and left-brain thinking.

This transit activates our right brain and our intuition: we are encouraged to allow ideas and inspiration to unfold, rather than trying to excessively structure and control the direction of our train of thought. The more rational individuals amongst us may experience a sense of nebulousness and brain fog: this can be considered an invitation to release an excessive need to feel in control and explore new methods of learning, communicating, and processing information.


Sun enters Aries

Mar 20, 2021, 05:38 AM ET

The Equinox takes place and Aries season begins: while in the Northern Hemisphere Spring arrives, in the Southern Hemisphere Autumn begins. In any case, Aries represents the start of the Astrological Wheel, and the ingress of the Sun in the sign is a brand new beginning for all people on Earth. Aries represents the moment of birth and the separation from the womb, correlated to Pisces.

Following the elusive quality of Mutable Water, we experience pure Cardinal Fire, promoting clarity, initiation, and direct action. Aries season will activate our inner warrior spirit, inspiring all of us to trust our desires, to believe in ourselves, and to take the initiative to make our dreams come true.


Venus enters Aries

Mar 21, 2021, 10:17 AM ET

Just one day after the Sun, Venus enters Aries too. When the planet of Love and Beauty transits the sign of the Warrior, our experience of relationships gets more fiery and exciting. Venus in Pisces longs to merge with the beloved in an ocean of love and mysticism. On the contrary, Venus in Aries desires total freedom, independence, passion, thrill, and fireworks.

After quite some time under the influence of the Venus-Neptune spell, we feel the need for personal space, adventure, and novelty. With Venus in Aries, we tend to be more individualistic and put ourselves first: during this transit, we may feel torn between our desire to be in a relationship with someone, and our need for absolute independence.


Full Moon in Libra, Sun conjunct Venus and Chiron, Mars conjunct North Node

Mar 28, 2021, 2:48 PM ET

The Full Moon in Libra highlights the need to balance the energy we invest in ourselves and the energy we invest in our relationships. This cosmic event is bringing to light the places where we feel unworthy of receiving love and those where we may give too much to overcompensate for our low self-esteem.

The Sun conjunct Venus and Chiron, opposing the Full Moon in Libra, illuminate our wounds around our self-worth. Their alignment will remind us of our right to take up space and have needs, allowing us to see how our pain and insecurities affect how we show up in relationships.

Besides the Full Moon, on March 28, Mars is conjunct North Node in Gemini, and Mercury is approaching a conjunction with Neptune.

Mars conjunct the North Node in Gemini illuminates the path ahead, inviting us to be decisive, respond to what life offers us, and embody the courage we need to make things happen. Any planet conjunct the North Node represents a supportive influence for our evolutionary journey. To move forward in our personal growth, we are now encouraged to cultivate and explore all matters related to Mars: self-assertion, affirming our individuality and freedom, peacefully fighting for what we believe in, taking focused action, communicating honestly and directly.

Meanwhile, Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces is an interesting influence for any creative and artistic endeavors involving speaking, writing, other forms of communication, and the use of our hands, the body part ruled by Mercury. While some of us may experience a strange sense of confusion and scattered thought patterns, this transit invites us to embrace the wisdom of non-linearity, to explore different ways of perceiving the world and making sense out of reality.


March Astrology Update: Our Invitation


There is an innate innocence in both Aries and Pisces: while Pisces carries the wisdom and the knowledge of all the twelve signs, it also contains the capacity to surrender everything learned and experienced, renew itself, and come back to the essential, to the present moment. Aries naturally lives in the now because cannot do otherwise: Aries inhabits the moment where pure action happens without forethought or plan and invites us to reconnect with the inherent wisdom of our instinct and our desires.

March is a month of new beginnings and initiations: however, true rebirth cannot happen if we keep holding on to our comfort zone. The first part of the month and the remaining weeks of Pisces season are about dreaming big, accepting endings, and letting go of the past with grace. Aries season instead will inspire us to begin walking new paths, take action, and dare to live our dreams: the start of the new astrological year is a time to connect with the courage we need to make our dreams come true.

To find more personalized guidance for your Rising, Sun and Moon signs, we invite you to get our March Horoscope by tapping here.


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