article Jupiter & Mercury station Direct: Impactful News
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Jupiter & Mercury station Direct: Impactful News

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October 16, 2021

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On October 18, respectively at 01:30 AM ET and at 11:17 AM ET, Jupiter in Aquarius and Mercury in Libra station direct, increasing the possibilities of receiving impactful news, information, and revelations. Jupiter stationed retrograde in Pisces on June 20, while Mercury has been retrograde for approximately 3 weeks, since September 27.

When celestial bodies are stationary, their influence is stronger, as they are closer to Earth. The two planets will now begin moving forward again, and we begin a process of integration and elaboration of the experiences we had while they were retrograde.


The Mercury-Jupiter connection: Understanding, Experience, & Knowledge


Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, while Jupiter rules Sagittarius and, traditionally, Pisces. Both are related to our way to learn, explore, order, and make sense of our reality: while Mercury is theoretical and logical and tends to focus on details, Jupiter relies on intuition and experience and immediately connects with the big picture.

Mercury is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain, rationality, and inductive reasoning, Jupiter corresponds to the right hemisphere of the brain and deductive reasoning. Mercury tries to classify reality logically and reliably, while Jupiter tries to find meaning and purpose in it.


Jupiter stations Direct in Aquarius: Aligning Actions, Ideals, & Beliefs


Jupiter has a lot to do with our belief system and the meaning we attribute to life. The journey of Jupiter through Aquarius began in December last year: this transit corresponds to an increased emphasis on technological and scientific advancement, alternative currencies, artificial intelligence, humanitarian causes, and social equality. Jupiter in Aquarius expands our desire to be part of a like-minded community and defend our ideals: this transit inspires us to break free from oppressive systems and to work to manifest a better future for the collective.

Jupiter retrograde corresponds to a time of revision and reassessment of our beliefs, our sense of faith, and of the way we find meaning and purpose. Jupiter stationing direct invites us to take tangible actions aligned to our personal truth. We now have a chance to act more consciously according to what we felt and experienced during the retrograde.

The post-shadow phase of this cycle will last until January 2022, when Jupiter reaches again 2°11′ of Pisces. Until then, we will work on finding better alignment with our beliefs and integrating into the material reality the insights and ideas that came up since Jupiter stationed retrograde.


Mercury stations Direct in Libra: Reaching More Clarity & a Deeper Understanding


Mercury represents how we logically organize reality in our mind and how we communicate outwardly what is going on inwardly. Mercury retrograde in Libra has been highlighting the need to review and reassess our communication style, our ideas and definitions of relationships, the thinking patterns that affect the way we seek a balance between different needs and desires, and how we find harmony and attunement with others.

As Mercury stations direct, any miscommunication and misunderstandings are likely to be cleared out, while new information and data may emerge. Changes in our way of thinking and communicating our feelings, needs, and desires to others may mark changes in our relationship status or the start of a new chapter in a current relationship.


Mercury opposite Chiron & square Pluto


Mercury stations direct in opposition to Chiron in Aries, possibly bringing up issues that first emerged around September 8. This aspect invites us to become aware of any tendency of holding back our truth or not speaking up in order not to trigger others.

Mercury will square Pluto for the third time on November 2: around this time, something hidden or secret may come to light, be exposed, or be revealed. We have a chance to gain a better understanding of both our and other people’s psychology.

Concluding a cycle of squares that started on September 22, this aspect highlights the possibilities of verbal confrontations, intellectual power struggles, mental and psychological manipulation. Mercury square Pluto may provoke us, but it will also offer us a chance to engage in transformative conversations and exchanges of opinion, encouraging us to overcome any fear of speaking our truth and sharing our thoughts honestly.


Jupiter & Mercury station Direct: Impactful News & Revelations


Something very relevant to take into account is that Mercury and Jupiter are the planets ruling the Nodes of the Moon. The Lunar Nodes have been in Gemini and Sagittarius since May 2020 and will change sign in January 2022. These are points in space connected to our karmic past and our evolutionary direction. They show us the gifts we naturally express as well as tendencies to move away from in order not to fall into repetitive patterns and cycles.

Jupiter & Mercury station Direct

Jupiter as the ruler of the South Node of the Moon represents a familiar way of operating that served us in the past but can now hold us back if we over-rely on it. Jupiter and the Sagittarius South Node help us have faith and find humor in any situation. Nonetheless, we need to be mindful of avoiding dogmatism and close-mindedness, as this configuration reflects a tendency to excessively identify with our beliefs or push them on others.

Mercury as the ruler of the North Node of the Moon represents an energy we need to integrate and master in order to move towards our evolutionary direction. Mental flexibility, curiosity, versatility, the ability to listen to others, the capacity of being open to all types of opinions and sides of a story represent skills that will support us on this journey.

The Nodal rulers stationing direct just a few hours apart from one another is an event that increases the possibility of receiving news and revelations that could have a significant impact on our lives.


Jupiter & Mercury station Direct: Authenticity, Integrity, & Honesty


Through the Mercurial and Jupiterian functions, we learn to be honest with ourselves and others as we communicate what’s going on within us to the outside world. We explore how we can articulate and share our thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and feelings clearly, in an understandable, coherent, sincere, and authentic way.

When Mercury and Jupiter work together harmoniously, we have a chance to expand our knowledge and understanding of life holistically and comprehensively as we bridge rationality, logic, intuition, and direct experience.

Mercury and Jupiter stationing direct simultaneously is an event that highlights the importance of transparency in all our interactions and invites us to move towards deeper authenticity, deeper alignment between our words and our actions, and deeper integrity with our values and beliefs.

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