Jupiter enters Pisces
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On May 13, 6:36 PM ET, Jupiter entered Pisces, its ancient domicile, taking us on a quest for wholeness. The planet of luck and abundance will be in Pisces only until July 28, when it will travel back to Aquarius due to its retrograde cycle, starting on June 20. Jupiter is going to enter Pisces for the second time in December.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. In Astrology, it is traditionally referred to as the Greater Benefic and it is associated with qualities such as buoyancy and generosity, which are enhanced as it journeys through Pisces. This uplifting transit reflects an increase in our intuitive capacities: it inspires us to dream big and look at the future with faith and optimism. 


Jupiter: Authenticity, Faith, and Search for Meaning


The planetary ruler of Sagittarius is also the traditional ruler of Pisces: Neptune, the modern ruler of the sign of the Fish, was discovered only in 1846. The Lord of Abundance is said to expand whatever it touches, for good or bad: it inspires us to aim for more, do more, believe in ourselves, and hope for the best.

Jupiter enters Pisces

Jupiter is associated with our desire to understand ourselves and the world in the context of a larger framework and with our ongoing search for the meaning of life. Consequently, it is connected with our belief system, with higher learning, philosophy, and spirituality. Being correlated with the search for truth, Jupiter is associated with authenticity, honesty, and with Natural Laws.

This planet inspires us to learn about ourselves and life through a process of trial and error and through direct experience: it corresponds with right brain functions, intuition, and deductive reasoning. Just like Sagittarius, Jupiter correlates with humor and optimism, with the capacity to see the bright side of everything and find the lesson in every situation.


Pisces: Dreams, Enchantment, and the Collective Unconscious


Pisces is a complex archetype. It represents both the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. The last sign of the Zodiac corresponds to the time we spend in the womb and to our desire to return to the womb, to that feeling of union, wholeness, and absolute safety. Pisces rules the collective unconscious and the collective emotional body: it correlates with our sensitivity to others’ emotions and to the collective frequency. Pisces is associated with the realms of dreams and sleeps, with indescribable feelings and sensations. It corresponds to our capacity to touch and impact the masses and to reflect back at others something that everyone can feel identified with.

Through Pisces, we seek divine harmony: we desire to transcend the human condition and experience something beyond our ego. Our drive to spiritualize life will be expanded by the presence of Jupiter in the sign, and so will be the risks of excessive idealism. During this transit, we need to be mindful of the temptation of seeking refuge in something illusory, and we must stay grounded. In a distorted state, the Pisces archetype corresponds to lies, dishonesty, deception, illusions, and delusions. While Jupiter travels through the sign, we can be more prone to believing comforting lies rather than facing painful truths.


Understanding Jupiter’s Cycle


Jupiter needs 12-13 years to travel all the way through the Zodiac and remains approximately one year in each sign. Jupiter has been in Aquarius since December 2020 and will come back there in July, before entering Pisces again in December 2021 and remaining in the sign for most of 2022. One of the key planetary aspects of the upcoming year is the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in their shared domicile, a rare and powerful alignment, which will happen on April 12, 2022.

The last time the Lord of Abundance was in Pisces was between 2010 and 2011. Think about what was taking place in your life back then. Reflect upon what you were going through, what events caught your attention, and what lessons you learned. Revisit the journals you wrote during those years if you can. Pay attention to repeating patterns, and notice any similar situation or opportunity coming up throughout the upcoming months. The Cosmos is giving us a chance to find new ways to solve old issues, break patterns, and grow further.


Jupiter from Aquarius to Pisces: From the Mind to the Heart


Throughout the rest of May, June, and July 2021 we will experience some of the themes that are likely to be at the forefront of 2022. Jupiter in Aquarius is a fast and innovative influence: it reflects a lot of emphasis on scientific advancements, intellectual expansion, technological progress, community building, and unconventional lifestyles.

Jupiter in Pisces, instead, increases our compassion and generosity: with this transit, a significant amount of energy moves from our mind to our heart. There will be extra attention on getting closer to Nature, building emotional support networks, and we will feel a stronger drive to take care of those in need and do something good for the world. Our imagination and fantasy life will flourish, we will be more sensitive to all kinds of stimuli, and get easily inspired.

With Jupiter in Aquarius, we search for meaning through intellectual advancement and technological expansion that can potentially benefit civilization as a whole. With Jupiter in Pisces, we seek life’s meaning by cultivating kindness, empathy, and forgiveness, while we aim to merge with the whole. 


Jupiter enters Pisces: on a Quest for Wholeness


Jupiter entering Pisces opens our hearts and increases our empathy. Our faith in the goodness of humanity deepens, and so does our hope for a better future. A danger of this transit is excessive optimism that may cause us to lose touch with the practical aspects of reality.

As we seek cosmic unity and desire to transcend worldly concerns, we may be more naive and prone to disillusionment. This transit can reflect potentially dangerous delusions of personal grandeur. Moreover, throughout May and June, Jupiter will be in a loose square to the Lunar Nodes, reflecting possible crises of faith and a sense of not knowing what to believe in, while highlighting the importance of remaining authentic to our feelings.

While Jupiter is in Pisces, we desire to cultivate emotionally honest relationships and heart-based connections that support our personal growth and spiritual evolution. We want to be of service to the collective, we want to be there for one another in these times of transition.

Jupiter enters Pisces

Jupiter’s role is particularly relevant right now as Jupiter is the planetary ruler of the South Node of the Moon, where the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse is happening. The presence of Jupiter in its ancient domicile will support us in the process of letting go of our attachments to old beliefs, helping us on our healing journey by supporting our capacity to see the higher meaning of the obstacles we encounter. During this time, the challenge is maintaining a positive outlook and connecting with our faith while remaining realistic and grounded.

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