article Jupiter enters Aries and Mercury stations retrograde
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Jupiter enters Aries and Mercury stations retrograde

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May 12, 2022

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Just a few hours apart from each other, we experience two relevant energetic shifts. On May 10, 07:47 AM ET, Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini. Later, at 7:22 PM ET, Jupiter leaves Pisces and enters Aries where it remains until October 28, when it comes back to the sign of the Fish for a few weeks. 

Mercury stationing retrograde invites us to take a step back and spend some time in reflection before taking further action. However, Jupiter’s simultaneous ingress in the first sign of the Zodiac propels us forward, energizing us and inviting us to expand our horizons by taking bold action on our desires.

These energies can feel quite at odds with each other, as they generate contrasting drives, urges, and needs: Jupiter in Aries invites us to act and move ahead, while Mercury’s retrogradation invites us to wait, slow down, and reflect. 

Let’s see in more detail what these shifts are about.


Retrogrades through an Evolutionary Lens


Planetary retrogrades consist of an optical illusion from our perspective on Earth: as a celestial body slows down, it appears to be moving backward. Mercury, the planet of communication, logic, and problem solving, is retrograde three to four times a year for roughly three weeks. This tends to be popularly seen as an infamous transit associated with miscommunications, technology breaking down, and travel delays. Mercury retrograde period is often feared and misinterpreted without a deep understanding of its purpose. 

Retrogrades represent a time to slow down and question ourselves, our ways of being, and our ways of behaving. When Mercury is involved, we are being encouraged to question our mindset, our thinking patterns, our communication style, and the way we perceive reality. All retrogrades direct us back to ourselves and invite us to connect with our inner knowing, with our inner wisdom, and break free from the conditioning and programming we have been exposed to. From an evolutionary perspective, retrogrades facilitate and accelerate individuation because they inspire us to question the status quo and think critically. 


Mercury retrograde in Gemini & Taurus: Slowing Down & Turning Inward


Mercury now starts its second retrograde cycle of the year which, again, begins in an Air sign and ends in an Earth sign. The Messenger will be retrograde until June 3, when it will station direct in Taurus. The first part of Mercury retrograde’s period in Gemini is an opportunity to reflect on how we habitually express ourselves and explore new ways of communicating our ideas, thoughts, and feelings to the outside world. It is an invitation to question our perception of reality, how we logically make sense of it, and how we learn. It is a great time to work on improving our mindset and explore how being more conscious of our thinking patterns affect our experience of reality. 

Jupiter enters Aries

Mercury will be back to Taurus from May 22 to June 13, bringing up unresolved issues from the recent transit of Mercury through the sign of the Bull. This second phase of the retrograde cycle can be seen as an invitation to reflect on whether or not the ideas that have been coming up since Mercury has been in Gemini are aligned with our value system. Mercury’s retrograde period in Taurus will remind us of the importance of valuing our mental energy, attention, and focus: it will invite us to reflect on how we invest our resources and redefine our perception of wealth and abundance.


Jupiter enters Aries: Energy, Motivation, and Courage


Jupiter spends about a year in each sign. This planet has to do with our search for meaning and purpose, with the expansion of our consciousness, authenticity, and connection to personal truth. Its transits show us where expansion is happening for us, give us information about changes in our beliefs, and indicate the way we tend to give meaning to our experiences and life itself. 

Jupiter will be in Aries until October 28, when it retrogrades back to Pisces to remain there for a couple of months, before entering Aries again on December 20. The last time Jupiter was in Aries was between 2011 and 2012. This is a good time to reflect on what was taking place in your life back then, and revisit your old journals if you still have them. Similar lessons, experiences, and growth opportunities are likely to emerge during the upcoming months. Pay attention to repeating patterns and notice the differences between how you chose to act in the past, and how you choose to respond today.


Jupiter in Aries: Faith in our Instincts and Desires


While Jupiter in Pisces expanded our need and desire to make sense of life through a spiritual philosophy and inspired us to seek a connection with something greater than ourselves, Jupiter in Aries will increase our need to take action and generate movement to get closer to our purpose. Jupiter moving from the last to the first sign of the Zodiac will support our energy levels, motivation, and courage, inspiring us to explore what happens when we have faith in our instincts and our desires. This transit will invite us to cultivate our leadership skills, our self-assertion, and trust our desire to independently self-actualize. Jupiter in Aries encourages us to believe in ourselves, in our vision, and in our capacity to take initiative to make our dreams real.

Jupiter entering Aries increases the prominence of the Fire elements in the skies, supporting our enthusiasm, optimism, and cheerfulness. Mars will enter Aries too on May 24 and meet Jupiter on May 30, simultaneously with the Gemini New Moon. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction represents a highly motivating and energizing influence that adds more dynamism into our lives: during these days, it is important to be mindful that we are taking risks consciously rather than impulsively.


Mercury stations retrograde & Jupiter enters Aries


Both Mercury and Jupiter have something to do with learning, understanding, and gaining knowledge: Jupiter rules the right brain and intuitive, deductive processes while Mercury is associated with the left brain and logical, inductive reasoning. These energetic shifts could correspond with significant changes in our way of thinking, learning, perceiving life, and making sense of it. During these upcoming days and weeks, we are likely to experience an urge to question our existing ways of seeing reality and our beliefs as well as an openness to exploring new perceptions, worldviews, and belief systems.

Mercury stationing retrograde in Gemini will catalyze the emergence of new ideas and insights. As long as Mercury is in retrograde motion, the invitation is to sit with these ideas and spend more time in reflection before taking action. Jupiter’s transit through Aries will  help us connect with the courage and the bravery to act on them when the time is right, while inspiring us to believe in the potential of our vision and in the power of radical authenticity.

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