article Full Snow Moon in Leo: Tending our Creative Fire
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Full Snow Moon in Leo: Tending our Creative Fire

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February 5, 2023

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On February 5, 11:11 AM —

On February 5, 1:28 PM ET, we experience a Full Snow Moon at 16º40’ of the sign of Leo. This cosmic event represents an invitation to tend our creative fire and make choices that support our authentic expression and personal unfolding.

This lunation has the potential to mark a revolutionary time of our lives, as the Sun and the Moon are both tightly squaring Uranus in Taurus. Sun and Moon are also squaring the Nodes of the Moon, an indicator of the strong karmic nature of this Full Moon.

The Leo Full Moon will be felt more powerfully by those of us who were born with natal planets or angles around the 16º of Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Those of us most impacted by this lunation are likely to experience an intense urge to radically transform our lives as a result of sudden creative revelations and breakthroughs, together with a simultaneous fear or resistance to change.

Our Full Moon in Leo YouTube video together with our amazing Nina is now available to watch. Over one hour of pure wisdom and magic, we highly recommend you take your time to watch this.

Full Moon in Leo: Reclaiming Authentic Expression


Full Moons represent the maturation point of the lunar cycle, a moment of celebration, culmination, and completion, happening when the Moon aligns with the Sun on the same degree of the opposite Zodiac sign. This month, the Moon in Leo opposes the Sun in Aquarius, bringing our attention to how we show up and integrate into groups, inviting us to surround ourselves with people who support our expression, and inspiring us to dedicate more time to our creative life.

The current Full Moon activates the Leo-Aquarius polarity. This axis is centered around exploring the relationship between group and individual, working towards the manifestation of our creative vision, and integrating our efforts for personal development with our contribution to collective progress. The Leo-Aquarius polarity highlights the interplay between following our passion, wholeheartedly participating in life, and temporarily detaching from the immediacy of life in order to integrate our experiences and see them through an objective lens.

The Leo Full Moon will bring our attention to how the communities we are part of are influencing the development of our creative voice. This lunation calls for radical shifts, both in our self-expression and in the set-up of relationships with the people we surround ourselves with.


Full Moon square Uranus: Restlessness and Agitation


The Sun and the Moon are both in a tight square aspect with Uranus in Taurus, forming a configuration technically known as T-square. The activation of Uranus suggests an increasing need for stimulation and excitement, leading to pervasive restlessness and agitation manifesting around the time of the Full Moon. The T-square between Sun, Moon, and Uranus brings the spotlight to our desire to break free from ways of expressing ourselves and showing up in life that aren’t aligned with our truth and authenticity. 

These planetary alignments reflect an invitation to liberate ourselves from stagnation and self-imposed limitations, and to make radical changes aimed at supporting our full, unique expression. A desire to rebel against outdated values, ways of being, and ways of creating, an impulse to choose freedom over security, and an urge to explore life on our own terms are likely to arise. 


Breaking Disempowering Habits and Patterns


T-squares are configurations involving two planets opposing each other and squaring a third one, indicating that tension is generating an imbalance that asks to be solved. These planets are transiting three signs of the same modality, in this case, the Fixed modality, suggesting an urge for change and simultaneous resistance to it. The sign of the Fixed modality that isn’t activated from the configuration is the one we are invited to focus on, to solve the tension created by the T-square. In this case, the only Fixed sign missing is Scorpio. Scorpio represents the resolution point of the T-square, the energy that helps us find balance and get out of repetitive patterns that contribute to our disempowerment.

Scorpio as the resolution point of the T-square suggests the need to commit to transformational work that facilitates deep emotional and psychological self-knowledge, helps us shed light on our unconscious patterns of behavior, and inspires us to focus on transmuting sexual and emotional energy rather than being enslaved by it.

Developing a deep intimacy with ourselves is key to being able to access authentic creative expression, forming satisfying relationships of any kind, and being able to show up in the world with confidence. This lunation can be an invitation to be aware of and respect the value and the sacredness of sexual energy, to be conscious in choosing who we share ours with, and be careful of avoiding energetic and emotional enmeshments that drain our life force and disempower us.


Full Moon square the Lunar Nodes: Time of Karmic Shifts


Sun and Moon are also squaring the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. The Lunar Nodes are points of destiny and karma, connected to our past life, our soul journey, and our current life’s lessons. The alignment between the Sun, the Moon, and the Nodes suggests a high likelihood for revelations regarding the connection between our present situation and our past experiences: we will have opportunities to unravel recurring themes and dynamics and break repeating cycles.

We will be challenged to notice and release beliefs, patterns, and ways of perceiving life preventing us from embracing our full expression, from showing up, and from taking risks. Around this time, fear of visibility, fear of exposure, fear of shining, and fear of taking space could emerge and we will have opportunities to alchemize and transmute them. 

During these days, we will have chances to notice the link between these fears and survival issues, financial challenges, limited receptivity, disempowering beliefs about wealth and abundance, as well as past experiences of loss and betrayal. We will be able to see more clearly where we are at in our journey and consider making different decisions. 


Venus square Mars & sextile Uranus: Changes in Relationships


As the Full Moon takes place, Venus is very active as she is aspecting both Mars in Gemini and Uranus in Taurus. The prominence of Venus, exalted in Pisces, together with the fact that the sign of Leo itself is connected to romance and passion, indicates an emphasis on relationship matters and high probabilities of changes in this realm. 

The cosmic lovers, Mars and Venus, are in a tense alignment. The square is a 90º angle, an aspect of friction, linked to changes instigated by discomfort. These days, we are likely to experience some degree of friction leading to turning points in our relationships. Shifts in relationship patterns and a new awareness of the dynamics we tend to play out are possible. We may as well have chances to better harmonize our needs and desires with those of others or to recognize core incompatibilities in values and visions and act accordingly.

Venus is also sextile Uranus, an aspect that facilitates change and open-mindedness. We may feel inspired to try new approaches to relating, dating, and connecting. New encounters, meeting people very different from us, exploring new social spaces, and being open to different interactions are all likely scenarios.


Full Moon in Leo: Tending our Creative Fire


The Sun is the planetary ruler of the Full Moon, and his condition gives us more information about how this lunation is manifesting. The Sun is in Aquarius and in a trine aspect to Mars in Gemini. This aspect indicates that we are in a dynamic and vibrant time. The Sun-Mars trine supports our intellectual and physical vitality, increases our willpower and determination, and reflects a desire to move and make things happen. The emphasis on the Air element suggests opportunities to channel our creativity through communications, networking, writing, and visual art, and represents an invitation to refine our visions for the future.

Full snow moon in leo

This lunation marks a pivotal moment of creative and personal maturation for all of us. Leo represents the full expression of Life, the full expression of our essence, the blossoming of our creative potential. We are navigating a time of creative awakenings and reclamations, and the invitation for us is to commit to tending our creative fire. The Cosmos is inviting us to let go of what is preventing us from embracing our full expression, from taking space, from unapologetically honoring all that we are, from recognizing ourselves as creators and artists, and living our lives from that awareness.

Comment below with what resonated with you the most and tap on the heart if you enjoyed this article!

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