article Full Moon in Cancer: Journey through Memory
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Full Moon in Cancer: Journey through Memory

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January 6, 2023

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On January 6, 11:11 AM —

On January 6, 6:07 PM ET, we experience the first Full Moon of the calendar year, happening in the lunar domicile, the sign of Cancer. The lunar energies are powerful these days: we are being invited on a journey through our emotional memory, on a journey of exploration of our past and our inner world, and we are being asked to navigate the fluctuations of our emotional state with maturity and awareness.

The Full Moon taking place in January is also popularly known as the Wolf Moon, due to the fact that howling wolves are commonly heard at night around this time of the year in the Northern hemisphere of the globe.

This month, the Full Moon peaks at 16º21’ of the sign of Cancer, while the Moon is opposing the Sun and retrograde Mercury in Capricorn. This lunation brings the spotlight on refining the way we articulate and express our feelings and invites us to gain more awareness of the link between our thoughts and our emotions. The Cancer Full Moon invites reflection on what home means to us and encourages us to become the safe space we have been seeking outwardly.

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Bringing Awareness to our Emotional World


Full Moons represent the culmination and maturation point of the lunar month. The Sun and the Moon exactly oppose each other from our perspective on Earth and the light of the Sun fully illuminates the Moon, shedding light on something we normally don’t have access to. Full Moons are a time when we experience clarity and revelations, we see the results of our efforts and our work, and we gain a new understanding of what we have been going through.

When the Full Moon takes place in the lunar home sign of Cancer, the focus is on skillfully navigating the ebbs and flows of our emotions. This is the first water sign of the Zodiac, the first one through which we come into contact with emotions. As a Cardinal sign, Cancer begins a new process, the journey of bringing awareness to our emotional world and moving toward emotional maturity, through the opposite sign of Capricorn. However, the process is very new and unfamiliar, and we learn by making mistakes, we learn from experience and ongoing trial and error. 

The Cancer archetype, ruled by the Moon, correlates with our emotional life, our inner foundations, and our roots. Both Cancer and the Moon have a connection with our past, our memories, and our childhood experiences, with our relationships with home and family, with our ability to nurture and care for ourselves and others, and with our capacity to connect with both our inner child and our inner mother. This lunation is an opportunity to notice how we nurture ourselves, how we meet our needs, what needs of ours we desire other people to meet, and how we communicate our emotional needs to the people in our lives.


The Cancer-Capricorn axis: Spotlight on Emotional Maturation


Every Full Moon brings the spotlight on the relationship between two opposing and complementary signs representing one of the six polarities of the Zodiac. This lunation brings our attention to our relationship with the Cancer-Capricorn polarity, the axis linked to our emotional maturation process, our relationship to family, as well as our way to meet our safety and security needs. 

The activation of the Cancer-Capricorn axis represents an invitation to reflect on how we generate feelings of safety in our lives. If we lean more towards the Capricorn side of the axis, our perception of safety may be excessively tied to our career, reputation, status, or financial situation. If we lean more towards the Cancer side of the axis, our perception of safety may be mostly linked to the strength of family bonds, the presence of certain people in our lives, a safe home base, and others’ availability when we feel emotional distress.

The Cancer Full Moon will offer us chances to notice our ability for both self-regulation and co-regulation, and our primary orientations relative to dealing with and expressing uncomfortable emotions. This lunation will give us clues to better understand how our past, our upbringing, and our childhood wounds are connected to our current experiences and challenges. Around this time, we may gain a clearer understanding of how the family dynamics we were exposed to are still affecting our choices and behaviors, and how relational dynamics we have created may contribute to our disempowerment and prevent us from maturing emotionally.


Full Moon opposite retrograde Mercury: Bridges between Feelings and Rationality


The Sun is conjunct retrograde Mercury in Capricorn and they both oppose the Moon in Cancer. The Moon rules over the world of feelings and emotions while Mercury rules over logic, communication, and rational thinking. While the Moon in Cancer is highly emotional and sensitive, Mercury in Capricorn is pragmatic and down to earth. Nonetheless, Mercury being in retrograde motion supports our ability to access and integrate intuitive and non-linear perceptions. 

When the Moon and Mercury are opposing each other, we may find it challenging to find agreement between our minds and our hearts, rationality and emotionality. We may tend to side with one of the two polarities at the expense of the other. The Moon-Mercury alignment invites us to build bridges between feelings and rationality and integrate the awareness of both into our lives.

This Full Moon will bring our attention to the value of expressing and communicating our emotions in a way that can be understood by others, inviting us to refine our capacity to clearly articulate what we are feeling and experiencing. The opposition between the Moon and Mercury invites us to be mindful of the gap between what we say and what other people hear and to be aware of the potential for misunderstandings when it comes to expressing emotional matters.


Full Moon sextile Uranus & trine Neptune


The Full Moon in Cancer is forming a sextile to retrograde Uranus in Taurus and a trine to Neptune in Pisces.

The Moon-Uranus sextile reflects ease in following underlying urges for change, stimulation, and novelty. This aspect brings the spotlight to a desire to add more excitement into our lives and experience something innovative, unusual, and out of the norm. The simultaneous Sun-Uranus trine supports creative expression and experimentation: this aspect supports our efforts to express ourselves boldly, authentically, and fearlessly. Around this time, we will have opportunities to notice those places where we still hold ourselves back from embracing and expressing our uniqueness and break free from fears and beliefs that prevent us from doing so.

The Moon and the Sun in aspect to Neptune invite compassion, sensitivity, and kindness towards both ourselves and others. The Moon-Neptune trine indicates ease in accepting and welcoming our and others’ feelings and maximizes our capacity for empathy and sympathy. This aspect enhances our intuition and our ability to feel what others are feeling while inviting reflection and adjustment surrounding our relationship to boundaries. 


Full Moon in Cancer: Journey through Memory


The Full Moon in Cancer highlights the connection between our past and our present and encourages us to notice how the protection mechanisms that we developed in childhood are still influencing the way we show up in certain situations, the way we deal with uncomfortable emotions, and how we express our feelings to others.

The Cancer Full Moon represents an invitation to find more harmony between relying on independent self-regulation and relying on co-regulation when we feel triggered. Our relationship with home and domestic matters is likely to be in the spotlight these days, and we will have chances to gain a new perspective on the themes coming up for us in these realms. We will also have opportunities to adjust the balance between the personal and professional spheres of our lives, between self-care and self-discipline, and between family responsibilities and career responsibilities.

This lunation invites us on a journey through our emotional memory, bringing our attention to the parallel between our childhood experiences and our present experiences. It offers us an invitation to notice how we may still subconsciously fuel cycles of repetition of familiar patterns and let them go by learning the corresponding lessons.

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